A Simple Spell for Relieving Mentrual Cramps

Ok, this isn't much of a spell, more just a mental exercise. My cramps tend to be pretty mild, and last for only a day or two, so this works for me.

Remember that long ago, "that time of the month", did not have such stigmas on it. It wasn't something to be ashamed of. This is actually your most powerful week of the month. You just have to learn to tap into that power.

When your cramps become particularly painful, focus on your breathing and calm yourself by the pattern of your breath. Work your mind down towards your abdomen, to your uterus, where the pain begins.
Imagine letting go, as if it were a muscle that were tightly clenched. Loosen up and let go, let go of the idea of pain, of being "cursed" to bleeding every month. Let go, tell it to relax.
For me, this is actually very empowering and feels great. The more your practice this and the longer you're able to hold your concentration, the more control you'll have over your cramps. :) best of luck!