Casting Circle in your Hand

To cast:

Burn some incense and create sacred space. This can be done mentally or
physically. Use the words first said by Scott Cunningham:

I call Air for speed
Fire to cleanse
Water to bless
Earth to manifest
Spirit to seal.

Hold your hands over the altar, cupping them in front of you. Visualize a ball of energy
in your hands. The intend must be clear that it is formed to grow into a circle. Drop the
ball and imagine that it explodes out in all directions to form a perfect circle that
encompasses you and the altar. When you are finished say:

As above, so below. This circle is sealed.

To take down:

Contract the energy the same way you expand it. Open your receptive hand and pull
the little bubble back into it. Either give it to the Universe for healing or absorb it into
your hand, envisioning that it is transformed into healing energy before it enters your

Taken from To Stir a Magick Cauldron by Silver RavenWolf