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Yahoo Sucks Webring

Join the Yahoo Sucks Webring

Ever since the monster "Yahoo" took over Webring,
there have been many problems experienced by website owners who are members of Webring.
They are forcing new Webring members to use the new, ugly
Navigation Bar,
and I hear there will be ads running in those bars soon.
It may be that at some point,
Yahoo will expand their TOS
to include webring members in their policy
of taking original content from Geocities sites
without permission or compensation
for their own use
So, in a show of revolt and disdain for these practices of Yahoo
add your site to the Yahoo Sucks Webring
hosted by Yahoo/Webring itself
(don't you just love it?)
even if you do not use Yahoo or have a site on Geocities!

Check this out! Be an Anti-Yahoo Activist

Learn about the Protest
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