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Welcome to the new Mikeís Mary-Kate & Ashley Page, I have totally redesigned this whole site along with adding new content. I hope you guys like the new layout it took me a long time to do and I really like it. I added some new stuff took some stuff out and moved stuff around. Overall I better organized the site so its easier for you guys to view and easier for me to update.

I moved some of my picture galleries to my sister site because I want to separate the free servers from the one I pay for it just makes everything look better. I am moving all of my DVD Caps the that site and will post all future DVD Caps there also, but I will tell you this in the update e-mails so make sure you join the update list below.

I added more pictures some new and some older but all of this is spelled out on the updates page. I added some new shows information for Two of a Kind and got rid of the Full House episode guide because it really wasnít about the girls so I trashed it there are Full Hose sites out there if you want to know about Full House but this site is for stuff thatís more directly related to them. Well anyway to read the rest of the updates click on the updates link.

This page is in no way official. I am not Mary-Kate and Ashley nor am I related to them in any way. E-mails sent to me Will not be read by the Olsen twins. You can find the official page at


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DISCLAIMER: Please note I am not Mary-Kate or Ashley and am not affiliated in any way with Dulstar Entertainment Group. This site is set up solely to show my appreciation for the girls and their amazing talent. Any e-mail sent to me will not reach them.

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