Pokèmon Fan Fiction

A Dark Future, a Pokèmon Fan Fic by Krystyn Poe
Summary: A look into the future of Ash and his friend. Somewhat depressing, but not as harsh as Through Blood Comes Love. Told from Ash's perspective.

A Kiss Under The Mistletoe, a Pokèmon Fan Fic by Krystyn Poe and Amalia Ryoko James
Summary: Our first (published, but I think first period) attempt at a comedy, so we're not sure how to rate it. It's about what happens when two overzealous authors and a pikachu trap some unsuspecting characters under a sprig of mistletoe. Please read it and tell us what you think, we're dying for feedback!

The Anti-AAMRN, a Pokèmon Fan Fic by Krystyn Poe
Summary: A comedy fic about what happens when the author angers the characters a little bit too much...

Confessions, a Pokèmon Fan Fic by Krystyn Poe
Summary: A hot summers day, a stream in the woods, and some hazy revelations stay, well, hazy!

The Tale of Mystery Island, a Pokèmon Fan Fic by, and I quote, "a psycho chiwawa"
Summary: This is a really trippy fan fic with Misty, Brock, and Ash arguing, Team Rocket singing about doughnuts, and a witch doctor on a weird island who does weird stuff. Really strange.

Anime Common Plot #1, a Pokèmon (although it can apply to any Anime)Fan Poem by Amalia Ryoko James
Summary: The title actually has a good reason behind it and the poem is quite kawaii, so please do read. It is as the title says, Anime Common Plot #1

Memory of Love, A Pokèmon Fan Poem by Krystyn Poe
Summary: A little poem I concocted about Kasumi and Satoshi in the future. They start out together and break apart...will they come together again?

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