Scream 4

By: Chris Beswick

Copyright 2000



Scene 1

Amanda’s Apartment

(Open in a pitch-black area. Suddenly the door to the area opens; it is a mini-fridge. Amanda reaches in and pulls out a bottle of champagne then closes the door. Cut to outside of the fridge and into the kitchen of Amanda’s apartment. Amanda goes over to the counter and places the bottle inside a large wicker picnic basket. Amanda turns around and goes to the cupboard and opens it. She takes out two flute glasses and closes the cupboard; focus on Amanda as she looks to the glasses and sighs.)

Amanda: "Well…. Tonight’s the night…. no more lies…."

(Amanda walks over to the basket and places the glasses into it. Amanda picks up the basket and walks out of the kitchen and into the living room. She picks up her purse and keys that lay on a glass coffee table surrounded by bright red furniture to go with the bright red carpet and white walls. Amanda puts her purse over her shoulder and grabs her keys in her left hand and the basket in the right as she heads to the front door. Suddenly the phone rings; Amanda turns around. Focus on the phone sitting in the kitchen as it rings. Amanda drops the basket, her purse and her keys.)

Amanda: "Damn it…."

(Amanda walks over to the phone. Focus on the phone as it rings for the fourth time and Amanda angrily picks it up and puts it to her ear. Back to normal camera view.)

Amanda: "Hello?"

(Silence; Amanda sighs.)

Amanda: "Hello!?!"

Louise: "Hey girl!"

(Amanda groans.)

Amanda: "What the fuck do you want! Your check is in the mail so go fu-"

Louise: "Cool down! I got it! Very generous Blondie…"

(Louise laughs; Amanda looks to the doorway and sighs.)

Amanda: "Well that was the last you’ll ever get from me! I’m going to tell Wes tonight, the secrecy is killing me and this fucking blackmail is bankrupting me!"

(Louise laughs again.)

Louise: "Not a good time to get a conscience Amanda…"

(Amanda scoffs.)

Amanda: "Oh well tough shit! I’m going to tell him tonight and that is that!"

(Amanda hangs up the phone and walks back towards the door; focus on the phone as it rings again. Amanda stops dead in her tracks. Cut to Amanda as she stands there with her back turned to the camera.)

Amanda: "Come on Mandy…just keep goin’….."

(The phone keeps ringing; Amanda groans.)

Amanda: "Shit!"

(Amanda turns around and grabs the phone. She turns it on and puts it to her ear.)

Amanda: "What now!"

(Louise sighs.)

Louise: "We WEREN’T finished yet Amanda…."

Amanda: "YES, we were!"

(Louise’ voice shows fear yet keeps a bitchy sound.)

Louise: "You won’t tell him you bimbo!"

(Amanda marvels at Louise’ guts.)

Amanda: "You just try and stop me you white trash piece of dog shit!"

(Louise comes back, screaming now.)

Louise: "Listen slut! If you tell him tonight you will still be living in fear! Not from him…BUT FROM ME!!!!!! We will be in touch you fuckin’ tramp…"

(Louise hangs up; Amanda hangs up and drops the phone on the floor. Cut to Amanda’s face as she wipes away tears from her eyes. Amanda looks to the door and moans.)

Amanda: "This is almost over…not too much longer and you won’t have to be guilty anymore…."

(Amanda goes to the basket, picks it up, puts her purse over her shoulder, picks up her keys and walks to the door. She opens it then walks out; she closes the door and locks it and walks down the hall.)




Scene 2

Garaging Complex

(Amanda bursts through a clear, glass door as she walks quickly into the garage carrying the basket, adjusting it in her left hand as she walks. Amanda’s high heels echo loudly through the garage as she walks. Amanda fingers her keys; she finds her automatic locking key chain and presses it. Cut to a green 2000 Volkswagen Beetle as its lights flash. Amanda sighs and walks over to the Beetle. Cut to inside the backseat as she opens the door to it and places the basket in there. Amanda closes the door; cut to outside as she walks around to the drivers’ seat. Cut to inside as Amanda gets in; she places the keys in the ignition and turns them. The car’s engine roars then settles; focus on the gear shift as Amanda grabs it and pulls it down into Reverse position. Cut to outside as the camera watches Amanda pulls out of the parking space. Amanda then shifts gears into drive and the green Beetle drives forward. It stops at the exit, waits a few seconds then turns left into traffic. Camera turns back into the garage; focus on the front of a 2000 Toyota Tacoma as its lights turn on. Pull back as the truck’s engine turns on and goes forward. The camera stays there as the truck goes to the exit and turns left into traffic.)




Scene 3

Highway 409

(Open on a dark roadway as Scene 2 fades away. It is nighttime now; the camera pans the area as Amanda’s Beetle drives on the roadway. Cut to behind the car as it zooms past a road sign saying, "Woodsboro Heights 10 miles". Cut to inside the car now, "Ex-Girlfriend" by No Doubt blares on Amanda’s radio. She drums her fingers on the steering wheel as she rocks out to the song. Cut to her purse as a ringing sound comes from it. Amanda notices the ringing; her face looks puzzled. She leans over to the speakers then to her purse and finally hears it.)

Amanda: "Shit!"

(Amanda turns down the radio; grasping the wheel with her left hand, Amanda uses her right to go into her purse, take out her cell phone and turn it on and put it up to her ear.)

Amanda: "Hello?"

Wes: "Hey…you planning on getting here before dawn?"

(Amanda laughs and smiles.)

Amanda: "Sorry, I was…pre-occupied by a phone call. I’m almost there so don’t worry…"

(Wes laughs.)

Wes: "Worry? Ha! I knew you’d be late, you’re always late. It’s not like this was the first time…"

(Wes continues to laugh; Amanda turns another curve. Focus on Amanda’s face.)

Amanda: "Damn it Wesley! Couldn’t you just move your studio into town?"

(Wes stops laughing.)

Wes: "I promise, once we’re married, I’ll move into town, but until then_"

(Wes is cut off; Amanda looks at the phone strangely. Cut to her rear view mirror as she looks into it. Amanda sees a row of power lines she just went under and sighs. She hangs up.)

Amanda: "Oh well, no big loss…"

(Amanda begins to dial another number, then puts it on her shoulder so she can turn yet another curve in the road. It rings and rings, and then she begins to talk.)

Amanda: "Hey sexy….well I’m on the way to Wes’ now. Don’t worry, I’m telling him tonight! Louise won’t have anything on us and we can live a normal life together…."

(A clicking noise echoes through the conversation. Amanda groans.)

Amanda: "Damn it, I’ve got another call…well I’ll talk to you later, bye…"

(Focus on the phone as Amanda doesn’t hang up on the previous call and just hits send.)

Amanda: "Hello?"

Voice: "Hi…"

Amanda: "Uh, who is this?"

Voice: "A friend…."

(Amanda rolls her eyes.)

Amanda: "And what do you want, FRIEND!"

Voice: "To play a game…"

(Amanda laughs.)

Amanda: "Really? What kind of game my friend?"

Voice: "It’s simple….ever played tag?"

(Amanda nods.)

Amanda: "Why yes I have, ok dude this is getting old….who are you?"

(The Voice laughs.)

Voice: "Is it now? DEAD GIRL!"

(Amanda’s eyes bulge and her voice gives out as a click echoes through the conversation.)

Amanda: "This isn’t funny anymore…"

(The Voice laughs.)

Voice: "Was it ever…"

Amanda: "Leave me the hell alone you sick freak!"

(Amanda hangs up and tosses the phone into the passenger’s seat and shakes her head.)

Amanda: "What is it with this town and phone calls?"

(Cut to outside of the car as it turns another curve; the camera pans out from the road to see a huge, dense forest resting below the high mountain road. Cut back inside Amanda’s Beetle as the phone rings again. Focus on Amanda as she eyes the phone and sighs. She reaches over and picks up the phone; she answers it.)

Amanda: "What now!"

Voice: "I wanna play…"

(Amanda turns another curve.)

Amanda: "Then call someone else because I’m not playing anything…"

(The Voice laughs.)

Voice: "I think you will, your life just may depend on it!"

Amanda: "Do I have to Star 69 your ass or will you tell me who you are!"

(The Voice stops laughing)

Voice: "No need to be rude…and why did you hang up on me! I thought we were having FUN!"

(Amanda’s voice quivers.)

Amanda: "O-o-ok, you’re starting to scare me…"

(The Voice sighs.)

Voice: "Only starting?"

(Amanda begins to breathe faster.)

Amanda: "Listen to me creep! Hang up now and forget this number or I’ll _"

Voice: "Or you’ll what! Get your boyfriend to kick my ass? Now think this through…which one will you choose to do it?"


(The Voice laughs; Amanda begins to cry.)

Amanda: "What, what do you want!!!"

Voice: "Like I said…to play tag…"

Amanda: "Well I don’t want to fucking play! GOT IT!"

(The Voice laughs.)

Voice: "Too late….your it…"

(The Voice hangs up, Amanda lets out a cry as she throws her cell phone onto the passengers’ seat. Amanda wipes the tears from her eyes and speeds up as she passes another sign, "Woodsboro Heights 5 miles". Cut to outside of Amanda’s Beetle as the white Toyota Tacoma shows itself directly behind her. It flashes its lights; cut to inside the Beetle as Amanda shields her eyes from the glares in her rear-view mirror.)

Amanda: "God damn….what the? Oh my god! Oh fuck!!!"

(Cut to inside the truck as someone with black gloves on grabs the gearshift. Focus on the gear modes as he pulls it down to 4X4. Cut to the gas pedal as the guy slams his foot on the gas. Cut to outside of the truck as it speeds up and rams Amanda. Inside her car, Amanda struggles to keep control as she cries.)

Amanda: "Leave me alone you fucker!!!"

(The truck rams into her car again, and again. Cut to outside, the camera goes over the two colliding cars and over to a tight turn up ahead. Cut back to inside Amanda’s car as she sees this.)

Amanda: "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! OH FUCK!!!!!!!"

(Amanda turns quickly but gets her license plate caught into his bumper .)

Amanda: "Shit!!!!!!!"

(Amanda ducks and covers her head; cut to outside of the cars as Amanda’s Beetle slams into a side railing creating a heavy mist of sparks. The white Tacoma follows as the two fly through the air.)





Scene 4


(Silence as the two glide, suddenly they break apart, sending Amanda’s Beetle into the trees and the Tacoma into the forest floor below. Staying with the Beetle, it slams into branch after branch before slamming into the higher trunk of the tree where it lands and steams. Cut to the Tacoma as it slams onto the forest floor. Inside the truck, the driver tries to swerve out of the way of the tree trunks but suddenly opens his car door and jumps out as the Tacoma slams into a giant tree trunk, exploding as it raps around the tree. The camera pans the area as the Tacoma burns up, it turns upwards to Amanda’s Beetle as it hisses up in the branches of a near by tree. Cut to inside the Beetle, Amanda moans as she gets up from her hiding position under the dashboard and grabs her forehead in pain. She immediately goes to the car door and opens it. Amanda falls from the car, but manages to keep a hold on the door handle. The camera looks down on Amanda as she hangs from the car door screaming and kicking her feet. She looks down to the floor about 30 feet below and screams. Amanda reaches for her seat and grabs a hold of it with her left hand as she holds the door handle with her right. Amanda pulls herself up to the seat; the car squeals, cut to the wheels as they slowly move off a branch they landed on. Amanda is as steady as stone, she doesn’t move. Cut to Amanda’s face as her eyes look to the gear shift. Amanda slowly lets go with her left hand and reaches up to the gears. She grabs the gearshift and pulls it up from drive, to reverse and just as it goes to park, cut to the back right wheel as it slips off the branch and shakes the car. Cut to Amanda as her hand slips and she falls from the car. Amanda screams as she falls to the ground, she slams into the smaller branches and the trees leaves as she finally hits a bigger branch and flips forward then slams into the dead leaf littered dirt. Amanda lays there, unconscious. Cut back to the Volkswagen as the front left wheel slips off a branch. Cut to the open drivers’ side as the shake tosses the cell phone over the edge of the driver’s seat and down to the forest floor. Cut to Amanda as the phone hits her in the head and her head rears up as she gasps for air. Amanda rolls over onto her back as she breathes heavily. She looks up to the Volkswagen and she groans.)

Amanda: "Oh holy shit… in the hell do I get that down…"

(Amanda tries to get up but screams; she falls back down. Amanda looks to her left leg and cries; her foot is turned backwards and is bleeding badly. Amanda lies in the leaves crying as she turns her head and sees the Tacoma burning. She slightly grins.)

Amanda: "Poor bastard…."

(Amanda then looks concernedly as she sees her cell phone. Amanda gasps with relief, she grabs it and turns it on.)

Amanda: "Oh thank god!"

(She punches in 9-1-1, it rings once then Operator picks up.)

Operator: "911 emergency, how may I help you?"

(Amanda screams out.)

Amanda: "I’ve been in an accident! I need help! Please god, my foot is broken an _"

(Amanda stops talking as the Operator asks questions; Amanda turns around. Cut to the shadows as smoke blankets the area. Behind the smoke, the shadow of a man moves and Amanda gasps.)

Amanda: "Oh fuck! The guy who ran me off the road is still alive! Please, you’ve got to help me! Please!!!"

Operator: "Miss, calm down! What is your location?"

Amanda: "God, I don’t have a fucking clue!"

Operator: "Well what street were you driving on?"

(Amanda stops to think then blurts out an answer.)

Amanda: "Highway 409!"

(A twig snaps and Amanda cries out.)

Amanda: "Shit! He’s coming after me! Help me please!"

(Operator tries to calm down Amanda.)

Operator: "Miss, remain calm! Help is on the way, now I need you to keep talking…"

(Amanda wipes away some tears, then suddenly a click echoes through the conversation and the camera closes in on Amanda’s face as her eyes bulge with fear. She looks strangely at the phone.)

Operator: "Miss? Miss are you there? Hello?"

(Amanda slowly reaches and hits send to receive the other call. She clicks it then puts the phone back to her ear.)

Amanda: "H-hello?"

Voice: "Look up bitch!"

(Amanda looks up; Ghostface stands over her with a knife in hand. Amanda screams as Ghostface plunges his knife into her chest. Amanda screams in pain, she grabs his shirt and tosses him to the ground as she crawls away from him. Ghostface grabs her bad foot and twists it. Amanda screams and turns to try and kick Ghostface but he takes his knife and stabs her in the left thigh. Amanda cries as she kicks Ghostface in the head then bends over to take out the knife. She uses the knife and stabs Ghostface in the shoulder then gets up. Using her right leg, Amanda hobbles away from Ghostface as she drags her left leg. Amanda runs, looking behind her frequently. She sees Ghostface coming and she screams. She reaches the hill up to where she had been driven off the road. Amanda falls to the dirt and crawls up the hill as Ghostface reaches her. Amanda rolls over and tries to kick Ghostface as she sobs. Ghostface evades her attacks then punches her in the face. Amanda becomes dazed. Ghostface picks her up as the lights and sirens of squad cars blare around them. Ghostface carries Amanda up the hill, focus on Amanda’s face as her eyes roll up into her head as she moans. Ghostface makes it up to the road as the cops get closer. Ghostface raises Amanda over his head as Amanda faintly speaks.)

Amanda: "N-n-noooo…."

(Cut to the corner as the squad cars roar around the corner. Cut back to Ghostface as he throws Amanda at the squad car. Cut to the wheels as Amanda flies into the wheel and is caught by it. She screams as she is repeatedly run over and her body rips apart. The cop driving slams on the breaks and Amanda’s upper torso flies from the wheel as the lower part jams the wheel and the squad car does a barrel roll. It rolls over the edge of the side rail. Cut to where Ghostface was standing to see nothing. The camera pulls out as another squad car rolls onto the scene and stops as two cops run out. One screams out as he sees the blood and guts that used to be Amanda as the other runs over the side rail to help his friend. The camera pulls out further as the scene fades to black. Once it is a black screen, Ghostface’s mask appears on the screen. The eyes, nose and mouth of the mask glow red as the whiteness of the mask fades out and suddenly a bright red flash blends the red features of the mask into a four as the letters SCREAM in white appear on the screen. The title remains there as SCREAM 4 as it quickly cuts to Scene 5.)





Scene 5

Veronica’s House

(Open on a small street with two story houses on each side. A blue Honda accord drives by as the camera cuts to one of the larger houses on the street. It is blue and has green trimming around its edges. A cat cries at the front door and it opens to let the cat it then closes. Cut to inside the house and inside a small, dark room. Veronica lies in her bed sleeping. Cut to her alarm clock as it turns 7:00 A.M. and the alarm sounds off. Veronica moans and reaches for the clock. Focus on the table with the clock as a bunch of objects sit around the screaming clock; Veronica grabs and feels a tissue box. She tosses it then feels around for another object, hoping to find the clock. She grabs and tosses a metal jewelry box and then an Altoid box. She reaches and grabs a frame containing the picture of a young man and herself. Veronica moans and releases the frame. Finally, Veronica gets up and grabs her clock and holds it.)

Veronica: "Ok, I’m up damn you!"

(She throws the clock just as her sister Sam walks in. The clock hits Sam directly in the forehead and she falls to the floor. Veronica jumps out of bed and rushes to Sam, who sits on the floor grabbing her forehead with one hand and extending the other with Veronica’s clock in it.)

Veronica: "Shit I’m so sorry…"

(Sam just puts her hand up to shut Veronica up, hands her the clock and gets up.)

Sam: "I made breakfast…"

(Coldly, Sam walks out of the room. Focus on Veronica as she kneels on the floor with the clock in her hand. She looks at the clock and suddenly cracks up. Cut to downstairs as Veronica rushes down the stairs, and into the kitchen where Sam and her little sister Donna sit at the kitchen counter eating scrambled eggs and toast. Veronica enters the kitchen and looks to the stove. Focus on the stove as two skillets lay on the burners, they both are scraped clean. Cut back to normal view as Veronica turns to Sam.)

Veronica: "Hey, where’s mine?"

(Sam picks up the newspaper and opens it to cover her face.)

Sam: "Too late, it’s all gone. There’s some Pop-Tarts in the cupboard if you’re hungry…"

(Cut to Donna as she turns around in her chair, grabs the remote off the couch in back of her and mutes the Channel 5 Morning News; cut to Veronica stands there stumped.)

Veronica: "But you said _"

Sam: "I said I made breakfast, never did I say any of it was for you!"

(Veronica sighs and turns to the cupboard and gets out a Pop-Tart and puts it in the toaster as she whispers.)

Veronica: "Bitch…"

(Cut to Sam and Donna, as they look at her with huge, accusing eyes.)

Sam: "What did you say!"

(Cut to Veronica as she turns around; her eyes spin around as she blanks out but quickly recovers.)

Veronica: "Uh…nothing….when are mom and dad getting back?"

(Sam looks at Veronica with evil eyes but stops very suddenly.)

Sam: "Mom called earlier this morning saying there was a big snow storm in Aspen, they won’t be back till the twenty-ninth…"

(Cut to Veronica as her eyes brow cocks. Sam sighs.)

Sam: "Next Thursday!"

(Cut back to Veronica as she motions an "Oh" with her mouth. Cut to the toaster as it bursts into flames. Veronica turns around and quickly grabs a towel and beats out the fire. Cut to Sam as she merely sits there with the paper over her face as Donna plays with her scrabbled eggs. Cut to the trash as Veronica dumps the black Pop-Tart in it and turns to Sam.)

Veronica: "Thanks for the help!"

Sam: "Your welcome…"

(Suddenly Sam throws down the newspaper and tosses her plate into the sink, then turns to Donna and grabs her plate.)

Donna: "Hey!"

(Sam tosses Donna’s plate into the sink then goes to the couch and grabs her keys and purse. Focus on Donna as she turns around in her chair again to face Sam.)

Donna: "I wasn’t done!"

Sam: "Well now you are! Donna go get your backpack, we’ve got two minutes to get you to school! Veronica!"

(Cut to Veronica as she turns to Sam.)

Sam: "Get your stuff, you’re late to school too!"

(Veronica rolls her eyes; she turns around and walks out of the kitchen moaning.)

Veronica: "Yes MOM!"

(Cut back to Sam as she sighs; Donna runs after Veronica as Sam walks after Donna. Cut to the front of the house as Sam opens the door for Veronica and Donna. Sam stands in the doorway as she attaches a chain to her neck. Focus on the symbol on the chain, it’s a silver cross. Back to normal view as Sam turns her head quickly from left to right to get her hair out from under her chain. Sam shuts the front door then walks to the garage. Cut to inside the garage as Donna gets in a new red Lexus and Veronica gets into a rusty red 1991 Honda Accord. Veronica backs out of the garage and then into the street then drives off to the left as Sam backs out into the street and turns right. Cut back into the house, the camera travels from the kitchen to the big screen TV as Sara Cross stands infront of the newly re-constructed Woodsboro High School.)




Scene 6

Woodsboro High School (Front)

(Cut to the actual High School from the TV. Sara stands there talking to her cameraman, Bob. Cut to Bob as he waves to her to signal she’s on air.)

Sara: "You know Bob! That son of a bitch Seth Redding is over at City Hall interviewing the Mayor! The Mayor for Christ sake, while I stand here to give commentary for the damn coverage of this murder! I _"

(Cut to Bob again as he points to the red light on the camera. Cut to Sara as she looks to the thing he’s pointing at.)

Sara: "What! What are you….oh fuck!"

(Cut to Bob as he slaps his forehead; cut back to Sara as she raises her microphone to her lips and cocks her head to the side and grins.)

Sara: "Good morning ladies and gentlemen! I’m here reporting infront of the Woodsboro High School, last night a senior of this school was brutally killed. No information has been released from the police of Mrs. Whitney Valador, the principal of this school as of this point. Now back to Seth Redding who is at this moment at the Mayor’s press conference, already in progress…"

(The scene fades away as Scene 7 comes into view.)





Scene 7

City Hall (Front)

(Open as Seth Redding stands there laughing, holding his microphone to his mouth.)

Seth: "Thank you Sara for that….colorful introduction…"

(The camera shifts from Seth to the podium infront of the doors of City Hall. Those doors open to reveal two men in black suits leading a gray haired Hillary Ellis, the Mayor up to the podium. Hillary stands on the podium and clears her throat.)

Hillary: "Welcome citizens of Woodsboro…I am filled with sorrow to report that indeed one of our own was killed late last night. Around midnight last night, Amanda Roth, a local High School student was thrown into the path of a speeding squad car reporting to the scene of her car accident. Amanda was killed instantly while the officer driving the car received minor injuries. Now at this stage of the investigation we do now know much, but what we do know is that this is looking to be a murder. Amanda had called 9-1-1 to report she was run off the road by an unidentified person driving a stolen truck _"

(Cut to a reporter named Quinn Lham, news anchor for the Channel 3 News at 10 as he stands up.)

Quinn: "Mayor, certainly you don’t think this is the start of another murder spree!"

(Cut back to Hillary as she shakes her head in disgust.)

Hillary: "Mister Lham! How unprofessional for you to make such assumptions without solid proof. This is exactly how most people act though, and I am making it my personal duty to show you all wrong! Our city has flourish due to those murders! Publicity and tourism allowed us to become one of the highest populated cities in this state! But when you assume that another murder is the start of another killing spree of that caliber, I-I am just sickened! This conference is over!"

(Hillary backs away from the podium and is escorted back inside as the many reporters’ shout and yell questions to Hillary.)






Scene 8

Woodsboro High School (Front)

(Open as Veronica’s rusty Honda pulls into the huge parking lot next to the huge High School. Veronica gets out and slams the door shut as she quickly walks up to the concrete. The camera pulls down from above Veronica and goes in back of her to show the huge school. It is completely made of cement; the only grass it has is the single blades that come up from the few cracks in the cement. The camera focuses on the many windows that have metal frames around them, cut to Veronica as she enters a mob of reporters who simply let her by thinking nothing of her. Veronica reaches the entrance and the metal doors of the entrance automatically open for her. The camera stays there as the huge metal doors then close after her.)








Scene 9

Woodsboro High School (Inside)

(Cut to inside as Veronica passes through the metal detectors and rushes past the assembly hall and up a huge flight of stairs. Cut to the top of the stairs as Veronica makes it to the top part nicknamed "The Commons". The camera goes behind Veronica and into her view as she turns her head back and forth. The camera shows groups of kids crying as they walk around, then it stops all the way to the end of The Commons as Veronica’s friends sit at a bench crying. Cut to normal view as Veronica stands there in shock.)

Veronica: "Oh god…"

(Veronica takes off towards them. Cut to the bench; Jen, Ginger and Brooke sit on the bench as Ryan, Chris, Nikki and Scott stand around it; Janice and Dave walk away from the scene as Janice cries harder and harder. Focus on Jen wipes her eyes and looks ahead and sees Veronica.)

Jen: "Oh Ronnie!"

(Jen gets up and runs to Veronica. She hugs Veronica as she cries, cut to a view of Veronica’s face as she breaks the embrace and looks to Jen concernedly.)

Veronica: "What is going on?"

(Jen takes a step back in shock.)

Jen: "Oh god….you didn’t hear!"

(Veronica looks at her with teary eyes as Jen looks to Brooke as she gets up along with Ginger. They all three go to Veronica.)

Veronica: "What is going on? What didn’t I hear! Come on, what is happening?"

(They sit her down on the bench; cut to Jen as she swallows hard as tears poor out of her eyes.)

Jen: "I’m sorry, I can’t!"

(Jen gets up and runs off as Ryan looks to her and runs after her. Cut to Chris as he watches them part; cut back to the bench. Brooke moves and sits next to Veronica and Ginger holds Veronica. Brook grabs Veronica’s hand as tears roll down her cheek. Veronica and Brooke’s eyes meet.)

Brooke: "Ronnie…Amanda was…she was killed last night…"

(Focus on Veronica’s face as it goes white and tears poor down her cheeks. Veronica shakes her head.)

Veronica: "No…no…no!"

(Cut to Nikki as she sobs into Scott’s chest. Cut back to the bench as Brook grabs Veronica’s hands and hold them tightly as she shakes her head and fights the tears and her voice trembles.)

Brooke: "Yes….yes Veronica…she-she’s gone…"

(Veronica’s moans as Brooke grabs her and holds her as Ginger rubs Veronica’s back as she sobs. Cut to Louise and her brother Martin walk past; Martin is tall and wears a heavy and ratty looking black coat as Louise is shorter with course bleached hair and heavy eye make-up. Louise and Martin eye Veronica’s crowd. Cut to a further view of them as they walk down the stairs and they both cut out into a heavy cackle. Cut back to Veronica’s group as Scott and Nikki look towards the two cackling siblings.)

Nikki: "Sickos….."

(Scott holds Nikki to his chest as she bursts into tears once again. Cut back to Veronica as Kurt runs towards her. He touches her shoulder and she looks up. Veronica releases Brooke and leaps into the arms of Kurt.)

Kurt: "I couldn’t find you…I was so worried…"

(Veronica cries harder.)

Veronica: "I-I-I can’t believe it…."

(Kurt holds her tightly.)

Kurt: "Oh baby, I’m so sorry Ron…"

(Veronica suddenly breaks away from Kurt and looks around then back to Kurt.)

Veronica: "Oh god! Wesley! Shit, where is he?"

(Ginger looks to Veronica.)

Ginger: "I haven’t seen him yet…."

(Veronica looks to Kurt.)

Veronica: "Kurt could you take me t_"

(Kurt nods and escorts Veronica away. Cut to downstairs as Kurt and Veronica step off the staircase and walk to the metal doors as they open the slam close.)








Scene 10

Woodsboro High School (Inside/Ricky’s Group)

(Cut to the far side of The Commons as Scene 9 ends. Ricky and his wife Tara sit next to a planter with their group of friends. Tara is almost 8 months pregnant; cut to Jason as he walks over to the group, which consists of Amber, Ty, Laurna, and Jason’s twin brother Jon.)

Jason: "Hey guys…I guess you heard huh?"

(Tara nods as Ricky holds her.)

Tara: "Terrible…god and I she used to be my best friend…."

(Ricky looks with concern to Tara.)

Ricky: "Are you going to be ok?"

(Tara nods as she wipes away a few tears from her eyes; cut to Ty who stands off to the side from everyone who sits on the huge planter.)

Ty: "Sick bastard!"

Amber: "Who?"

(Ty looks in back of him to Amber who sits on the huge cement planter with everyone else.)

Ty: "The fucker that killed her…"

(Laurna sighs.)

Laurna: "No one knows for sure if it was a murder! At least I don’t think they do…"

(Ty laughs.)

Ty: "Of course this is a murder! What else could have happened? The girl was thrown into the tires of a speeding car for Christ’s sake!"

(Cut to Tara as she shivers.)

Tara: "Can we please not talk about that kind of stuff, she was my friend Ty!"

(Cut back to Ty who lowers his head.)

Ty: "Sorry Tara…but this was a murder, no matter what other factors there might be…"

(Ty walks off as Amber rushes towards him and the two walk off; cut back to the group as the bell rings. Focus on the group as they part off, Tara and Laurna walk off towards the science department all the way at the end of The Commons. Cut to Jason and Jon who take off towards the stairs as Ricky just sits there staring off in the distance. The scene fades away as Scene 11 come into view.)









Scene 11

Highway 409

(Open as a cop takes down the yellow CAUTION tape off the section of the highway. One squad car rests on the highway as five officers, including the one taking down the tape roam the area. Officer Dan Scholt and his partner Officer Tammy Campbell walk over to Chief Walt and Lt. Jorge Rangel.)

Dan: "Chief, is the area secured?"

(Walt gives a clipboard to Jorge and nods.)

Walt: "The body has been taken to the morgue and the squad car that killed her is being impounded as evidence…"

Tammy: "What about the suspects?"

(Walt laughs.)

Walt: "The whole city is a suspect Officer Campbell! All we have are a few shoe prints in the dirt and the Tacoma was almost ashes when we got the fire put out….we haven't one suspect in this case…"

(Cut to a yellow Dodge Ram as it passes by. Cut to inside it as Veronica looks out the window to see the broken side rail and the dried blood. She turns away as Kurt drives faster. The yellow truck makes it up the rest of the way on Highway 409. The camera pulls out as it exits off the highway and moves up a narrow dirt road to a huge white house on the top of Woodsboro Heights.)






Scene 12

Wes’ Studio (Front)

(The camera comes around Kurt’s Dodge Ram as it parks infront of the huge white studio of Wes’. Kurt gets out of the truck, focus on Veronica as she steps out and onto the gravel of the driveway. Their steps crunch as they walk to the front door. Cut to Kurt.)

Kurt: "I heard this place was big but holy shit!"

(Kurt stares at the huge building in total awe as Veronica reaches the front door. Kurt runs to the door to catch up; cut to the two as they stand there, Veronica pushes the doorbell once. No answer so she knocks on the door and it squeaks open. Cut to an inside view as Veronica opens the door to the dark and noisy art studio. Veronica steps in; cut to outside as Kurt goes to stop Veronica.)

Kurt: "Veronica! Let’s just wait to be invited in!"

(No answer; Kurt looks around and sighs then enters the studio. As he steps in, the front door slams behind him.)











Scene 13

Wes’ Studio (Inside)

(Cut to inside the studio as Kurt jumps from the door slamming. Veronica turns to Kurt.)

Kurt: "Sorry!"

(Veronica shakes her head then turns to the hallway infront of her. The studio has strange paintings all over the walls, the hallway is more like a museum then a hallway. Kurt examines a painting near a spiraling metal staircase as Veronica goes deeper into the studio. "Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes" by Marilyn Manson blares from another room. Veronica follows the music and enters a huge living room. Cut to a front view as Veronica steps into the living room, back to normal view as Veronica looks around in the darkness, she moans and walks over to the blinds that hang over the two huge windows of the room. Focus on her as she grabs and pulls the cord, raising them. Cut quickly in back of Veronica as a leather chair spins around to reveal Wes, decked out in nothing but black satin boxers. Cut to normal view as Veronica turns around and screams but quickly catches herself and sighs hard.)

Veronica: "You scared the hell out of me Wes!"

(Wes laughs as he raises his right hand and takes a puff of a cigarette then exhales the smoke through his nostrils.)

Wes: "As I can clearly see…."

(Wes flicks the cigarette to the floor and steps on it with his bare foot; focus on the foot as he does this then back to normal view of Wes as he looks to Veronica with weary eyes.)

Wes: "What do you want?"

(Cut to Veronica as she goes to Wes and puts a hand on his hand. Cut to Wes’ face as he looks to their hands then flicks Veronica’s hand off of his and he looks to her with rage in his eyes.)

Wes: "I’ll ask again, what do you want? And please answer this time…"

(Veronica wipes a tear from her eyes.)

Veronica: "I was worried about you, so we ca _"

Wes: "We!?!?"

(Veronica nods and points to Kurt as he walks into the room. Cut to Wes as he spins around in his chair, looks at Kurt then goes back to Veronica. He then reaches over to a remote and clicks it to shut off the stereo. Cut back to Veronica.)

Veronica: "Have you heard?"

(Wes laughs.)

Wes: "If you mean that if I have heard about my girlfriend being ripped apart, yes then I guess I have heard!"

(Cut to Veronica.)

Veronica: "No need to be rude Wesley, we came here to check on you…"

(Wes laughs as he grabs a pack of cigarettes from a small table next to his chair. He pulls out a cigarette, puts the pack back on the table then picks up a match book, lights a match then lights his cigarette and shakes the match to blow it out. Wes puts the match on the table then takes a puff of his cigarette and blows the smoke at Veronica. Cut to Veronica as she coughs; cut back to Wes.)

Wes: "Cut the cord Veronica, you should have stopped caring for me when I dumped you for the deceased…"

(Cut to Veronica as she shouts out a cry of pain as tears stream down her face. Veronica goes up to Wes and slaps him hard on the face. Wes’ face turns to the side from the impact; Veronica runs out of the living room then the house. Cut to Kurt as he shakes his head.)

Kurt: "Learn to appreciate your friends dude…"

(Kurt turns and walks out as the camera focuses on Wes. He sits in his chair smoking then spins around the turns the stereo back on full blast.)







Scene 14

Wes’ Studio (front)

(Cut to outside as Veronica runs to the Ram and tries to open the door but it’s locked. Veronica punches the door and slams her face onto it crying. Cut to Kurt as he exits the house and runs to Veronica as she punches the door crying. Kurt raps his arms around Veronica as she cries.)

Veronica: "That asshole! That asshole!!!"

(Veronica cries harder; cut to Kurt.)

Kurt: "Give him time Ron….his girlfriend was just killed. He’ll be like this for awhile…"

(Veronica steps away and wipes away her tears.)

Veronica: "Can-can was just get out of here?"

(Kurt nods and goes to the driver’s side of the truck, unlocks the doors and gets in. Veronica opens her door but looks to the studio then turns away and enters the truck. The yellow Ram’s engine roars on and it backs out and drives off.)







Scene 15

Woodsboro High (Library)

(Open in a huge area, metal bookcases are placed all around the walls while six huge ones are placed in the middle of the room. Off to the right of those, a long table sits with twelve computers on it. Sitting at one of the computers Janice, Jen and Nikki enter the city’s homepage.)

Janice: "Where is it again?"

(Jen grabs a chair from another terminal and sits down as Nikki stands over the two as they search the site.)

Jen: "Go to the newspaper archive, it should have the article we’re looking for…"

(Cut to Janice as she moves the mouse to the archive and clicks it. The three watch as the site loads. Janice clicks 1999 on the archive section. An article comes up, cut to the computer screen as it comes up. The headline is "TWO LOCAL TEENS DEAD IN A FATAL D.R.I. CRASH".)

Jen: "Oh god!"

(Janice scrolls down and brings up the photos of the teens and their names: Jonathan Harris and Alexander Jesse Connors. Jonathan’s photo is the very same photo that was in Veronica’s frame on her nightstand. Cut to Nikki, focus on her eyes as they tear up.)

Jen: "Idiot! Get out of there!!!"

(Jen takes the mouse from Janice and click 1996 and brings up a different article. Jen turns to Nikki who is shaking as Janice looks back.)

Janice: "God I am so sorry…"

(Nikki puts up her hands to shut them up.)

Nikki: "N-no! It’s ok…I-I-I’ve got to go…"

(Nikki runs off crying before Jen can get up from her seat. Jen sits back in her chair and shakes her head at Janice. Cut to Janice.)

Janice: "Sorry!"

(Jen scoffs.)

Jen: "Whatever….just bring up the article we need!"

(Janice nods and scrolls down quickly. Finally Jen shouts.)

Jen: "Stop!"

(Janice stops; cut to behind the two as they read a new article titled, "MYSTERY OF FATHER DEATH MURDERS SOLVED". Janice scrolls down slowly, focus on the computer screen as it brings up the photos of the victims. Next come more text and a picture of the mask. Janice continues to scroll down as the photos of the two killers come up and Jen gasps.)

Jen: "There they are….the legends of Woodsboro….Billy Loomis and Stewart Mocker…"

(Janice cringes.)

Janice: "Pretty rat lookin’…"

(Jen sighs.)

Jen: "Shut up and keep scrolling!"

(Janice does what she is told and brings up a photo of Sidney Prescott. The camera goes into a close-up of the girl, the photo was taken just after she had killed the two.)

Janice: "Hey! There she! The girl who cried victim! Man couldn’t she at least comb her hair?"

(Jen looks to Janice shocked.)

Jen: "Again, shut up!"

Janice: "I was just saying…"

(Janice suddenly turns off the computer and gets up; focus on Jen as she looks at the screen and screams.)

Jen: "What the hell!"

(Cut to Janice as she looks back.)

Janice: "We were done weren’t we?"

(Jen shakes her head.)

Jen: "No we weren’t! Amanda was killed last night and I need to know if it had anything in common with those murders dip shit!"

(Janice goes back to Jen.)

Janice: "Girl, calm down! What happened to Amanda had nothing to do with those murders before…"

(Jen cries into her hands.)

Jen: "But she was killed….she was killed…she was…"

(Jen collapses crying. Janice picks her up and helps her out of the library.)







Scene 16

Valador’s Office

(Open in a nicely decorated office with an aquarium behind a nice leather desk and blue carpet on the floor. The walls light up and dance from the water in the aquarium as Mrs. Valador walks into the office with Ms. Jean Smith following her. Jean closes the door as Mrs. Valador sits at her desk.)

Valador: "I don’t understand why you think you can convince me to allow your night class to continue here!"

(Jean sighs and sits in a chair infront of Valador.)

Jean: "Mrs. Valador, there is no reason to think this is a continuation of what happened before! Please, I am almost able to raise their grades into the passing range!"

(Valador looks to Jean waves her hand.)

Valador: "Fine, leave and prepare for your class tonight….I’ll keep the lock-down off until ten tonight! Make sure they are all out of here by then Ms. Smith!"

(Jean nods.)

Jean: "Thank you Mrs. Valador, you won’t regret it!"

(Jean exits; Valador gets up and feeds her fish and sighs.)

Valador: "I already do…"






Scene 17

Woodsboro High School (Parking Lot)

(The sky is now reddish orange as the sunsets. The students begin to clear out of the parking lot as Sara Cross’ news van sits in the parking lot. The side is open and Sara and Bob sit on the footstep into the van eating some kind of fast food. Cut to Sara as she swallows and picks up a soft drink and washes it down.)

Sara: "Ugh! This is the last time I like you pick the dinner…"

(Bob laughs.)

Bob: "Well the indigestion will help you forget what you did today…"

(Sara mockingly laughs as Bob laughs.)

Sara: "Ha, ha! Very funny! Just be ready for the morning…"

(Bob drinks some of his own soft drink.)

Bob: "Why do we have to stay here all night?"

Sara: "Because just incase this is a serial killer on the loose, we will be the first to interview Principal Valador….that is when I show I can be professional and soon I’ll be the one interviewing the Mayor!"

(Sara takes a bite out of her hamburger then spits it out and jumps to her feet as Officer Dan Scholts comes over.)

Sara: "Quick Bob! Get your camera, here comes an officer!"

(Sara grabs her microphone as Bob tosses his food in the back and grabs the camera. Sara rushes out of the van and trips and lands right infront of Dan who stands over her grinning, trying to hold back the laughter.)

Dan: "Miss Cross….you’ve got to move your van from the premises immediately…"

(Sara looks up to Dan.)

Sara: "Why?"

Dan: "We can’t allow any reporters here Miss Cross, now please move your vehicle!"

(Sara gets up and brushes her clothes off; cut to Sara’s face as she turns around to face Bob.)

Sara: "Turn that thing off…….we’re leaving!"

(Sara goes into the driver’s seat of the van, turns it on and drives off as Bob closes the van’s side door. The camera follows the van as it drives off; fade to Scene 18.)






Scene 18

The Styx

(Fade into the small bar on the outskirts of the county. A few cars line up in the parking lot and very few people are outside. Cut to the inside of the bar as "Kryptonite" by Three Doors Down plays as only a dozen or so people dance on the dance floor. It’s very dark in the bar, the camera pans over to a booth where Veronica and her friends sit sadly. Veronica leans against Kurt’s chest while Jen and Ryan sit next to them on the right. Brooke sits alone playing with the umbrella in her drink. Cut to Jen.)

Jen: "This is depressing….who’s idea was it to come here?"

(Veronica points to Jen.)

Veronica: "It was your own…"

(Jen looks around embarrassed.)

Jen: "Oh yea…well it was a stupid idea. How could we have fun here?"

(Cut to Ryan as he looks to his watch.)

Ryan: "Oh shit! It’s almost eleven o’clock!"

(Brooke cocks an eyebrow to him.)

Brooke: "Your point?"

Ryan: "I’ve got a test in Chemistry with that bitch Ms. Smith tomorrow! Fuck!"

(Ryan slumps into the booth as Jen gets up out of the booth and let’s Ryan go.)

Jen: "You going now!"

(Cut to Ryan as he looks strangely at her.)

Ryan: "What?"

(Jen sighs.)

Jen: "Ryan! If you fail that test you’ll be at Woodsboro High another year! And I’ll raise hell if I have to wait another year for you so we can get out of this hell hole!"

(Ryan laughs; he slides out of the booth and grabs Jen by the arms and kisses her.)

Ryan: "I’ll talk to you later then…"

(Jen giggles.)

Jen: "Bet your ass you will…"

(Ryan grins and takes his leave as Jen sits back at the booth with a silly smile on her face. Veronica and Kurt look at each other weirdly then laugh. Cut to Brooke.)

Brooke: "People, this really sucks!"

(Jen sighs and drinks the last of her drink.)

Jen: "Yes, it really does suck…wanna just call it a night?"

(Veronica and Kurt look at each other again and then nod.)

Veronica: "Yeah, we better get home…"

(Brooke and Jen slide out of the booth.)

Brooke: "Can you give me a ride back?"

(Jen nods as she looks into her purse and gets out her keys.)

Jen: "Sure let’s go, see you people laters!"

(Jen and Brooke leave as Kurt gets out of the booth along with Veronica and they take off as well. Cut to Scene 19.)








Scene 19

Ryan’s House (Front)

(Cut to outside a very huge solid white house. The front windows shine bright yellow lights out into the outside as Ryan drives his 1999 Red Corvette into the driveway. Cut to Ryan as he parks his car in the driveway, focus on his face as he rests his head on the steering wheel and cries. Cut to the front door as Ryan’s mom, Karen comes out.)

Karen: "Ryan! Ryan where have you been!"

(Cut to Ryan as he wipes his eyes and gets out of the car. The camera follows him as he gets up to where Karen is.)

Ryan: "Sorry mom, I was out with Jen and some of the gang…."

(Cut to Karen as she frowns.)

Karen: "Oh I’m sorry honey….I know it must be hard for all of you because of what happened…come on in…"

(Karen leads the way into the house as Ryan steps in and closes the door behind him.)








Scene 20

Ryan’s House (Inside)

(Cut to inside as Karen hugs Ryan.)

Karen: "You go on upstairs and after my shower I’ll make you some dinner, ok?"

(Ryan smiles and nods.)

Ryan: "Ok mom…hi dad!"

(Ryan’s dad waves from the couch as he reads the newspaper infront of a fire roaring in the fireplace. Ryan goes to the stairs next to him and walks upstairs. The house is not decorated, everything is white, even the carpet. He enters his room and turns on his light that sits on his nightstand. He sits on his bed and rests his face in his hands and sighs as tears roll down his face. Ryan suddenly raises his head and looks to a picture of Jen on his nightstand. Ryan grabs the picture and looks at it, he slowly turns the frame over and opens the back of it. Focus on Ryan’s face as he opens the back of the frame as his face seems to melt as more tears fall and he cries hard. Cut to the back of the frame showing a picture of Amanda. Ryan raises his index and middle fingers to his mouth, kisses them then puts them on Amanda’s face. Cut to Ryan’s face as he puts the frame back together and puts it back on his nightstand.)

Ryan: "Goodbye my sweets…."

(Ryan looks to his phone; cut to the phone as it’s answering machine flashes a "2" on it. Ryan reaches over and pushes a button. Back to normal view as Ryan listens to the messages.)

Machine: "Message 1…"

Coach: "Ryan! Where are you! We need you for practice today before we face Haddenfield for the playoffs! Get your ass over here whenever you ge _"

(Ryan hits delete.)

Machine: "Message 2…"

Louise: "Hi Ryan!"

(Focus on Ryan’s face as his eyes roll and he rests his face in his hands again.)

Louise: "Well now that your slut has bit the dust, you probably think your safe from me, well think again jock! I want five grand before the week ends or this news goes to Wesley or whoever else will kill you once this gets out! Think about it and call me, I’ll be home all night…"

(Louise’s voice trails off; Ryan does look and simply hits a button on the machine. Focus on the machine as he presses OLD MESSAGES. The machine clicks and an old, un-deleted message plays.)

Amanda: "Hey sexy….well I’m on the way to Wes’ now. Don’t worry, I’m telling him tonight! Louise won’t have anything on us and we can live a normal life together….Damn it, I’ve got another call…..well I’ll talk to you later, bye…"

(A loud click echoes through the call; as the message plays Ryan stares at the answering machine with wide eyes.)

Amanda: "Hello?"

Voice: "Hi…"

Amanda: "Uh, who is this?"

Voice: "A friend…."

Amanda: "And what do you want, FRIEND!"

Voice: "To play a game…"

(Amanda laughs.)

Amanda: "Really? What kind of game my friend?"

Voice: "It’s simple….ever played tag?"

Amanda: "Why yes I have, ok dude this is getting old….who are you?"

(The Voice laughs.)

Voice: "Is it now? DEAD GIRL!"

(The message ends; focus on Ryan as his face goes pale and his eyes pour out tears.)

Ryan: "I-I-I never got that message…"

(The phone rings and scares Ryan, he quickly grabs the phone and answers it.)

Ryan: "Hello?"

Voice: "I see you’ve gotten your messages…"

(The Voice laughs as the camera focuses on Ryan as his eyes widen with fear.)

Ryan: "W-what do you want from me! Why did you kill Amanda!"

(The Voice stops laughing and sighs.)

Voice: "Because she was a dirty slut like Maureen Prescott and we all know she god what was coming to her! Now that we are on the topic of what I want…..I’d like to play a game with you…."

Ryan: "Well fuck you! I don’t want to play any fucking game, I’m calling the cops!"

(The Voice laughs.)

Voice: "You do and mommy dearest dies…"

(Ryan stands up and off the bed.)

Ryan: "Ok…..ok I’ll play…"

Voice: "Good boy! Now this game involves a lot of movement, a lot of pain and A LOT of screaming… here’s the first question! If I am not the only killer, where is my partner? The front door, the back door, the side door or how about…"

(A brick comes flying through Ryan’s window, hitting Ryan in the back and sending him onto the floor; cut to the window.)

Voice out of window: "Your window!"

(Cut to Ryan as he turns over and looks at the window as he breathes hard. Ryan gets to his feet and picks up the phone to hear the Voice laughing; Ryan moves closer to his door as the Voice keeps talking.)

Voice: "Ha….that was just a warm-up question, so get ready for the real one…..what _"

Ryan: "No! This ends now you sick fuck! You have some major balls if you think I’ll let you talk to me like this! I’ll kick your sorry ass before you ev _"

Voice: "Don’t make me laugh JOCK! You are the one who has some major balls to think you’ll ever reach me before I slaughter both your parents then hang you from your staircase as your intestines fall to the ground!"

(As the Voice says this Ryan collapses crying. He leans against the door and slides down as he cries. Cut to the downstairs bathroom as Karen stands there behind the fogged glass of the shower. Cut to the large clothes hamper as it opens and Ghostface crawls out. He maneuvers out of the hamper and quietly closes it; cut to Karen as she begins washing her hair. Cut back to Ghostface as he makes his way to the shower, cut to inside the shower as he opens the shower door slowly and reaches in as steam pours out of the closed shower. The shower’s top is completely glass, it is like a glass box. Focus on his hand as he takes a wash cloth that hung from a bar in the shower. Cut back to outside of the shower as he takes the white wash cloth and begins soaking it in glue. Cut back to the inside of the shower as he slams the was cloth to the drain and holds it till it sticks. Ghostface releases the wash cloth and then his hand slowly goes up to the handle for the hot water. He turns it all the way to the side and makes Karen jump backwards from the heat, then he quickly turns off the cold and slams the door. Before Karen can escape, Ghostface glues the door shut and the steam from the inside makes it dry quickly. Karen screams in pain as the hot water begins to boil her legs. Karen kicks and punches at the glass as she screams in pain. Ghostface backs away from the glass box shower as Karen begins to float in the boiling water. Soon Karen’s cries fade off as the boiling water consumes her, she then simply floats limply in the water. Cut to the door as it closes. Cut back to Ryan as he lies on the floor crying as the Voice laughs. Suddenly, downstairs the doorbell rings. Ryan’s dad, Steven gets up and goes to the door, cut back upstairs as the Voice stops laughing.)

Voice: "Sounds like you have a visitor…"

(The Voice hangs up and the camera focuses on Ryan’s face as he drops the phone and rushes out of his room. As this happens, cut back to downstairs as Steven looks through the peephole. Cut to the other side of the door as another Ghostface slams a knife into the door near the peephole. Cut to the inner side of the door as Steven screams as the knife slams into his eye. Quickly he stops screaming and he hangs from the door shaking and moaning. Ryan runs downstairs and sees Steven. Cut to Ryan as he slowly walks to Steven.)

Ryan: "Dad?"

(Ryan reaches out to Steven; focus on Ryan’s hand as he grabs Steven’s shirt and shakes him. Back to normal view as Ryan begins to pull Steven.)

Ryan: "Dad! Dad!"

(Steven comes flying off the door and onto Ryan. Ryan moves Steven off of him and looks at his face, Steven’s eyes is missing. Ryan screams then looks to the door, cut to the knife as Steven’s eye rests on the tip of the knife. Cut back to Ryan as he screams more, suddenly a shadow is cast over Ryan as the Ghostface that killed Karen stands over him. Ryan looks up.)

Ryan: "Oh shit!"

(Ghostface raises his knife and brings it down onto Ryan. Ryan manages to rolls away, cut to Ryan as he runs upstairs. Cut to Ghostface as he leaps for Ryan. Ghostface grabs Ryan’s leg then stabs him repeatedly in the thigh. Ryan screams but quickly kicks Ghostface off and crawls upstairs. Once upstairs, Ryan gets to his feet and limps into his room as Ghostface runs up the stairs after him. Ryan locks the door and backs away from it as Ghostface begins twisting the doorknob and punching the door. Ryan turns around and looks at his window. Ryan quickly grabs the phone and begins breaking the rest of the glass that was left on his window. Ryan then leans out of the window to see the front lawn. Ryan turns back, cut to the door as Ghostface begins kicking the door. Cut back to Ryan as he watches the door crack more and more from the kicks. Ryan moans and quickly tosses himself out the window. Cut to outside as Ryan slams onto the wet grass of the front lawn.)









Scene 21

Ryan’s House (Outside)

(Ryan moans again as he tries to get up but Ghostface comes crashing down on top of him. Ryan screams but Ghostface covers his mouth and stabs him in the stomach twice until Ryan head butts Ghostface and cries as he crawls for the door. Ryan gets up and clutches his stomach as he gets to the front door and hobbles inside and slams the door.)






Scene 22

Ryan’s House (Inside)

(Cut to inside as Ryan goes to lock the door but Ghostface kicks it open and Ryan flies backwards onto the carpet. Ghostface stands in the doorway and lets Ryan crawl away. Ryan gets into the kitchen, but Ghostface follows him slowly. Cut to Ryan’s face as it shows immense pain as he crawls into a corner and reaches up and pulls out a drawer of knives. Ryan tosses one after another very weakly as blood gushes from his wound. Ghostface enters the kitchen and is hit by a knife but it simply falls to the ground from the weak throw. Focus on Ghostface as he cocks his head to the side wondering what Ryan was trying to do. Ghostface walks over to Ryan and stands over him to mock his fetal attempt to save his life. Cut to Ryan’s face as he shuts his eyes.)

Ryan: "No…"

(Quickly, Ghostface raises his knife in the air. Focus on the knife as it remains in the air, then swiftly comes down and make a gushing sound. Cut to Ryan’s feet as they convulse but then go limp as blood flows past them. Fade into Scene 23.)








Scene 23

Brooke’s House (Front)

(As the sound of stabbing and ripping of flesh fades away from Scene 22, the camera follows a white Toyota Camery as it pulls up infront of Brooke’s house. Cut to inside of the car as Brooke turns to Jen.)

Brooke: "Thanks for the ride Jen…"

(Jen nods and unlocks the door; Brooke gets out but Jen pulls on her arm. Brooke turns back.)

Jen: "You want me to come in with you?"

(Brooke thinks for a moment then shakes her head.)

Brooke: "No, I’ll be ok. Just gonna get some sleep…."

(Jen nods.)

Jen: "I’ll try to do the same, take care Brooke…"

(Brooke closes the door and Jen drives off. Cut to Brooke as she turns to her brown and black house and sighs. Brooke then walks up the path to the front door. She reaches the front door, opens it then closes it behind her.)







Scene 24

Brooke’s House (Inside)

(Brooke stands inside her house and sighs.)

Brooke: "Home sweet home…ya right!"

(Brooke puts her purse on a table next to the stairs then makes her way to the kitchen and puts a tea kettle on the stove and turns it on. Brooke turns to a second staircase and she goes up it to the top and enters her room. Brooke turns on the light and closes the door; cut to a note on taped to the top bunk of Brooke and her sister Sandy’s bunk bed. Brooke rips the note off the bed and reads it out loud.)

Brooke: "Dear Brooke, I’m going to be spending the night at Peter’s…oh how cute….feel free to use the top bunk, love Sandy….how gracious little sister!"

(Brooke crumples up the note and lays on the bottom bunk as she turns on the television. The movie Nightmare on Elm Street 4 plays and Brooke quickly falls asleep. Cut to about an hour later as the movie is almost over. Focus on the phone next to Brooke’s bed, it rings. The ring startles Brooke and she leaps up and slams her head onto the top bunk.)

Brooke: "Fuck that hurt!"

(Brooke rubs her forehead while she leans over and answers the phone.)

Brooke: "Hello?"

(Brooke yawns.)

Voice: "Hey there…"

(Brooke smiles.)

Brooke: "Hey Scott, you bored as I am?"

Voice: "Scott?"

Brooke: "Oh I’m sorry, you sounded like someone else….who is this?"

Voice: "Would you believe this is Amanda?"

(Focus on Brooke’s face as her jaw drops and her eyes widen with fear.)

Brooke: "That isn’t funny…."

(The Voice laughs.)

Voice: "Not for you of course, but as someone who saw her shredded into lunchmeat, it’s pretty fucking hilarious!"

(The Voice laughs louder; Brooke hangs up and wipes a single tear from her eyes.)

Brooke: "God, the sickos in this town!"

(Brooke gets up off the bed just as the phone rings again. Focus on her face as she turns around and looks at the phone. Brooke quickly picks it up and answers it.)

Brooke: "What!"

Voice: "Hi again…"

(Brooke places her left hand on her forehead as she sighs.)

Brooke: "Listen, please just leave me the fuck alone! If you don’t I’ll _"

Voice: "You’ll what! Call the cops? You don’t want to do that….I might have to throw you into their speeding wheels like I did with Amanda…"

(Brooke begins to cry.)

Brooke: "Why are you doing this!"

Voice: "To hear the fear in your voice! Now for my favorite part of these conversations….it’s time to play a game!"

Brooke: "I don’t want to play! Leave the fuck alone!!!"

Voice: "Ok, your choice! Is that your final answer?"

(Brooke cries harder.)

Voice: "I’ll take that as a yes!"

(Downstairs something glass breaks; cut to Brooke as she gets up and locks her bedroom door. She hangs up the phone and throws it to the ground as she climbs up to the top bunk. Focus on Brooke as she rolls into a ball and rocks back and forth as footsteps boom up the stairs. Brooke cries and puts her face between her legs as the footsteps get closer. Cut to her door as two fists begin pounding on the door. Brooke screams; cut to the door.)

Sandy: "Brooke! BROOKE!!!!"

Peter: "Brooke!"

(Cut to Brooke as she cries out and jumps off the top bunk, unlocks the door and runs into Sandy’s arms sobbing.)

Brooke: "He’s in the house! He’s in the house!!!"

(Brooke grabs Sandy’s arm and runs downstairs with her as Peter runs after them. Sandy breaks away from Brooke and looks at her with raging eyes.)

Sandy: "What happened! Who’s in the house!"

Brooke: "The guy who killed Amanda! He’s in the house! I heard the glass break after h_"

Sandy: "No! That was us! I got locked out so I broke a window to get in….god I’m sorry I scared you…"

Brooke: "But_"

Sandy: "But nothing! Calm down Brooke! Me and Peter have to leave, we just came back to get the tickets to the concert….do you want me to stay with you?"

(Brooke looks to Peter then back to Sandy and shakes her head and wipes away her tears.)

Brooke: "No…no you two go…I’ll be ok….sorry to be so weird…"

(Sandy smiles and kisses Brooke on the forehead.)

Sandy: "We’ll lock up for you….page me if you need anything…bye.."

(Peter waves goodbye as they go back into the kitchen as Brooke smiles and goes back upstairs. Cut to Brooke room as she enters and closes the door; Brooke climbs up to the top bunk and goes under the covers. Cut to downstairs as Sandy picks up the tickets off the kitchen counter. Peter waits by the door.)

Peter: "C’mon! We’re late!"

(Sandy looks back to the back door, it’s open and muddy footprints lead from it to the second set of stairs that lead to upstairs. Cut to Peter.)

Peter: "Come on!"

(Sandy looks to Peter.)

Sandy: "Did you open the back door?"

(Peter looks at her strangely.)

Peter: "No…why?"

(Sandy stands there confused; cut back upstairs as Brooke sighs. Cut to the closet, it slowly opens and Ghostface steps out. Focus on his left hand as he exits, it is carrying a chainsaw. Cut back to Brooke as she sighs; cut to the bottom bunk as Ghostface sits on it and holds the cord to turn the chainsaw on. He pulls it and the chainsaw roars. Cut to Brooke as her eyes open in fear; cut back to the bottom bunk as Ghostface rams the chain through the top bunk. The chainsaw’s blade rips right through Brooke’s stomach. She screams as Ghostface pulls it back then rams it through her chest, then pulls it back again. Cut to Brooke as she convulses on the top bunk, blood gushing down the sides of the bunk. Cut back to Ghostface as he pulls back again and shoves the chainsaw up through Brooke’s skull. The chainsaw shakes violently as it struggles to cut through the bone and finally it does and Brooke goes limp. Cut to downstairs as Sandy and Peter run up the stairs and into Brooke’s room. Focus on Sandy as she sees Brooke’s mutilated body on the top bunk and screams. Ghostface turns off the chainsaw and tosses it to the floor as he takes out his trusty knife. Peter takes off as Sandy does as well; cut to a frontal view as Peter slides down the banister of the staircase but wipes out and falls off onto the table next to the staircase. Cut back to the frontal view as Ghostface grabs Sandy’s hair, flings her backwards and slashes her throat and throws her down the stairs. Focus on Sandy as he neck splits in two and her head flings backwards as blood flows from the wound as she lands at the foot of the stairs. Cut to Peter as he gets up and sees Sandy and screams, he takes off into the kitchen as Ghostface jumps off the staircase and lands on his feet and begins chasing Peter. Peter reaches the stove and turns back to see Ghostface right on the other side of the stove. Peter moves to the left as Ghostface moves to the left, then Peter moves to the right and Ghostface moves to the right. Suddenly Peter fakes out Ghostface, he moves left then goes right and runs for the backdoor. Ghostface then tosses his knife and it slams into Peter’s back sending him to the ground. Peter tries to get up but Ghostface is there and he picks Peter up by the back of the neck and moves over to the stove. Ghostface tosses the kettle on the floor and slams Peter’s face onto the stove. Peter screams in pain as the burner burns his face. Cut to Ghostface as he merely watches as Peter’s skin smokes. Suddenly Ghostface turns to the cupboard and opens it with his left hand while he holds down Peter with his right. Ghostface tosses down spices and cans before he finds a bottle of Whiskey in the back of the cupboard. Cut to Peter’s face as it bleeds and burns to the extreme. Cut to Ghostface as he twists the cap of the whiskey and pours it onto Peter’s head. Peter’s face ignites instantly, he rears up and runs around screaming as Ghostface backs away. Peter falls to the floor and begins trying to put out his head while Ghostface stands over him, slams his foot onto the boy’s back and rips out his knife. Focus on Ghostface as he hold the knife in his hand then slams it three times into Peter's back and Peter finally dies. Ghostface rips out the knife again and wipes it clean and moves away from the camera as it cuts to Scene 25.)







Scene 25

Woodsboro High School (Inside/Assembly Hall)

(Open as a hoard of reporters begins to settle in the large stadium like assembly hall of the school. The camera cuts to Chief Walt as he comes out from behind a huge gray satin curtain from behind a large podium. The reporters all stand up and begin shouting questions and flashing photos as Chief Walt raises a hand to silence them and they all seem to be quiet. Focus on Chief Walt.)

Walt: "Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sorry for moving you all to this cramped location. Mayor Ellis has ordered that there be no press conference near City Hall or the Police Station, so we must release all information from this location. *Cough* Before midnight last night, another murder accrued. This time, Ryan Lawson, his mother Karen Lawson and his father Steven Lawson were found brutally murdered and placed in very awkward positions. Bare with me as I explain how we found them….Karen Lawson was found in the shower, her skin burned and blistered by what we have concluded to be boiling water. Her husband was also found in the shower, stripped of all his clothes and the showerhead…..Shoved into his eye socket…"

(Cut to the crowd of reporters as they cringe and moan, cut back to Walt.)

Walt: "Now Ryan was found hanging from a noose off the staircase, his intestines and organs on the floor underneath him…"

(Cut to the audience as they cringe again and begin talking amungst themselves; cut back to Walt.)

Walt: "Please, ladies and gentlemen!!!"

(Cut to the audience as they turn back to Chief Walt; cut back to Walt.)

Walt: "I am doing this so you all may understand that this is a serial killer on the loose! Now please listen, with this information we may be able get the word out to the state if needed through your media, now please listen! Less then an hour later, Brooke Marshall, her sister Sandy Marshall and a boy named Peter Kendle were found murdered in the Marshall residence. Peter was found burning on the floor of the kitchen while Sandy was found at the bottom of the staircase, her limbs broken due to what we think is numerous tosses down the houses staircase. Brooke wasn’t found till much later this morning when we searched the house for clues. Brooke was discovered shoved into the freezer, it seems she had been…..Well…we don’t know what happened to her but she was not a whole person when we found her. That is all the information we can tell you at this moment other then the city will be on a curfew which goes into effect at ten P.M. tonight! Anyone found out after that will be arrested and placed with the charges of possible manslaughter. This is no laughing matter ladies and gentlemen….we suggest you all go home and be aware that there is a serial killer on the loose…that is all…"

(Chief Walt steps off the podium and walks behind the curtain as the reporters walk out of the assembly hall disgusted yet already calling their editors to begin printing the news. Cut to Veronica, Nikki, Scott and Kurt as they stand in the back of the assembly hall disgusted. Focus on Veronica.)

Veronica: "That is disgusting….god I hope Jen hasn’t heard what he did to Ryan…"

(Cut to the Commons as Jen sits on the bench with Dave holding her. She screams and sobs as Dave tries to calm her down. Janice tries to help her but Jen slaps her away as Janice begins to cry. Cut to Veronica downstairs as she hears the screaming of Jen and runs to the staircase with Kurt following her. Focus on Nikki and Scott; Scott walks towards the front door as Nikki looks at him and grabs his arm and pulls him towards her. Focus on Scott.)

Scott: "What the hell!"

(Cut to Nikki.)

Nikki: "Where are you going!"

(Cut to Scott as he scoffs.)

Scott: "To prove something…"

(Scott shakes his arm free and begins walking away as Nikki runs after him and pulls him back to her again.)

Nikki: "No! You can’t!"

(Scott looks to Nikki with confused eyes.)

Scott: "Why Nicole! Our friends are dying! And I need to prove that Wes is doing this! He’s been missing for two days now! He’s got money and resources, he is the only true suspect!"

Nikki: "No he isn’t! What about the rest of this town! Scott please don’t go up there!"

(Scott shakes his head and walks out of the High School. Focus on Nikki as she stands at the door then stomps her foot on the ground.)

Nikki: "Damn it! Scott I’m coming with you!"

(Nikki runs out of the High School; cut to The Commons as Veronica and Kurt run up the stairs as Dave brings Jen who is sobbing, towards the stairs. Focus on Veronica.)

Veronica: "Where are you going?"

(Cut to Dave as he struggles to control the waling Jen.)

Dave: "Chris isn’t here and she can’t handle being here, I’m going to take her home…"

(Kurt and Veronica rush to them and help Jen down the stairs. As she yells and cries; cut to Scene 26.)








Scene 26

Woodsboro High School (Parking Lot)

(Cut to the parking lot as Dave and Kurt helps Jen into Dave’s brand new Nissan Pathfinder. Cut to inside the car as Jen is strapped in, Veronica leans in and kisses Jen’s forehead as Jen looks to Veronica with red eyes. Cut to Veronica’s face as she sheds a few tears.)

Veronica: "It will be ok…"

(Cut to Jen as she shakes her head.)

Jen: "No….no it won’t…."

(Veronica backs out as Kurt gets in and shuts the door. Cut to the window as Kurt rolls it down.)

Kurt: "I’m just going to go with them and stay with Dave to help him with Jen, I’ll see you later?"

(Cut to Veronica as she nods; cut back to the Pathfinder as it pulls out, Kurt waves as Dave’s car roars out of the parking lot. Cut to Veronica as she crosses her arms and cries. Cut to a silver BMW as it roars into the parking space that Dave’s car occupied. Cut to Veronica as she looks to the driver’s side, cut to the driver’s side as the door opens and Wes gets out, his black clothes looking freshly pressed and his long black trench coat flowing in the wind. Cut to Veronica as she smiles and runs towards Wes; she runs into his arms and Wes hugs Veronica as he rests his head on hers. Cut to Veronica’s face.)

Veronica: "Did you hear…"

(Cut to Wes as he nods.)

Wes: "Ya….I heard….god Veronica what are we going to do…"

(Veronica shakes her head; the bell rings. Cut to Veronica as she breaks the embrace and turns to the school then to Wes.)

Veronica: "Wesley take me out of here! I can’t be here, not today…"

(Wes nods and leads Veronica to his car. Wes opens the door and Veronica gets in; Wes closes the door and then hops over to his side, gets in, turns the car on and drives out of the parking space. Cut to a pulled back shot as the BMW drives off. Cut to Scene 27.)




Scene 27

Woodsboro High School (Inside/Ricky’s Group)

(Cut to inside as Ricky and Tara stand with Ty and Amber as Jason, Jon and Laurna walk off towards the staircase. Focus on Ricky and Tara.)

Ricky: "So what are we going to do?"

(Cut to Ty and Amber.)

Ty: "I don’t want to be in this city now…"

Amber: "Neither do I…"

(Cut to Ricky.)

Ricky: "Ok, well I can get plane tickets for all of us cheap from work, we could leave in two hours…"

(Cut to Tara as she holds onto Ricky.)

Tara: "But what about everyone else….I know we can’t take everyone but what if Jason or Jon or Laurna are killed?"

Ricky: "Just try not to think about it…"

(A second bell rings for the tardy students. Cut back to Ricky.)

Ricky: "We have to leave now if we want to be out of here before sun down…"

Ty: "Ok…"

(Ricky leads Ty, Amber and Tara away towards the stairs. Cut to Scene 28.)







Scene 28

Woodsboro High School (Parking Lot)

(Ricky leads his three friends to his green Explorer and he gets in the drivers’ seat as Tara gets in the passengers and Ty and Amber get in the back seat. Cut to a further view as the Explorer drives off, the camera pans to a black mustang with black tinted windows. Cut to inside as someone wearing all black from pants to gloves, grabs the gearshift and pulls it to reverse. Cut to outside the mustang as it backs out then follows Ricky’s Explorer. Fade to Scene 29.)







Scene 29

Wes’ Studio (Front)

(Open infront of Wes’ Studio as Scott pulls up in a huge brown ford Astro van looking like it hasn’t been washed in a decade. Cut to inside the van as Scott puts the car in park and turns the engine off. Scott turns to Nikki as she looks at him with sorrow in her eyes.)

Nikki: "Don’t do this…please…"

(Scott sighs and shakes his.)

Scott: "So I guess you coming with is out of the question?"

(Nikki stares to her feet and doesn’t answer; cut to Scott as he opens his door.)

Scott: "Fine…"

(Cut to outside of the van as Scott gets out and slams the door; cut back to inside as Nikki jumps from the slamming door and begins to cry. Cut back to the outside as Scott walks up to the front door and knocks. No answer so Scott opens the door and walks in. Cut to Scene 30.)








Scene 30

Wes’ Studio (Inside)

(Scott quietly shuts the door behind him and walks into the studio. He walks to the main hallway and sees stairs going up to the second floor and Scott goes up them. Cut to the second floor, it is very bright and very white, hardly any art on these walls. Scott’s footsteps echo through the hallway of the second floor due to the white marble floors. Scott reaches a door and opens it. Cut to the inside of the room as Scott pokes his head in; cut to a view of the room, it is full of canvas’ and paint with huge white sheets on the floor to not get the floor dirty Scott guessed.)

Scott: "Rich bastard…"

(Scott closes the door; cut back to the hallway as Scott reaches another room. Scott looks at it in fear, focus on his hand as it slowly grasps the doorknob and twists it and pushes the door till it opens it and goes in. Cut to inside this room as Scott steps in and quietly closes the door behind him. Cut to a view of this room, it’s Wes’ bedroom. A huge bed with blue sheets and a messy comforter made of some sort of animal fur. Cut to Scott as he looks to a row of file cabinets and a safe off to the very end of the room where a huge glass window is as well. Out from the window you can see Scott’s van; Scott walks over to them and opens one of the file cabinets.)






Scene 31

Wes’ Studio (Front)

(Cut to inside Scott’s van as Nikki sits shaking her knees and bites her nails. Nikki looks up, cut to a view of the huge window on the second floor as she sees Scott looking through the file cabinets. Suddenly a phone rings; cut back to Nikki screams as it scares her and she quickly reaches in her purse and opens it. She pulls out a cell phone and answers it.)

Nikki: "Yes?"

Voice: "Brother dearest is being very naughty…"

(Nikki grabs her forehead and beings pleading.)

Nikki: "No! Please go, don’t hurt him! I beg you, please don’t! Please!!!"

(Nikki begins to cry as the Voice makes a sorry sound.)

Voice: "Aww….sorry Nicole! He’s too close for comfort….time to warm up the knife…"

(The Voice hangs up; cut to Nikki as she turns off the phone and tosses the phone in the back. Cut to the driver’s side as she slides into the driver’s seat. Cut to a view of Scott then back to a view of Nikki as she begins to honk the horn rapidly.)

Nikki: "God! Scott!!!!"

(Nikki continues to honk the horn.)









Scene 32

Wes’ Studio (Inside)

(Cut to Scott as he hears the honking; he goes over to the window and looks down to Nikki. Cut to the bedroom door as it opens and Ghostface slinks into the room.)





Scene 33

Wes’ Studio (Front)

(Cut back inside Scott’s van as Nikki sees Ghostface.)

Nikki: "Fuck! Scott!!!!! Get out now! Get out!"

(Nikki points to in back of Scot. Cut to a view of Scott as he looks behind him as Ghostface rushes towards Scott. Ghostface slams Scott into the window; cut to Nikki as she screams and cries. Cut back to Scott as Ghostface takes something out with his hand and begins thrusting it into Scott’s chest as he slams Scott into the window again. The glass cracks and blood splatters on it. Cut to Nikki as she covers her face and lets out a hard cry. Cut back to a view of Scott as Ghostface rams him into the window once more, cracking it even more. Ghostface then runs back carrying Scott by the knife that is lodged in his chest. Ghostface then slams Scott into the window and it breaks. Scott flies from the second floor and his limbs flail as he falls. Cut to Nikki as she looks up and screams! Cut to an overhead view as Scott slams onto the windshield of the van. Cut to inside of the van as Nikki looks to Scott, his face implanted in the windshield. Cut to outside of the van as Nikki gets out and grabs Scott’s arm to feel for a pulse. Nikki lets out a loud moan as she cries harder. Nikki gets back in the van and turns on the engine. Cut to the broken window, Ghostface is no longer there. Cut to inside the van as Nikki backs up as Scott rolls off the hood and onto the ground, cut to the outside as Nikki pulls away from Wes’ Studio and drives off. The camera stays in a high altitude watching as the van pulls onto Highway 409 and drives off.)







Scene 34

The Styx

(Open in the dark little bar, no one is in there except a few old people and a waitress named Rita. Veronica and Wes enter the bar and immediately are seated by Rita, they sit in a two-seat table as Rita gives them a menu. Cut to Wes.)

Wes: "Uh, we don’t want anything…"

(Cut to Rita, she frowns.)

Rita: "Ok then…"

(Rita walks off offended; cut back to Wes as he pulls out a small manila folder and places it on the table. Cut to Veronica.)

Veronica: "What’s that?"

(Cut to Wes.)

Wes: "I was checking up on our city’s murder history….I could only find a few articles."

(Cut to Veronica as she opens the folder and shifts through the articles with titles like "WOODSBORO MURDER SPREE ENDS IN BLOOD", and "TWO LOCAL TEENS BEHIND FATHER DEATH MURDERS". Cut to Veronica’s face as she keeps shifting through the articles then she freezes. Cut to the article, it has a huge picture of Sidney Prescott on it, the headline "SIDNEY PRESCOTT SURVIVES ANOTHER ATTEMPT ON HER LIFE". Cut to Veronica)

Veronica: "Oh my god….she was involved with another murder spree after the one here!"

(Cut to Wes as he nods.)

Wes: "Some freak at Windsor College up in the mid-west where Sid was at teamed up with Mrs. Loomis, the first killers mother and killed most of her friends there. But Sid and Cotton Weary killed them, but there was another murder spree about two years or so later in Hollywood….the information on who was doing it wasn’t released fully, only the name Roman was released, the rest on that one is foggy. But then there was this…"

(Wes pulls out an article from the stack and hands it to Veronica. She grabs it and reads the title. Cut to Veronica.)

Veronica: "Sidney Prescott presumed dead after a deadly fire in Sacramento…oh my god! Sidney died?"

(Cut to Wes as he raises his shoulders.)

Wes: "No one knows….some sicko set fire to her and her husband’s house and only her husbands body was found, she was presumed to have died in the fire…."

(Cut back to Veronica.)

Veronica: "Oh god….poor Sid….."

(Cut to Wes as he cocks an eyebrow.)

Wes: "You sound like you knew her…"

(Cut to Veronica as she dodges the question.)

Veronica: "Uh, why is this happening now? Why start all this again?"

(Cut to Wes as he grins.)

Wes: "You had to pick the part I can’t figure out didn’t you? It’s right there infront of me though! It’s like all the clues point to something but I can’t figure out what or why this is happening….I can’t find the connection…"

(Cut to Veronica.)

Veronica: "There is no connection, that’s the clue…"

(Cut to Wes as he looks to Veronica as if she’s an alien.)

Wes: "Huh?"

(Cut back to Veronica.)

Veronica: "You see, there isn’t a connection between the murders! There wasn’t meant to be a connection because this is a whole new chapter in this story….new victims…new motive…and most importantly…"

(Cut to Wes as his eyes bulge.)

Wes: "A new leading lady! A new main character to survive to keep the franchise alive! Oh my god Ronnie, you are a genius!"

(Cut to Veronica as she shakes her head.)

Veronica: "No, I just know my horror movies when I see one…"

(Cut to Wes as he sits back in his seat.)

Wes: "Do tell oh bloody one…"

(Wes laughs; cut to Veronica as she smiles.)

Veronica: "Ok….it goes like this. The first three movies of a horror movie revolve around the same main character and that person’s struggle with the killer. If the movie’s last that long, the fourth would be about a new character and a whole new story behind the killings…..just looks at Bride of Chucky! The first three Child’s Play movies were about Andy Barclay, then the fourth had Chucky and his wife Tiffany going after two teens named Jade and Jesse! This is typical Wes, it’s the fourth time out for this Ghostface! There’s no more Sid, so he’s looking for a replacement…he knows his horror movies, if this is even a guy!"

(Cut to Wes.)

Wes: "Girl’s don’t have the guts to kill someone….well, now-a-days…"

(Cut to Veronica.)

Veronica: "Don’t be too sure, Urban Legends was bloody and Rebecca Gayheart was the killer…."

(Cut to Wes.)

Wes: "Ya, but that was a movie, this is real life Ron…"

(Cut to Veronica.)

Veronica: "True…"

(Veronica looks to her watch and her eyes bulge.)

Veronica: "Shit! It’s almost two! If I don’t get home in twenty minutes my sister will freak that I skipped school!"

(Cut to Wes as he gets up and leaves a twenty on the table.)

Wes: "I’ll take you home then…"

(Veronica picks up the folder and follows Wes out of The Styx. Cut to Rita as she comes by and picks up the twenty.)

Rita: "They tip good at least…"

(Focus on the money as Rita checks her hands; cut to Rita’s face.)

Rita: "What the?"

(Cut to her hands, blood is on them. Rita checks the money and it has blood all over it. Rita drops the money and runs.)

Rita: "Sick!"

(Cut to Scene 35.)








Scene 35

Woodsboro Airport (Hanger 8/Inside)

(Open in a dark, smelly hanger as Tara, Ty and Amber sit near a small plane that looks like it was used in WW2. Cut to Ricky as he opens then closes the hanger doors and comes towards his friends carrying an envelope. Tara gets up and goes to Ricky then follows him back to where Ty and Amber sit. Focus on the envelope as Ricky pulls out two tickets and hands them to Ty. Cut to Ty.)

Ty: "Oh dude! Tight! Shit man, how much do I owe you?"

(Cut to Ricky as he shakes his head.)

Ricky: "Not a penny my man! Just helping a friend…"

(Ricky and Ty hug then part as Amber takes the tickets and looks at them.)

Amber: "It says the plane leaves in ten minutes!"

(Cut to Ricky as he nods.)

Ricky: "You two better get moving!"

(Cut back to Amber.)

Amber: "Aren’t you two going?"

(Cut back to Ricky.)

Ricky: "Yea, but our plane leaves in two hours, I couldn’t get four tickets on the same flight, but we’ll be there by the time you two find a hotel, then if I find a car I’ll come back for Jon, Jason and Laurna…"

(Cut to Ty as he nods.)

Ty: "Sounds coo! C’mon Amber, we better get to our plane…"

(Cut to Amber as she nods and hugs both Ricky and Tara then grabs Ty’s hand and walks out of the Hanger leaving Ricky and Tara alone.)




Scene 36

Woodsboro Airport (Hanger 8/Outside)

(Ty and Tara walk off towards their plane, which is at the other end of the small airport. The camera turns away from them and cuts to the back of Hanger 8 where the black Mustang is parked. The driver’s side door is open wide, the camera pans to see that the back door to Hanger 8 is also open, it suddenly slams. Focus on the outside doorknob to show the door is locked. Cut to Scene 37.)






Scene 37

Woodsboro Airport (Hanger 8/Inside)

(Cut to inside as Ricky lays on a roller pad and rolls underneath the old airplane as Tara sits and watches. Cut to Ricky’s feet.)

Ricky: "Honey, can you go get me something to drink?"

(Cut to Tara.)

Tara: "Um, I guess so….where is the coke machine?"

(Cut back to Ricky’s feet.)

Ricky: "In my office near the end of the hanger!"

(Tara sighs and gets up and walks over to the office at the end of the hanger. Close up on her shoes, they are black leather boots. Out of focus now and cut back to Ricky underneath the plane. Ricky grabs a wrench from a tool basket and begins tightening a bolt under the plane. Cut to a side view of Ricky as two black boots walk up to him. Cut to Ricky’s face as he looks to them then back to his work.)

Ricky: "Just set them down for a sec hun, I’m almost done fixing this piece of shit…"

(Cut to the side view again; the boots are gone. Focus on Ricky’s face as he looks confused. Cut to an outer view as Ricky rolls out from under the plane. Cut to the cockpit as Ghostface raises his head. Cut to inside the cockpit as Ghostface turns on the plane’s electronical system. Cut back to Ricky as he looks around.)

Ricky: "Tara?"

(Cut to the coke machine at the end of the hanger as Tara puts in some quarters.)

Tara: "What?"

(Cut back to Ricky as he stands there confused. Cut back into the cockpit as Ghostface turns on the engine and the plane moves forward. Cut to Ricky as he screams; the plane’s propellers tare him into blood and pieces of flesh. Cut back into the cockpit as Ghostface turns off the plane and hops out as Tara comes out of the office with the cokes. She drops them and screams as she sees Ricky’s dead body and Ghostface getting out of the cockpit. Cut to Tara as she slowly backs away; cut to Ghostface as he reaches in his belt and draws his knife. Cut to Tara as her eyes widen.)

Tara: "Oh shit!"

(Tara runs into the office and locks the door; cut to Ghostface as he runs towards the office. Cut to inside the office as Tara runs to the backdoor and turns the handle. Cut to outside as the handle jiggles but doesn’t open. Cut back inside as Tara pulls harder then suddenly slips and falls on her back and screams. Tara lies there; cut to her crotch on her jeans as it grows really damp and travels to her legs. Cut back to Tara as she looks down and cries.)

Tara: "No, not now!"

(Tara gets up; cut to the office door as Ghostface breaks the window and climbs in. Cut back to Tara as she sees a door next to her and opens it. Tara runs up a flight of stairs awkwardly as she begins to feel contractions. Cut to Ghostface as he gets to the door, opens it and runs for Tara. Tara reaches the top of the stairs and to another door. She twists the doorknob but it doesn’t open. It’s locked.)

Tara: "Oh shit! Oh…oh….oh god!!!"

(Tara clutches her stomach in pain as Ghostface reaches the top of the stairs and punches Tara. Cut to Tara’s face as she slams on the floor moaning. Ghostface looks at her; focus on his right hand that is at his side, it’s holding his knife. Ghostface raises his right hand in the air. Cut to Tara as she shakes her head.)

Tara: "No please!!!"

(Cut to Ghostface as he quickly thrusts his knife into Tara’s stomach. Focus on Tara’s face as it shows immense pain and Tara screams. Cut back to Ghostface as he stabs her again, and again until her stomach is open and he cuts out the child within her. Tara lies on the floor as her eyes blur from loss of blood. Cut to Ghostface as he rips the dead child from her and hands it to her.)

Ghostface: "It’s a boy…"

(Cut to Tara as she cries; cut back to Ghostface as he quickly stabs Tara in the chest. Cut to black as she screams then cut to Scene 38.)









Scene 38

Veronica’s House

(Open as Veronica enters her house as you can see Wes’ silver BMW drive off in the background. Veronica closes the front door and turns around to be face to face with Sam. Veronica screams.)

Veronica: "God damn it! You scared the shit out of me!"

(Cut to Sam as she scoffs.)

Sam: "What I really should do is shoot you! The school called….where were you? Why did you skip school?"

(Veronica walks away from Sam but she grabs Veronica and pulls her back and slams her against the front door as she squeezes Veronica’s cheeks hard.)

Sam: "Where the fuck were you!"

(Veronica pulls away from Sam and points a finger to her; cut to Veronica’s face showing her angry eyes.)

Veronica: "Don’t you DARE touch me!"

(Cut to Sam, as she stands there embarrassed.)

Sam: "Sorry…."

(Cut to Veronica as she adjusts her clothes.)

Veronica: "I was at The Styx with Wes, we couldn’t bare being at school….not after all that has happened…"

(Cut to Sam as she lowers her head.)

Sam: "Sorry Veronica….but you shouldn’t blame death for you ditching, go up to your room!"

(Cut to Veronica, as she stands there shocked.)

Veronica: "Wha_"

(Sam holds up a hand to shut Veronica up.)

Sam: "No, go….I’m letting you off easy!"

(Veronica groans and runs up the stairs and into her room. Cut to the living room as Sam opens the sliding glass door and steps into a small atrium as she steps into the garage. Cut to the front door; focus on the doorknob as it turns and opens, revealing a black glove holding the knob. The camera pulls out to see Ghostface walking into the house and quietly closing the door as he adjusts something he has strapped over his shoulder along with rope. Cut to the sliding glass door as Sam closes it and sits on the couch and turns on the TV. Stab is playing; cut to a view of Sam as she smiles.)

Sam: "Oh I love this movie!"

(She reaches behind her neck and takes off her silver cross; focus on her hand as she places the cross on the table in back of the couch, next to the phone. Cut to the movie as Casey goes to get in the shower; cut to Sam as she holds a pillow to her chest. In the movie, the phone rings. Cut to a front view of Sam as the phone rings behind her. Cut to behind her as Sam turns around and looks at the phone weirdly. Sam picks it up on the fourth ring and answers it, as does Casey in the movie. Both the movie and the real voices say the same thing and that same time.)

Voice: "Hi…"

(Sam looks at the phone strangely then puts it to her ear.)

Sam: "Hi….wh-who is this?"

Voice: "Wes…"

(Sam sighs in relief.)

Sam: "Oh god…"

Voice: "Is Veronica there?"

(Behind Sam, the kitchen pantry door closes quietly as she turns around.)

Sam: "Ya, hold on please…"

(Sam gets up and walks through the kitchen and up the stairs and knocks on Veronica’s door.)

Sam: "Phone call…"

(Veronica opens the door, grabs the phone and then slams the door. Focus on Sam.)

Sam: "Bitch…"

(Sam walks back downstairs; cut to downstairs as Sam hops over the couch and lands as Ghostface comes out of the pantry and quietly sneaks upstairs. Cut to inside Veronica’s room as she sits on her bed with the phone.)

Veronica: "Hello?"

Voice: "Hi…"

Veronica: "Uh, who is this?"

Voice: "Now if I tell you, what fun would that be…."

(Veronica rolls her eyes.)

Veronica: "Fun? Ya…uh huh….whatever buddy….so whatcha doin’?"

(The Voice sighs.)

Voice: "Not much….just stalking a few people, including your Christian sister Samantha!"

(Veronica laughs.)

Veronica: "Is that right?"

Voice: "Uh-huh…"

Veronica: "And why might you be doing that?"

(The Voice laughs.)

Voice: "Because I’m going to kill her just like I did with Brooke and Ryan and AMANDA!!!!"

(Close up on Veronica as her eyes bulge.)

Veronica: "Y-you’re the killer…"

Voice: "Bingo bitch! But don’t worry….your number is not on my list as of yet, it’s sis’s turn to feel my knife, or should I say NAILS!"

(Veronica hangs up and runs to her door; cut to the otherside of her door as Ghostface ties an end to her doorknob, turn to another door that has the otherside of the rope tied to it. Ghostface sneaks away as Veronica tries to open her door. Cut to inside her room as Veronica as she tries to open her door. She struggles as she tries to open it then falls on her back as she slips off the handle. Cut to her radio that is playing.)

Radio Announcer: "Our next request is for "Blue Monday" by Orgy for Samantha Harris from Amanda. She wishes that her date with Mr. Ghost will be better then hers, aw how sweet…"

(The song begins to play; focus on Veronica as she gets back up and begins to pull the doorknob more and more, trying to loosen the knot in the rope. Cut to downstairs as Sam continues to watch the movie. She then looks to the mantle to see a frame with a photo in it and she looks at it and gets up. Sam walks over and picks it up without letting the camera show it. Sam sighs and goes over to a little chest of drawers next to the TV and opens it, tosses the frame into it and slams the drawer and goes back to the couch. As she sits down, Casey is being dragged across the grass. Cut to a front view of Sam as she watches the movie. Two black gloved hands rise up from behind the couch with the rope in them. Cut to the hands as they bring the rope around Sam’s neck. Focus on Sam as she gags from the rope around her neck. Cut to Ghostface as he gets up from behind the couch and drags Sam back off the couch. He raps the rope around her neck tightly and drags her to the mantle as she chokes. Focus on Sam’s face as she holds the rope away from her neck so she can breathe. Back to normal view as he throws Sam against the mantle. Sam’s forehead hits the mantle and she is knocked out cold. Ghostface drops the rope and picks Samantha up. He raises her above the mantle and holds her right hand about 3 feet above the mantle. Cut to the strap around Ghostface’s shoulder as he takes it off, focus on the object he’s holding. It’s a nailgun. Ghostface raises the nailgun and presses it against Sam’s right hand. He pulls the trigger; cut to Sam’s face as she wakes up and screams. Ghostface let’s loose of Sam’s arm and she hangs from her hand. Cut to her hand as it bleeds from the nail lodged into her bones. Back to normal view as Ghostface struggles to get Sam’s left hand up there, but he does and shoots a nail into that hand. Focus on Sam’s face as she cries.)

Sam: "Veronica!!!!!"

(Cut to Veronica as she shouts.)

Veronica: "Come on you fucker!!!!!!!"

(Cut to the rope tied around her doorknob as her pulling looses the knot and the rope unties and sends Veronica onto the floor. She quickly gets up and runs out the door. Cut to Ghostface as he turns as he hears the footsteps. He quickly turns to Sam, pulls out a photo and presses the nailgun against Sam’s chest and the photo and pulls the trigger. Sam cries as Ghostface puts the nailgun to her forehead. Sam shakes her head to avoid it but Ghostface holds her still and shoot four nails into her head and then runs out the sliding glass door as Veronica jumps off the stairs and runs into the living room. Close up on Veronica as she screams and runs to Sam. Veronica reaches Sam but falls to the ground sobbing. Veronica sobs but looks up and sees the photo and wipes her nose. The camera goes right infront of Veronica’s face as she looks at the photo and Veronica shakes her head.)

Veronica: "No…..they can’t use that against me! Just because we’re related doesn’t mean I should replace her! No! No!!!"

(Veronica runs off through the kitchen and out the door. The camera turns to the photo as you can hear Veronica driving off in Sam’s car. The camera comes close to the photo; it is of Sam, Veronica and Sidney. Sidney and Veronica’s faces are circled with a red marker as a huge X is through Sam’s. Fade away to Scene 39.)







Scene 39

City Hall (Mayor’s Office)

(Open in a polished wood office as Mayor Ellis sits at her desk with a file on her desk. Hillary looks at the file and sighs. She picks it up and turns around and drops it in a clear wastebasket. Focus on the file, its labeled PRESCOTT, SIDNEY. Cut back to Hillary as she rests her head on the desk.)

Hillary: "God help me during the elections this year…"

(Suddenly the intercom buzzes and her assistant Joyce calls.)

Joyce: "Ms. Mayor?"

(Hillary sits up and presses the button and holds it down.)

Hillary: "Yes Joyce?"

Joyce: "Chief Walt would like to request that you give the orders of the curfew to him as soon as possible ma’am…."

(Hillary sighs.)

Hillary: "Tell him I’ll call before ten tonight to give the order…"

Joyce: "But he wishes you come down to the station…"

(Hillary releases the button.)

Hillary: "Who the fuck does he think he is!"

(Hillary sighs and presses the button again and holds it down.)

Hillary: "Fine, fine….tell him I’ll be on my within the next….."

(Hillary looks to her clock on her desk; it read 6:12 P.M.)

Hillary: "The next hour or so…."

Joyce: "Will do ma’am…."

(Joyce buzzes out.)






Scene 40

City Hall (Joyce’s Desk)

(Joyce picks up the phone that rests on her desk and doesn’t dial because someone is already on the line from a conversation she had offscreen.)

Joyce: "Chief Walt, the Mayor says she will join you at the police station around 7 or so….is that ok?"

(Chief Walt is not on the line; it is the Voice of the killer.)

Voice: "Yes…yes that’ll do just fine Ms. Joyce….thank you…"

(The Voice hangs up, as does Joyce. Cut to Scene 41.)








Scene 41

City Hall (Parking Lot)

(Open in the parking lot as the black Mustang pulls up next to the Mayor’s 1999 maroon Chevy Impala. Ghostface walks out of the driver’s side and rolls under his car and under the Mayor’s. Cut to under the Mayor’s car as Ghostface uses his knife to cut through the Impala’s brake line. Once that is done he rolls back under his car, climbs into the Mustang and closes the door. The camera pulls out as does the Mustang and it drives off.)







Scene 42

Tom’s Mini-Market

(Open in a small grocery store as Dave sweeps up the isles of the store. The fluorescent lighting is bright white and very unnatural. Cut to the door as the it opens and a bell rings; Chris walks in as he puts on his apron with the Tom’s Mini-Market symbol on it. Dave looks to Chris and sighs, standing there resting on his broom.)

Dave: "Finally decide to come to work?"

(Cut to Chris as he laughs.)

Chris: "Shut up dude….I’ve had problems with Jen at home…."

(Dave nods.)

Dave: "So you finally came home? Cuz when me and Kurt took Jen home, your mom said you had already left…."

(Chris nods.)

Chris: "Duh dude! I was at school moron! Where were you?"

(Dave sighs.)

Dave: "I was out…"

(Chris nods and spins his eyes around to make Dave laugh.)

Dave: "Moron, just get in the back and help me pack some of the meat into the freezer, k?"

(Chris nods and Dave leads him into the back; cut into the back, it’s dark and damp. Dave begins hauling a crate over to the freezer. Dave sets the crate on the floor; close up on the lock pad on the freezer. Dave punches in a number, back to normal view as the freezer opens and the light flicks on. Dave picks up the crate and puts it in the freezer as Chris picks up one and does the same. Chris exits the freezer; cut to inside the store. Focus on the bell as it rings as the electronic doors slide open. Cut to Chris and Dave.)

Dave: "Don’t sweat, I’ll go…"

(Dave exits the back to looks into the store; cut to a view of the store, no one is there. Cut back to Dave as he goes back into the backroom. Chris exits the freezer from putting another crate in it.)

Chris: "Who was it?"

(Cut to Dave as he shrugs.)

Dave: "Dunno….no one was there…"

(Chris makes a shrugging noise then picks up another crate, as does Dave. Cut to inside the store, focus on the bell as it rings as the door slides open the closed again. Cut back into the backroom as Chris drops his crate and looks to Dave.)

Chris: "I’ll go this time!"

(Chris walks into the store.)

Chris: "Hello?"

(Chris looks around, from isle to isle as something dark moves into the backroom behind him. Suddenly Chris turns around to see what the noise was only to see the flapping back doors to the backroom. Chris sighs; suddenly two hands grab his neck.)

Janice: "BOO!!!!"

(Chris screams as he jumps out of his skin. Chris turns around to see Janice who is about to die of laughing on the floor.)

Chris: "Fuck! Janice, what the FUCK!!!!"

(Cut to the back doors as Dave rushes in.)

Dave: "What!"

(Dave sees Janice and sighs as Janice stops laughing and runs to Dave. Dave catches Janice and spins her in the air as they kiss. Cut to Chris as he looks at them evilly and walks back into the back room.)

Chris: "Get a fucking room…"

(Chris walks into the backroom and picks up his crate and walks over to put it in the freezer. Cut to the freezer as Chris walks in; suddenly the door slams behind him and the dark figure locks the door. Chris looks behind him and goes to the window, which is very frosty and looks out to see nothing but blackness of the backroom of the store.)

Chris: "Ha, ha, very funny dude! Let me out!"

(Ghostface rises to the window and Chris jumps back then comes forward and looks into the mask.)

Chris: "Open the fucking door dude, I am SO fucking serious!"

(Ghostface shakes his head then disappears from sight.)

Chris: "Hey! Don’t leave me!"

(Cut to outside the freezer as Ghostface goes to the lock pad and pushes a few buttons. Close up on the buttons, Ghostface hits Freeze, Deep Freeze and finally Sub-Zero. Cut inside the freezer as a thick mist of froze flows down from vents in the ceiling. Chris looks to them and shakes his head.)

Chris: "Oh fuck….oh this is SO not funny dude…"

(Cut to the outside looking in as Chris screams to be let out but you hear nothing. Cut to Ghostface as he makes his way to an electrical box. He opens it and takes out a blue and green wire out and cuts them with his knife. Ghostface leaves the sparking box and goes behind the Freezer. Cut to inside the store as the lights go out. Dave and Janice stop kissing and they look the to backroom.)

Janice: "What happened to the lights?"

(Dave shakes his head as he walks to the backroom.)

Dave: "Dunno Jan…"

(Janice calls to him as he gets to the backroom.)

Janice: "Did Chris do that!"

(Dave turns around in the backroom and shouts.)

Dave: "That’s what I’m gonna try to find out!!!"

(Dave turns around and sees the sparking electrical box. He grabs the broken wires and tries to tie them together to get power. The box sparks and Dave flies backward screaming.)

Dave: "Fuck!!!! Damn it that hurt!"

(Dave moans as he clutches his fingers; cut to the freezer as Dave looks to it, the lights are off. Cut to Dave as he grins.)

Dave: "Ok Chris, hide and seek is over…"

(Dave walks to the freezer and puts his hand over his eyes as he looks through the window. Cut to a view from the side as Ghostface comes from around the corner of the freezer. Dave looks to him and before he can scream, Ghostface slashes at Dave. Cut to a front view of Dave as his neck opens up and blood gushes everywhere. Ghostface then grabs Dave’s head and pulls it back to where the cut on his neck rips more and his head flips backwards and Dave falls to the ground gushing blood. Cut to Ghostface as he stands over Dave and wipes his knife clean. Cut to inside the store as Janice stands there tapping her left foot as she waits for Dave. Cut to the double brown doors as they flap open. Janice sees a figure but can’t see a face but still talks to it think it’s Dave.)

Janice: "So was it Chris?"

(The figure doesn’t answer and walks towards Janice. Cut to Janice again.)

Janice: "Hello! Was it Chris or not?"

(Cut to Ghostface as he still walks towards Janice with no reply. Janice moans and walks towards Ghostface thinking it’s Dave.)

Janice: "Well was it! Tell m_"

(Ghostface walks through a glare from a passing car showing his mask. Cut to Janice as she freezes and backs away shaking her head in disbelievement.)

Janice: "No…Oh shit!"

(Janice turns around to run but Ghostface tackles her. Ghostface lays ontop of Janice as he jabs his knife into her side. Janice breaks free and runs for it but Ghostface grabs her by the leg and trips her. Janice goes headfirst into a display of cans. Cut to Janice as the tries to get up from the pile of cans; she looks ahead and sees Ghostface jump towards her. Janice quickly rolls away and Ghostface lands in the cans but quickly recovers and grabs Janice’s leg again and stabs her twice in the left thigh. Janice screams and kicks Ghostface in the face but he gets up to dodge it. Ghostface stands over the downed Janice and raises his knife. Janice looks to his crotch and grins. Cut to a view under Ghostface as Janice kicks him swiftly in the balls. Ghostface goes down moaning as Janice gets up. She runs for the door and slams into it and falls backwards. She looks up to the door; it’s locked due to there is no electricity to open it. Janice gets back up; cut to Ghostface as he moans and gasps as he crawls over to Janice slowly. Janice gets back up and puts her fingers in the small opening between the doors. She struggles to push the door open; cut to a front view of Janice as Ghostface gets up. Janice hears him do this and turns around.)

Janice: "Shit! Shit!!!! Open damn you!!!!"

(Ghostface hobbles over to Janice just as she opens the door a few inches more. Janice pushes with all her might and opens the door and gets out as Ghostface falls against the closing door. Ghostface lies there moaning; cut to Janice who is free as she limps away clutching her stomach.)






Scene 43

Loral Lane

(Cut to inside Sam’s Lexus as Veronica wipes tears from her eyes and drives down the street. Cut to outside the car as Janice walks over the grassy center divider clutching her stomach and gasping for air. She walks out into the street just as Veronica turns a corner. Cut to Veronica as she sees someone in her path; cut to the brakepeddle as Veronica slams her foot onto it. Cut to Janice as she looks to the Lexus raises her hands and covers her eyes from the headlights as she screams in terror. Janice is hit by the Lexus and flies onto the pavement and rolls. Cut to Veronica as the Lexus stops and she runs out of it to check the person she hit. The bell tower a few miles away chimes 6:30. Cut to Veronica as she reaches the person she hit; cut to a back view as she turns the person over to see Janice. Cut to Veronica’s face.)

Veronica: "Oh god! Janice!"

(Cut to Janice’s arm as Veronica checks for a pulse; cut back to Veronica.)

Veronica: "Thank god you’re alive! Janice…."

(Cut to a view of Janice as Veronica pats her cheeks and Janice’s eyelids flutter.)

Veronica: "Janice, wake up sweetie….come on, that’s it! Just wake up please!"

(Janice’s eyes open; Janice tries to get up but Veronica holds her down.)

Veronica: "No Jan, stay down you might be injured!"

(Cut to Janice’s face as she looks up and around; cut to Veronica as she sees Janice’s wounds.)

Veronica: "Oh shit….your bleeding! God…"

(Veronica tries to stop the bleeding; cut to Janice’s face as she looks to something behind Veronica. Cut to the Lexus as Ghostface comes around the back of it and climbs into the driver’s seat. Cut back to Janice’s face as her eyes bulge in terror and she tries to scream but only makes a faint squealing noise. Janice tries to get up and run but Veronica holds her down.)

Veronica: "Janice! Your neck could be…"

(Veronica looks into Janice’s eyes; cut to them as they focus on something behind Veronica. Veronica turns around and goes into shock. Close up on Veronica.)

Veronica: "Holy shit!"

(Cut to Ghostface in the Lexus as he grabs the gearshift and pulls it to 4X4. Cut to a normal view of Ghostface as he waves to the two girls then slams on the gas. Cut to the wheels as they skid and create steam. Cut to Janice and Veronica.)

Janice: "R-r-run!!!!"

(Janice gets up as does Veronica and they run off download Loral Lane. Cut to Ghostface as he speeds after them. Cut to Veronica and Janice as they run off down the street. Janice runs very awkwardly due to her injuries. Cut to the Lexus as it speeds up; cut to Veronica as she turns into a side street followed by a slower Janice. Cut to the Lexus as it barely makes the turn and spins around to a stop where is leaves off a cloud of burnt rubber and exhaust. Cut to a front view from down the side street as they two girls run from the Lexus as it speeds towards them. The girls run past a street sign stating the maximum speed as 45, cut to that sign as the Lexus plows down the sign. Cut back to a side view as Veronica and Janice turn into another street where the parking garage for the local mall called the Galleria is located. Veronica points to the garage of the Galleria cut to Janice as she nods and begins running as does Veronica. Cut to a front view of the girls as they run towards the garage of the Galleria as the Lexus turns out of the side street and skids to a stop then again speeds up and roars after the girls. Cut to the girls as they reach the garage. Cut to Veronica as she pushes Janice into the garage. Cut to Janice as she falls over the spikes on the ground to keep cars from going the wrong way. Janice rolls on the ground then quickly gets up and runs out of the garage as the camera cuts to the Lexus as it roars after Veronica down a dead end street. Cut to Janice as she breathes hard then screams out.)

Janice: "Veronica!"

(Janice watches as Veronica gets closer to the dead end. Cut to Veronica as she gasps for air, her speed decreases. Cut to the Lexus’ bumper comes closer to Veronica’s feet. Cut to Veronica as she cries and screams as she tries to increase her speed. Cut back to the bumper as the car hits Veronica’s feet. Cut to a high view as Veronica falls backwards onto the hood of the Lexus and rolls over the top and slams onto the truck and rolls back onto the asphalt in back of the Lexus. Cut to the Lexus as it spins around and sits there with the engine humming about twenty feet away from Veronica. Cut to Veronica as Ghostface revs the engine. Veronica looks up and with angry eyes she slowly gets up moaning. She stands there breathing hard as she glares into Ghostface’s mask. Cut to Ghostface in the Lexus as he sits there waiting for her to make a move. Cut back to Veronica as she suddenly flicks off the killer. Close up on Veronica.)

Veronica: "Fuck you asshole!"

(Cut to Ghostface; cut to the gas peddle as Ghostface slams his foot onto it. Cut back to normal view as Veronica takes off towards the garage. Cut to a frontal view as Veronica frowns and cries as she painfully runs as the Lexus roars towards her. Cut to Janice as she runs back inside the garage; cut to a view inside the garage as Veronica turns into the exit side and leaps over the spikes and falls to the concrete and rolls over to Janice. Cut to Veronica as she looks up to see the Lexus turn into the exit side. Cut to the tires as they blow out due to the spikes; cut back to normal view as the Lexus attempts to turn to a stop but flips over and slams into the wall of the garage.)






Scene 44

Galleria Garage

(Cut to Veronica as she watches the Lexus steam; a bloody hand reaches down to Veronica. Veronica looks up; cut to Janice as she stands there. Veronica grabs Janice’s hand and Janice pulls Veronica up then leads her deeper into the garage. Cut to Janice as she is pulled back; she looks back and Veronica just stands there watching the car hiss steam from its engine. Janice goes to Veronica’s side and pulls her arm gently.)

Janice: "Come on Veronica, let’s get out of here…"

(Veronica doesn’t budge; focus on Janice.)

Janice: ‘Veronica! Come on!"

(Cut to Veronica as she turns to Janice with a tear falling down her cheek. Veronica shakes her head.)

Veronica: "No….I’m going to find out who it is! This can’t be allowed to go on Janice! We have to find out who it is the fucking kill that person!"

(Cut to Janice as she looks to Veronica like she’s crazy.)

Janice: "What! No Veronica, we have to get out of here before that bastard wakes up!"

(Janice tries to pull Veronica away again but Veronica shakes her arm loose and looks to Janice with angry eyes.)

Veronica: "Don’t try to stop me…"

(Veronica goes over to the Lexus as Janice stands there; not breathing, frozen in fear. Cut to Veronica as she reaches the Lexus, cut to her hand as she reaches and grabs the handle and opens the car door. Cut to Janice as she stands there and whispers to herself.)

Janice: "Oh god…"

(Cut back to Veronica as she reaches inside the Lexus and grabs Ghostface’s mask. Focus on her hand as she raises the mask up, suddenly Ghostface slashes Veronica’s arm with his knife then turns around and kicks her with both feet and sends her to the ground. Cut to Veronica as she lies on the ground with a large cut on the top of her head from the fall; cut to Ghostface as he gets out of the crashed vehicle and pulls his mask back down and walks over to the downed Veronica and kicks her in the stomach. Cut to Janice as she runs toward Ghostface and swiftly kicks him in the crotch. Close up on her foot as it hits; cut to Janice as she looks at her foot then to Ghostface. Cut to Ghostface as he tilts his head in confusion. Cut back to Janice.)

Janice: "Oh shit it’s a woman…."

(Janice quickly backs away as Ghostface lunges at her. Janice limps away as the camera cuts to Veronica as she gets up and kicks Ghostface in the side sending her down against the ground. Cut to Veronica and Janice as they begin to run through the huge garage to a staircase all the way at the end of the cold yet bright destered garage. Cut to Ghostface as she gets back up and runs after them with knife in hand. Cut to Veronica.)

Veronica: "There has to be someone in the Galleria…it’s doesn’t close till eight!"

(Cut to Janice as she barely gets out.)

Janice: "That’s…on weekends…it’s Tuesday…."

(Cut to Veronica.)

Veronica: "Shit!"

(Cut to a back view of the two as they reach the end of the garage and look down over the edge of the garage. Cut to a front view as the two look in back of them as Ghostface stands behind them. The two scream and try to run but Ghostface grabs their shirts and throws them over the edge and down over fifteen feet down onto the marble floors of the Galleria. Cut to a side view as they two scream and flail their limbs; cut to Ghostface as they stop screaming and a loud thud echoes through the Galleria and the garage. Ghostface looks over the edge; cut to down in the Galleria to see Veronica and Janice lying on the marble lifelessly. Cut back to the ledge they were tosses from to see Ghostface has vanished. Cut to Scene 45.)







Scene 45


(Cut to Veronica on the floor of the Galleria as she coughs. Veronica sits up and coughs more as she also gasps for air. Veronica turns to see Janice laying there, a huge pool of blood at her side. Veronica gets up and goes over to Janice and shakes her.)

Veronica: "Janice?"

(Veronica shakes Janice harder.)

Veronica: "Janice!!!! Oh god! No, don’t you die on me now! Not after all the hell we’ve lived through tonight! Not now! Janice…please…."

(Veronica begins to cry and she lays her head on Janice’s chest and cries. Cut to a little pudgy old security guard as he waddles towards Veronica and Janice carrying a walkie-talkie and a flashlight.)

Guard #1: "Freeze! Put your hands where I can see them girls!"

(Cut to Veronica as she gets up and puts her hands up.)

Veronica: "Please! My friend is hurt, she needs to get to a hospital immediately!"

(Cut to Guard #1 as he reaches Janice and Veronica. He kneels down and takes Janice’s pulse.)

Guard #1: "She’s got a pulse, it’s very weak but it’s there…"

(Guard #1 puts his walkie-talkie up to his mouth and presses and holds a button.)

Guard #1: "This is Galleria Security Officer Thompson here requesting medical and police assistance here, I’ve got an attempted murder here by what I can only guess is our little friend, over…"

(Static blares then Dan answers.)

Dan: "Yes Officer Thompson, I hear your request and am proceeding to your location with an ambulance…over…"

(Guard #1 sighs as Veronica steps off to the side.)

Guard #1: "Ok, will do…. Hurry up…over…"

Dan: "Copy that, over and out…"

(Guard #1 puts his walkie-talkie back as a phone rings. Guard #1 puts his head near Janice’s stomach then goes in her front left pocket and pulls out a small cell phone and tosses it to Veronica. Cut to Veronica as she catches the phone.)

Guard #1: "You answer it…"

(Veronica looks at the phone and finally does.)

Veronica: "H-h-h-hello?"

Voice: "You were lucky this time Veronica, but the game continues….I’ll be seeing you real soon, but I need to visit a few others before we meet again…keep an eye out…."

(The Voice laughs as Veronica drops the phone and falls to her knees on the ground and begins to cry as the camera pulls out. Fade to Scene 46.)







Scene 46

Woodsboro High School (Inside/Ms. Smith’s Classroom)

(Open in a huge classroom with only a few students in the class. They are Ginger, Laurna, Jason and Jon along with Ms. Jean Smith. Jean sits at her desk as the four students’ huddle around a burner. Jason parts from the group and goes to the middle of the classroom to a huge pipe with a hose connecting to the burner as well as ten other burners on other tables. Focus on the pipe as Jason turns the handle and gas begins to fill the tube. Jason goes back to the table as the camera cuts to the door as Mrs. Valador comes in and motions for Jean to come towards her. Jean goes towards Mrs. Valador and the two whispers.)

Valador: "Make this session sort Jean, it’s almost seven thirty now…"

(Jean holds up a hand and nods.)

Jean: "Please, they are almost done with their experiment and then I have to show them how to work with liquid nitrogen and our session will be over, ok?"

(Cut to Valador as she nods and leaves. Cut to Jean as she walks over to her desk and picks up a pair of rubber gloves and goggles. Jean walks over to the table where the four kids are finishing their experiment. Cut to Jean as she leans over to look at their project.)

Jean: "Ok, looks good you guys! Now follow me into the back and I’ll show you how to preserve things in liquid nitrogen and then this Chemistry class will finally be over!"

(The students faintly cheer; cut to Jean.)

Jean: "Aw, you really do love me…"

(Jean and the kids laugh then Jean motions for them to follow her.)

Jean: "Follow me please…"

(Jean leads the kids to the back of the room where a silver canister as big as a bathtub sits hooked up to a refrigerator.)







Scene 47

Woodsboro High School (Inside)

(Cut to the front doors of the high school as they slide open and two pairs of feet wearing black boots walk in. Focus on their feet as one goes towards Mrs. Valador’s Office and the other goes towards the staircase.)








Scene 48

Woodsboro High School (Inside/Valador’s Office)

(Cut to inside Valador’s Office as she sits in her chair. As she sits down, a jag of pencils falls off her desk. Cut to Valador.)

Valador: "Aw damn it…"

(Valador gets up and goes to infront of her desk and bends over to pick up all the pencils. Cut to a side view as she picks up the pencils, the door to her office silently opens and the black booted person comes in. Valador hears the footsteps and looks over. Cut to a front view of Valador as she stands up and looks at the person and gasps.)

Valador: "Oh sweet Jesus…"

(Cut to a back view as Ghostface stands before her. Suddenly Ghostface quickly moves his right arm across Valador’s neck. Cut to the knife that was in his hand as blood is on it. Cut to a front view of Valador again as her eyes go wide with fear as he neck opens and blood flows from the wound. Valador goes down gasping; cut to Ghostface as he stands there, watching as Valador goes down to the ground. Cut to Valador again as she lies shaking on the ground and finally she goes limp. Cut back to Ghostface as he exits the room. Cut to Scene 49.)









Scene 49

Woodsboro High School (Inside/Ms. Jean Smith’s Classroom)

(Cut to Jean as she shows Ginger, Jon, Jason and Laurna how to freeze things in liquid nitrogen. Cut to the door to the room as it opens and the second Ghostface walks in. Cut to Ginger as she looks and sees Ghostface and screams.)

Ginger: "Fuck! It’s him!"

(Cut to Ghostface as he raises a gun and shoots three times. Two bullets enter Ginger’s chest while a third hits Jason in the leg. Jean and Laurna scream as Jason falls down with Jon trying to help him back up. Cut to Ghostface as he holds the gun up.)

Ghostface: "Don’t move!"

(Cut to Laurna as she runs for the back door to the room. Cut to Ghostface as he turns and shoot Laurna three times in the back. Cut to Laurna as she flies and slams into the back door. Cut to Jean and the two boys as they remain still with their hands in the air. Cut to Ghostface as he walks up to them and looks to the two boys.)

Ghostface: "We need a Randy…."

(Ghostface points his gun to Jon then moves it to Jason and shoots Jason in the face. Cut to Jason as he falls backwards. Cut to Ghostface as he shoots Jon the kneecap. Cut to Jon as he screams and clutches his knee in pain. Cut back to Ghostface.)

Ghostface: "That’ll keep you from running…"

(Cut to Jean as Ghostface moves closer to her and puts his gun to the side of her head. Cut to Ghostface.)

Ghostface: "No teachers…"

(Ghostface uses his other hand and dunks Jean quickly into the liquid nitrogen then backs away so he doesn’t get any on him. Cut to Jean as she gets out of the liquid screaming. She clutches her head screaming and wailing in pain; she brings down her hands and her skin on her face turns blue and begins to solidify. Suddenly Jean stops screaming and falls to the ground. The camera follows her as her head slams against the floor and breaks apart with blood and bone fragments. Cut back to Ghostface as he picks up Jon by the arm and drags him out of the room. Cut to Scene 50.)








Scene 50

Galleria (Parking Lot)

(Cut to Veronica sitting on the curb infront of the Galleria. Cut to Janice, as she is loaded into the ambulance. One of the drivers says with her as the other closes the back doors, climbs into the driver’s seat and drives off with the sirens blaring. Cut back to Veronica as Dan and his partner Tammy walk over to her. Tammy sits next to her as Dan stands over her.)

Dan: "Are you ok?"

(Cut to Veronica as she nods.)

Veronica: "No big health problems….what’s up Dan?"

(Cut to Dan as he laughs.)

Dan: "Good to see that you think you can call me by my first name still…"

(Veronica laughs.)

Veronica: "You were engaged to my sister, I can call you anything I want…"

(Dan grins then flips a page in his notebook.)

Dan: "Well Veronica, we need to ask you a few questions…"

(Tammy stands up and joins Dan above Veronica.)

Dave: "Can you give me a description of the person that was chasing you?"

(Cut to Veronica; she shakes her head and sighs.)

Veronica: "She was wearing the Father Death costume…"

(Cut to Tammy and Dan as they look at eachother then at Veronica.)

Tammy: "She?"

(Cut to Veronica, she nods.)

Veronica: "Janice kicked the person in the crotch….VERY hard…and the person still chased up down…and Janice yelled out it’s a woman…"

(Cut to Tammy as her walkie-talkie sounds off and someone asks for her. She pulls it out and walks off to talk. Cut to Dan as he writes this stuff down, then back to Tammy as she talks.)

Tammy: "Ok….we are taking care of some interviewing from one of the survivors, can you handle it by yourself, over?"

(The person responds and Tammy shuts off the walkie-talkie and walks back over to Dan.)

Tammy: "Dan, there was another murder…"

(Cut to Dan.)

Dan: "Where? Who?"

Tammy: "At the mini-market off of Loral Lane, Dave Garone was found there…"

(Cut to Veronica as her eyes widen and she stands up.)

Veronica: "Oh god…Dave! Oh no…"

(Tammy looks at Veronica then just turns back to Dan.)

Tammy: "I can take my car and go get the information while you stay here…"

(Dan nods.)

Dan: "Ok…"

(Tammy leaves and gets in her squad car and drives off with her own sirens blaring. Cut to Dan and Veronica.)

Veronica: "Dan, can you do me a favor?"

(Dan nods.)

Dan: "What is it?"

Veronica: "I need to go see Janice, she needs to hear about Dave from me….not the news…"

(Cut to Dan as he thinks for a second then points Veronica to his squad car and the two walk towards it.)

Dan: "I think I can do that for you…"

(Veronica smiles.)

Veronica: "Thanks…"

(The two get inside the squad car and Dan drives off. The camera pans to Channel 3 news van pulls up with a white Subaru Outback following it. The van parks as the Outback parks next to it. Quinn Lham gets out of the Outback and adjusts his tie as a guy wearing a knit cap and not showing his face gets out of the van. Cut to Quinn.)

Quinn: "Hey, aren’t you kinda young to be doing this?"

(Cut to the guy as he raises and lowers his shoulders quickly; cut back to Quinn as he grabs his microphone and sighs.)

Quinn: "Well I guess not then…. You ready?"

(Quinn stands there as the guy pulls out his camera and puts it on his shoulder and gives Quinn the thumbs up. Quinn nods and begins reporting what happened here as the camera goes back behind the camera the unseen guy holds. A gun is taped on the side of the camera. The cameraman puts his finger on the trigger and shoots Quinn in the forehead. Quinn goes down; the cameraman jumps into Quinn’s Outback and turns the keys that are already in the ignition and roars off the same direction as Veronica and Dan. Cut to Scene 51.)







Scene 51

City Hall (Inside/Mayor’s Office)

(Open in the Mayor’s Office as Hillary shoves some files into her briefcase. Cut to Hillary’s face as she looks to her clock. Cut to the digital clock on her desk; it reads 7:30 P.M., cut back to Hillary.)

Hillary: "Shit, I’m late…"

(Hillary throws all the files into her briefcase and closes it. She then turns to the door and walks out. Cut to Scene 52.)








Scene 52

City Hall (Parking Lot)

(Cut to Hillary as she walks to her Impala. Cut to the inside of the car as Hillary gets in and puts her briefcase on the passenger’s seat and puts her keys in the ignition. Hillary turns the keys and backs out and drives without braking into the street and roars off. Cut to Scene 53.)








Scene 53

Dwight Blvd.

(Cut to a view of the Impala as it drives down the sloping Dwight Blvd, near the on ramp to Highway 409. Cut to inside the Impala as Hillary looks to her clock in the car; it reads 7:40. Cut back to Hillary as she frowns; cut to the gas pedal as she steps on it. Cut to her speedometer goes from 50 to 80. Cut to a view outside the car as the Impala comes to a red light. Cut to inside and to the brake peddle as Hillary presses it. Cut to outside to the cut line then to Hillary’s face as she looks confusedly to the peddle. Hillary looks to the intersection as the opposite way turns green. Hillary screams as she keeps slamming her foot on the break peddle. Cut to a higher view as the Impala races through the intersection as two cars swerve out of the way and hit eachother. Cut back to Hillary as she looks in her rear-view mirror to the carnage she just created. Hillary looks ahead of her as he car flies down the sloping street. She looks for someplace to hit so she can stop but nothing but houses and light polls surround her.)

Hillary: "Shit….oh this is bad…"

(Cut to a squad car as it pulls out of a residential street. Cut to Hillary as she sees the squad car and tries to swerve out of the way. Cut to an outside view as the Impala slams into the side of the squad car. The two spin around then come to a stop as the squad car spins into a light poll as the Impala flips over onto it’s top. The action stops as both cars hiss steam. Cut to the driver’s side of the Impala; Hillary sits upside down with her neck broke. Cut to the squad car as Lt. Jorge Rangel lays with half his body through the windshield as Chief Walt sits with his head bent backwards from the airbag in the steering wheel. Cut to a high view as the camera pulls back from the scene. Fade to Scene 54.)






Scene 54

Townhouse Trailer Park (Outside)

(Fade into a high view of a relatively large but very dirty trailer park full of different sized trailers. Cut to the front of it where a large white sign has the words "Welcome to Townhouse Trailer Park" painted in black on it. Cut to a trailer near the very end, this one is smaller then the rest and it is much filthier then the rest by far. Cut to Scene 55.)







Scene 55

Townhouse Trailer Park (Inside Hill Trailer)

(Cut to inside the Hill’s trailer. Louise and Martin sit at a white lawn table with pizza boxes and cigarette cartons all over it with a phone near the very edge of the table. Cut to their highly over-weight mother Mimi as she snores a few feet away from them in what looks to be a giant bean bag chair. Cut to Louise as she sits there smoking a cigarette in the poorly lighted trailer. Cut to Martin as he sits there eating a banana. Cut back to Louise as she exhales smoke in the form of a ring; her eyes come down onto the phone and suddenly she picks up the phone. Cut to a further view as Martin quickly grabs her hand and throws it back. Martin puts the phone back down.)

Martin: "Not again! We are not going to call again Louise!"

(Cut to Mimi as she snores awkwardly and turns slightly. Cut back to Louise.)

Louise: "We’ve got to! Christ! We just spent the last of our money from Amanda on keeping this hellhole! Wes will pay us, I know he will! He’s a rich snob, he wouldn’t want anyone knowing his girlfriend was a slut!"

(Cut to Martin as he stars at Louise.)

Martin: "Girl! That is the most retarded plan I have EVER heard!"

(Cut to Louise as she puts out her cigarette and folds her arms and sits back in her chair.)

Louise: "Well we need the money and we need it now!"

(Cut to the phone as it rings; cut back to Louise as she grins.)

Louise: "And there’s our paycheck now!"

(Louise grabs the phone and puts it to her ear.)

Louise: "Hello?"

Voice: "Look outside!"

(Louise raises and eyebrow; cut to Martin real fast as he leans in to listen and then cut back to Louise.)

Louise: "Excuse me?"

Voice: "Look outside white trash!"

(The Voice hangs up, as does Louise. Cut to a further shot as Louise gets up and goes to the window. Cut to Martin.)

Martin: "Who was it?"

(Cut to Louise as she looks outside.)

Louise: "I dunno…"

(Louise’s jaw drops and she stares in fear out the window. Cut to Martin.)

Martin: "What?"

(Louise doesn’t respond.)

Martin: "Damn it Louise!"

(Martin gets up and goes to the window then gasps.)

Martin: "Oh shit…."

(Cut to Scene 56.)







Scene 56

Townhouse Trailer Park (Outside)

(Cut to outside; the camera trails the ground then suddenly rises as the black Mustang sits outside and revs its engine. Cut to inside the car as Ghostface sits there; cut to the gearshift as he shifts the gears. Cut to the gas peddle as he slams his foot on it. Cut to outside as the car roars towards the Hill’s Trailer. It slams into it; the trailer flips off its blocks and onto the side where the door and one window are. Cut to the Mustang as it sits there, it’s front almost totally smashed. Cut to Scene 57.)








Scene 57

Townhouse Trailer Park (Inside Hill’s Trailer)

(Cut to the inside of the trailer as the lights flash on and off. Everything is trashed; Martin’s feet lay out of a pile of boxes from a high open cupboard as Louise lays on the floor moaning. Cut to Louise as she gets up and rubs her head. She looks to Martin and crawls over to him and gets the boxes off of him. Cut to Louise’s face as she merely shakes her head. Cut to Martin, a chair leg rests in the middle of his chest, as his eyes are wide-open taking in no sight. Cut back to Louise.)

Louise: "What a waste….that chair was such a good one…."

(Cut to normal view as Louise stands up on the side of the trailer, she looks to the floor and sees the door and the only window and sighs.)

Louise: "Figures!"

(Louise hears a moaning.)

Louise: "Mom?"

(Louise walks over to the end of the small trailer to see her mom lying on the floor sweating like crazy. Louise runs to her.)

Louise: "Mom!"

(Louise gets to Mimi and grabs her hand.)

Louise: "Mom! Mom, what’s wrong?"

(Mimi gasps and points to her chest; cut to Louise and Mimi’s hands as Mimi’s hand grasps Louise’s as Mimi screams. Cut to Mimi as her eyes roll in the back of her head and she let’s loose of Louise’s hand and falls to the floor dead. Cut to Louise as she cries. The slamming of a car door echoes; Louise turns to the bottom of the trailer that is now the side. She moves her head as a beam of light hits her eyes. Louise quickly scrambles to her feet and goes to a quarter size cut in the hull of the trailer. Louise puts her eye to it. Cut to outside of the trailer to a view of Louise’s eyes looking around franticly. Cut to a view from Louise’s eye as Ghostface puts his face up to the hole. Cut to Louise as she flies back in fear. Cut to the hole as the nozzel of a hose comes through it. The sound of tape ripping echoes as Louise gets up and goes to push the hose out of the hole. She can’t; cut to Scene 58.)







Scene 58

Townhouse Trailer Park (Outside)

(Cut to a view of the hose, it is heavily taped to the trailer. The camera follows the hose from the trailer up to the exhaust pipe of the truck as Ghostface kneels in the dirt and tapes it to the pipe. Cut to a normal view as Ghostface goes around to the driver’s side and gets in. Cut to inside the Mustang as Ghostface puts the running car into park. Cut to Ghostface then to his foot as she slams it onto the gas peddle. Cut to outside to the exhaust pipe and the camera follows the path of the hose from the exhaust pipe to the trailer. Cut to Scene 59.)









Scene 59

Townhouse Trailer Park (Inside Hill’s Trailer)

(Cut to Louise as the black exhaust fills the trailer quickly. She coughs as she tries to push out the hose. The hose spews more and more exhaust into the trailer as Louise finally collapses coughing. Cut to a further view as the three Hills lay in a row on the floor of the trailer as Louise’s coughing stops and the roar of the spinning wheels fade out with the scene.)









Scene 60

Woodsboro Memorial Hospital (Front)

(Fade to the front of the Woodsboro Memorial Hospital as Dan’s squad car pulls up infront of the hospital. A few patients walk around; cut to a tow truck as a man begins hooking up a car the camera cannot see that is parked in the red zone. Cut to inside the squad car as Dan puts the squad car into park and turns off the engine. He looks to Veronica as she looks to him.)

Dan: "Do you want me to escort you to her room?"

(Cut to Veronica as she smiles.)

Veronica: "Would you?"

(Cut to Dan as he smiles back.)

Dan: "Of course…let’s go…"

(Cut to outside the squad car as both Veronica and Dan exits the car and shut the doors and walks into the hospital. Cut to the tow truck as the guy gets in and drives away. The truck passes the camera and finally shows the car it was going to tow as it drives off. The car is the Outback from the late Quinn Lham. Cut to Scene 61.)









Scene 61

Woodsboro Memorial Hospital (Inside/Janice’s Room)

(Cut to Janice’s room as Nurse #1 checks on her vital signs. Cut to the door as Dr. Letcher walks in.)

Letcher: "What in the hell happened to her?"

(Cut to Nurse #1.)

Nurse #1: "Our killer’s latest handy work Dr. Letcher….she was lucky to escape with the injuries she has…"

(Cut to Letcher as he nods and pulls out her chart.)

Letcher: "Collapsed lung, broken ribs…well that explains the respirator…come along nurse, let’s not disturb this one…"

(Dr. Letcher leads Nurse #1 out of the room. Cut to Scene 62.)







Scene 62

Woodsboro Memorial Hospital (Inside/Hallway)

(Cut to the hallway outside Janice’s Room as Dr. Letcher and Nurse #1 heads right, the camera turns left. Cut to a supply closet as it opens. Cut to the floor as a person wearing black boots walks across the hallway and into Janice’s room. Cut to Scene 63.)







Scene 63

Woodsboro Memorial Hospital (Inside/Janice’s Room)

(Cut to inside Janice’s room as the person closes the door. He turns around; the camera scales up his body to his face, it’s covered by a green surgical mask and cap. His hands rise and he rips those off to expose the Ghostface mask. Cut to Scene 64.)








Scene 64

Woodsboro Memorial Hospital (Inside/Downstairs Lobby)

(Cut to the downstairs lobby as Veronica and Dan enter and elevator. They stand there as Dan pushes the button.)

Dan: "Veronica, you know she may not be allowed any visitors yet…"

(Veronica nods.)

Veronica: "But I have to try…."

(The elevator doors close; cut to Scene 65.)







Scene 65

Woodsboro Memorial Hospital (Inside/Janice’s Room)

(Cut back to Janice’s room as Ghostface walks up to Janice. Cut to Janice as she lies there with cuts and bruises on her face. Ghostface stroke her hair with rubber surgical gloves on. Cut back to Ghostface as he turns to the machines that stand next to her bed. He twiddles his fingers at which one to pull first. Focus on them one by one as he pulls the plugs, cut to the respirator as it stops breathing for Janice. Cut back to Ghostface as he stops pulling the plugs, leaving only her heart monitor on. Cut to Janice as her eyes open and she makes a gasping sound. Janice looks to the "doctor" next to her and she grabs his white lab coat. Cut to Ghostface as he turns around and waves; cut to Janice as her eyes widen with fear and she begins to cry as she grabs her throat and gasps. Cut to the door as Nurse #1 comes back in. Cut to Nurse #1’s view as she looks to Janice gasping and then to the "doctor". Cut back to normal view as Nurse #1 runs over to the "doctor". She grabs his shoulder but he won’t turn around.)

Nurse #1: "What the hell are you doing!"

(Cut to Ghostface’s hand as he pulls out a scalpel from his coat’s pocket. Cut back to Nurse #1 as she turns him around and gasps. Cut to Ghostface as he slashes her neck. Close up on Nurse #1’s neck as it opens up and she goes to her knees gasping. Cut to Janice as she faints; cut to her vital signs as she flat lines. Cut to Ghostface as he turns his back to the camera, takes off his mask and puts it on the dying nurse then exits the room. Cut to Scene 66.)








Scene 66

Woodsboro Memorial Hospital (Inside/Hallway)

(Cut to the hallway as the camera places itself so you can only see Ghostface’s chest. In back of him Nurse #2 and Nurse #3 run into Janice’s room along with Dr. Letcher. Ghostface walks to the end of the hallway; cut to a view from Janice’s room door as you can see all of Ghostface but it’s too far to see it clearly as he walks into a room. Cut to that room’s door as it closes. Its labeled STAIRCASE. Cut to the elevator door right next to the Staircase door as it closes. Veronica and Dan walk out and down the Janice’ room. Cut to a view from inside Janice’s doorway as Veronica looks in and screams. Cut to a view inside from the doorway as Dr. Letcher begins using paddles to get Janice’s heart rate back as Nurse #2 helps while Nurse #3 deals with the dead Nurse #1 and takes off the mask on her face. Cut back to Veronica as Dan puts his hand over her mouth and pulls her into the hallway and hugs her.)

Dan: "It’s ok…it’s ok…"

(Cut to the view inside from the doorway as Letcher uses the paddles again.)

Letcher: "Clear!"

(He slams them onto Janice, she flies up in the air then back down as her vitals still flat line.)

Letcher: "Full voltage!"

(Cut to Nurse #2.)

Nurse #2: "It’s at maximum sir! She’s…she’s gone…."

(Letcher sighs and puts the paddles down.)

Letcher: "Ok…time of death…8:19 P.M."

(Cut back to Dan and Veronica as Veronica faints in Dan’s arms.)

Dan: "Veronica?"

(Dan let’s loose of Veronica and she slips out of his arms and onto the ground as Dan tries to keep her up.)

Dan: "Go Christ! I need a doctor here!"

(The camera pulls out as Nurse #4 runs to Veronica and Dan to aid them. Scene 66 fades to black, cut to Scene 67.)







Scene 67

Channel 10 News Studio (Inside/Sara Cross’ Desk)

(Cut to Sara snoring as she lays her head on her desk. Cut to Bob as he walks over with a cup of water. He throws the water onto Sara and she rears up and falls backwards from her chair. Cut to Sara as she lays on the floor moaning. Cut to a view of Bob from the floor.)

Bob: "Boss says we should go to the police station and cover for Seth in ten minutes…"

(Cut to Sara on the floor.)

Sara: "God damn it! What am I, the Seth Redding STUNT DOUBLE! Jesus…"

(Cut to a view from Sara’s desk as she gets up and sits back down. She grabs a frame and looks at it. Cut to a view of the photo, it’s of Gale Weathers, but it’s just a torn out newspaper photo. Cut back to Sara as she sighs.)

Sara: "God….why can’t I be like her Bob? Ruthless, cunning, a bitch!"

(Cut to Bob.)

Bob: "Well you got the bitch going good for ya!"

(Cut to Sara as she shakes her head in disgust.)

Sara: "Very funny Robert!"

(Sara sighs; her phone rings. Sara frowns and uses her free hand to pick up the phone.)

Sara: "Hello?"

Voice: "Hi…"

Sara: "What do you want?"

Voice: "Just wanted to give my favorite reporter the upper hand on Seth…."

(Sara puts down the photo and sits back in her chair.)

Sara: "Really now? How would you go and do that?"

Voice: "By telling you that in twenty minutes police Chief Walt will be over at Woodsboro High School negotiating the release of a kidnapped victim…"

(Sara’s eyes widen as her jaw drops.)

Sara: "Are you serious!"

Voice: "Of course, would I lie to the next Gale Weathers…"

(Sara squeals with joy.)

Sara: ‘Thank you….uh?"

Voice: "Names Billy…."

(Sara grins.)

Sara: "Well thank you Billy….bye!"

(Sara hangs up and jumps out of her chair. Cut to a front view of her as she walks down the little walkway between all the cubicles of the reporters and technicians of Channel 10 as Bob runs to catch up.)

Bob: "What’s going on Sara! Who was that?"

(Sara turns around and whispers to Bob.)

Sara: "A scooper just tipped me off that Chief Walt will be at Woodsboro High in twenty minutes to negotiate the release of a kidnapped victim!"

(Cut to Seth Redding as he leans out of his cubicle and hears the conversation. Cut to Bob.)

Bob: "Shall I get the van Sara?"

(Cut to Sara as she rolls her eyes.)

Sara: ‘Yes dumbass! C’mon!"

(The two walk quickly down the walkway. Cut to Seth as he gets up and picks up the phone. Focus on Seth.)

Seth: "Ya Kenny? Get the van ready, we’re going to Woodsboro High…"

(Seth hangs up the phone and walks off. Cut to Scene 68.)







Scene 68

Woodsboro Police Department (Chief Walt’s Office)

(Cut to Veronica sleeping on a couch. Suddenly her eyes flutter open and she gets up. Cut to a further view as she stretches on the couch. Veronica looks around and tries to figure out where she is. Cut to Veronica’s view, she looks to the desk, then to a bookshelf and then to a door and a window with blinds that are pulled down. Cut to Veronica as she gets up and goes to the door. Cut to Scene 69.)







Scene 69

Woodsboro Police Department (Inside)

(Cut to outside the office as Veronica gets out. Cut to her view again of a huge room with dozens of cops at desks as well as walking around. Cut to the desk infront of her as Dan sits at it with Wes, Nikki, Kurt and Jen sitting infront of it. Cut to Kurt as he walks up and hugs Veronica.)

Kurt: "God are you ok? Ron, I’m so sorry I left you alone…"

(Veronica smiles as the two end hugging.)

Veronica: "It’s ok Kurt…you were taking care of Jen, right?"

(Veronica looks to Jen as she nods. Cut to Jen.)

Jen: "Yes, he was with me…"

(Cut back to Veronica as she looks to Kurt confused.)

Veronica: "Why are you here?"

(Cut to Kurt.)

Kurt: "Nikki drove over to Jen’s a few minutes ago, she saw Scott murdered and had been driving trying to figure out who to go to…"

(Cut to Nikki as she sits infront of Dan’s desk crying.)

Nikki: "I-I-I just found myself driving to her house….Scott….Scott!"

(Cut to Jen as she pulls Nikki’s head into her chest as she cries. Cut back to Veronica as she goes to Wes as he holds out his hand. She grabs it and he gets up and hugs her. Veronica breaks the embrace and looks into his face.)

Veronica: "How are you doing?"

(Cut to Wes as he laughs at the senseless question.)

Wes: "Horrible…I went to my house and found Scott, called the police then came back here a little while after Dan brought you in…"

(Cut to Veronica as the two hug again as Tammy comes over to Dan and places a file on his desk. Cut to Jen as she holds Nikki as she stops crying.)

Jen: "God girl, you look like shit!"

(Cut to Veronica as she laughs.)

Veronica: "I feel like it too…"

(Cut to Officer #1 over at the other end of the room.)

Officer #1: "Woodsboro PD…um, yes she’s here, hold please…"

(She presses a button on the phone and stands up.)

Officer #1: "Phone call for Ms. Harris holing on line four!"

(Cut to Dan as he turns around.)

Dan: "Who is it!"

(Cut to Officer #1 as she raises her shoulders; cut back to Dan.)

Dan: "Well find out!"

(Cut back to Officer #1 as she sighs and picks the phone back up.)

Officer #1: "May I ask who’s calling please?"

(She listens then nods and hits the "4" again.)

Officer #1: "Her father!"

(Cut to Dan as he turns back around and hands Veronica the phone. Veronica takes it; focus on Dan’s hand as there is blood of the cuff as he hits the flashing "4". Cut to Veronica as she puts the phone to her ear.)

Veronica: "D-d-daddy?"

Voice: "Think again bitch!"

(Veronica freezes in fear.)

Veronica: "What do you want!"

Voice: "You and only you Ron! Time for the finale to commence….the cast has been limited to a few key players and only a few more to go till there’s no one left…."

Veronica: "So what, that’s your goal isn’t it! To kill everyone and leave me standing!"

(Cut to the group as they stare at Veronica. Cut back to Veronica.)

Veronica: "I can’t talk here….you have my cell number, use it!"

(Veronica hangs up the phone for Dan and looks at him.)

Veronica: "Sorry, I just have to take this call…"

(Cut to Dan.)

Dan: "What call?"

(Veronica’s purse rings in the Chief’s office. Cut to Veronica.)

Veronica: "This one…"

(Veronica walks back into the Chief’s office and shuts the door. Wes and Kurt look to each other in confusion.)

Wes: "What was that all about?"

(Kurt shakes his head as the camera focuses on him, cut to Scene 70.)








Scene 70

Woodsboro Police Department (Chief Walt’s Office)

(Cut to Veronica as she answers her cell phone.)

Veronica: "Yes?"

Voice: "Your good little girl, now back to business…I need you to get out of that place and into your car…"

(Veronica raises an eyebrow.)

Veronica: "But I left it at school…"

Voice: "No shit…I dropped it off for you….get in it and drive, I’ll contact you once you’re on the road…"

Veronica: "Wait, why should I listen to you!"

(The Voice laughs slightly.)

Voice: "Because if you don’t I’m going to gut Chris here and mail him back piece by piece…"

(Veronica covers her mouth with her free hand and nods.)

Veronica: "Yes, I get your point…I’ll….wait, how do I know he’s not dead already?"

Voice: "Would I kill my only chance to get you over here?"

Veronica: "Yes…"

Voice: "Be on your way in two minutes or I forfit my chance…"

(The Voice hangs up, as does Veronica. Veronica wipes a tear from her eye and puts her cell phone back in her purse and picks it up and slings it over her shoulder. She walks back to the door. Cut to Scene 71.)








Scene 71

Woodsboro Police Department (Inside)

(Cut back to the outside of the office as Veronica walks past her friends; cut to Dan as he gets up and grabs Veronica. Cut to Veronica as she looks at him with angry eyes.)

Veronica: "Let me go!"

(Cut to Dan.)

Dan: "I can’t let you leave, you have a statement to give, remember?"

(Cut to Veronica as she pulls her arm away from Dan and walks back slowly glaring into his eyes.)

Veronica: "Back off Dan…I’ll get my statement to you later. I have something more important to do…"

(Veronica turns around and heads towards the exit. Cut to Dan as she goes back to his desk and grabs his keys and follows her. Cut to Wes, Kurt, Nikki, Jen and Tammy as Wes comes forward.)

Wes: "Where are you going!"

(Cut to Dan as he simply heads towards the exit.)

Dan: "To follow her!"

(Cut back to Wes and the gang.)

Wes: "Mind if we tag along?"

(Cut to Dan as he stops in his tracks then slowly turns around. Focus on Dan.)

Dan: "Hurry up…"

(Cut to Wes and the gang as they get their stuff and head out of the police station. Cut to Scene 72.)








Scene 72

Woodsboro Police Department (Parking Lot)

(Cut to Veronica as she gets into her rusty red Honda Accord and turns the keys. Cut to a further view as the Honda backs out of the parking space and heads out of the parking lot and into a mildly busy street as the bell tower off in the distance rings 9. Cut to the doorway of the Police Department as Dan and Tammy get in a squad car as Wes, Kurt, Jen and Nikki get into Scott’s brown Astro van. Cut to a further view as the squad car gets into motion and drives off followed by the van.)







Scene 73

Moonlight Street (Veronica’s Car)

(Cut to inside Veronica’s car as she drives. Cut to her purse as the cell phone inside rings. Cut to a normal view as Veronica picks it up and answers it.)

Veronica: "What now?"

Voice: "Good girl….you’re almost there…"

(Veronica sighs.)

Veronica: "Just where am I going?"

Voice: "To where the killers are born and the children are slaughtered…"

Veronica: "Excuse me?"

Voice: "Stop!"

(Cut to the brake peddle as Veronica slams her foot onto it. Cut back to normal view.)

Voice: "You’re here…"

(The Voice hangs up and Veronica looks out the passengers’ side window and her eyes widen in fear. Cut to Scene 74.)







Scene 74

Woodsboro High School (Front)

(Cut to Veronica as she exits her car and looks at something in fear. Cut to what she is looking at, it is Woodsboro High. Cut back to Veronica as she focuses her eyes on the High School as she goes around to the front of her car and walks up the cement towards the huge school. Cut to Dan's squad car as it pulls up with Scott's van trailing it. Cut to Veronica as she turns towards it and screams.)

Veronica: "What the hell are you doing here!!!"

(Cut to Dan as he and Tammy exit their vehicle as in the background Wes, Kurt, Nikki and Jen exit their vehicle.)

Dan: "I was just about you ask you the same thing Ron!"

(Cut to Wes as he and the others join Tammy and Dan infront of Veronica.)

Wes: "Why are you here Veronica? Why did you come to the school?"

(Cut to Nikki as she walks to Veronica's side.)

Nikki: "That wasn't your dad on the phone was it…"

(Cut to Veronica as she turns to Nikki trying to oppose the question but ends up shaking her head. Cut to Tammy.)

Tammy: "Well then who the hell was it!"

(Cut to Veronica as she wipes a tear from her eyes.)

Veronica: "The killer…"

(Cut to Dan as he freaks.)

Dan: "The killer? The killer! What the hell were you thinking coming here alone! Jesus, I've got to call the station for back up!"

(Dan goes to his car; cut to Veronica shouts and runs after him. She pulls him back.)

Veronica: "No you can’t!"

(Cut to Dan as he looks at her confused.)

Dan: "W-what do you mean I can’t? Veronica, what’s going on?"

(Cut to Kurt as he comes closer.)

Kurt: "Ya, I’d sure like to know what the hell is going on myself…"

(Cut to Veronica.)

Veronica: "He want me here alone_"

(Cut to Jen.)

Jen: "No shit Veronica, it was so he could kill you easier!"

(Cut to Veronica as she shakes her head and wipes more tears from her eyes. Cut back to Jen.)

Jen: "No? Ok then, you seem to know everything Ron, why did he want you here alone? For a tea party?"

(Cut to Veronica.)

Veronica: "Damn it! It was because if I didn’t come alone he’d kill Chris!"

(Cut to Jen as she freezes; cut to Sara Cross’ news van as it pulls up with Seth Redding’s following it. Cut back to Jen.)

Jen: "H-h-he has Chris? He has Chris!"

(Cut to Veronica.)

Veronica: "I’m sorry Jen….he…he only wanted me…."

(Cut back to Jen as she cries.)

Jen: "Go to hell Veronica! Just….just go back to hell!"

(Cut to Sara as she runs over with her microphone and puts it in Jen’s face as Bob turns on the camera.)

Sara: "Miss, what’s goi_"

(Jen pulls back her fist and punches Sara in the cheek and sends her down into Bob as he looses his grip on the camera and it falls to the cement and sparks. Cut back to Jen.)

Jen: "Back off bitch!"

(Cut back to Sara and Bob as they lay their stunned; cut to Seth Redding as he goes up to Tammy and Dan.)

Seth: "Excuse me officer, but do we know what the kidnappers want?"

(Cut to Dan as he looks to Seth with disgust and confusion.)

Dan: "What the hell are you talking about?"

(Cut back to Seth.)

Seth: "Has Chief Walt arrived to begin negotiations?"

(Cut back to Dan as he grabs Kenny’s camera and tosses it in the street.)

Dan: "Leave this area now!"

(Cut to Sara as she gets up and looks to Seth.)

Sara: "You were going to steal this story weren’t you! You slime!"

(Cut to Seth as he laughs.)

Seth: "Why don’t you go back to K-Mart little one, let the real reporters do their work…"

(Cut to Sara as she nods and laughs, then punches Seth onto Dan’s squad car. Sara turns back to Jen who is crying as Nikki holds her.)

Sara: "By the way, I’ll send you the bill for the camera!"

(Cut to Jen.)

Jen: "Eat shit!"

(Sara and Jen walk towards each other with anger in their eyes as Nikki goes between then and holds them back.)

Nikki: "Stop it! Just stop it you two!"

(Nikki slaps both of them and they stumble backwards; in the background Bob and Kenny walk away towards Sara’s van.)

Nikki: "Jen! We need to go save Chris; we can’t fight this bitch now! Chris is more important!"

(Cut to Sara.)

Sara: "Save him from who?"

(Cut to Dan as he gets in this now.)

Dan: "The killer lured Veronica here telling her she could save Chris…but now that the whole fucking town seems to have gathered here, Chris is probably lunchmeat by now…"

(Cut to Jen as she runs into Nikki’s arms sobbing. Cut to Nikki.)

Nikki: "Real smooth!"

(Cut back to Sara as Veronica, Kurt and Wes are off to the corner talking.)

Sara: "Oh my god, Bob! Get another camera; we’re going to get this guy being killed on film! Bob?"

(Cut to behind Sara as she turns around to see Bob and Kenny driving off in her news van. Sara takes off after them.)

Sara: "What the fuck! Bob get back here right now!"

(Cut to the van as Kenny rolls down the window and flicks off Sara.)

Kenny: "Use that to get your interview ya shrew! We ain’t gonna get killed for the two of you!"

Kenny & Bob: "We QUIT!"

(The van drives off; cut to Sara.)

Sara: "Wait! Come back! You can’t quit your fired Bob! Shit!"

(Sara turns around to see everyone looking at her, even the now revived Seth.)

Sara: "Stop staring! Let’s get inside and save what’s his name, maybe I can get an award for this…."

(Sara walks back and leads the way up to the front door as everyone follows her. Cut to Tammy as she leans towards Dan as they walk.)

Tammy: "Does she remind you of….?"

(Dan shakes his head.)

Dan: "Don’t EVEN go there…"

(Cut back to the front door of the High School as Sara reaches it and grabs the doorknob and turns it. It’s lock.)

Sara: "Oh fantastic…"

(Sara looks to Dan and goes over to him and grabs his gun. Dan protests but not before Sara fires and blasts off the lock of the door and the huge metal doors slide open. Sara hands back the gun.)

Sara: "Thanks…"

(Sara leads everyone inside as Dad stands there and holsters the gun.)

Dan: "Your welcome…"

(Dan gets in; cut to a further view as he steps inside and the metal doors close behind him. Cut to Scene 75.)









Scene 75

Woodsboro High School (Inside)

(Cut to the inside of Woodsboro High. It’s dark except for the moonlight coming from the windows that line the upper walls. Cut to Veronica as she moves up next to Kurt as he and Wes follow Sara. They pass the Assembly Hall and Sara begins walking up the staircase to The Commons. Cut quickly to the Assembly Hall as a spotlight turns on over the podium as Ghostface stands there. Cut to Sara as she screams. Cut to everyone, as they look at her then cut back to Sara.)

Sara: "Sorry!"

(Cut back to the rest as Dan, Wes and Tammy begin walking over to where Ghostface stands, Tammy and Dan with their guns drawn. Cut to Jen, Nikki, Kurt, Veronica and Sara.)

Jen: "Oh shit…"

Sara: "Oh god, what am I doing here! I want off this ride, NOW!"

(Veronica turns to her.)

Veronica: "Shut up…please!"

(Sara sticks her tongue out at Veronica, cut back to the Assembly Hall as the three walk up the small stairs to the stage. Cut to the seats below as Jon is taped to the chair. Cut to Tammy.)

Tammy: "Oh god…"

(Tammy jumps off the stairs and goes to Jon to free him. Cut back to the stage; Wes goes behind the non-moving Ghostface as Dan comes up to the side and points his gun to Ghostface’s head. Cut to Wes.)

Wes: "On 3…"

(Cut to Dan as he nods.)

Dan: "1…2…3!"

(Wes pulls off the mask to reveal Mrs. Valador as Dan shoots. Mrs. Valador’s head flings sideways then slams onto the podium. Cut back to Kurt.)

Kurt: "Holy shit! You killed Mrs. Valador!"

(Sara says her next line in a child’s voice.)

Sara: "You bastard!"

(Everyone turns to her; cut to Sara.)

Sara: "Sorry, bad habit!"

(They turn away; cut to Dan as he puts his gun back in its holster. He lifts’ Mrs. Valador’s head. Focus on her throat, it’s slashed. Cut back to normal view as Dan looks out to Veronica and the rest.)

Dan: "She was already dead…"

(Dan bends over to untie Mrs. Valador from the podium. Cut to his gun as a hand rips it out of his holster and cocks it. Dan stands up, cut to a view behind him as Wes stands there with the gun pointing at Dan’s head.)

Wes: "Don’t you FUCKING move!"

(Focus on the four girls and Kurt as they gasp. Cut to Nikki as she bends down and rips a knife from her sock and grabs Jen and puts the knife to her throat as she backs away with Jen. Veronica, Sara and Kurt run for it; cut to Tammy as she points sees Wes and turns to him with her gun. Cut to Wes as he turns to Tammy and fires. Cut to Tammy as she falls back with the bullet in her chest. Cut to Dan as he punches Wes but Wes quickly recoils and hits Dan in the face with the gun. Dan goes down. Cut to Kurt as he leads Veronica and Sara to the front door. Suddenly a huge panel of steel falls infront of the door and seals it. The camera cuts to every window above them as a huge panel of steel falls over the windows. Cut to Sara as she screams out.)

Sara: "What the fuck is going on!"

(Cut to Kurt.)

Kurt: "Someone has activated the lock down sequence! We’re trapped!"

(Veronica grabs a hold of Sara and Kurt and makes them run for it as Ghostface #2 comes out of Mrs. Valador’s Office and pulls a gun on them. He fires; cut to Kurt as the bullet enters his stomach and he falls to the ground. Cut to Ghostface #2.)

Ghostface #2: "Leave him! Into the Assembly Hall NOW!!!"

(Ghostface #2 herds Veronica and Sara towards the Assembly Hall. Cut to Kurt as he lays on the floor; his eyes close. Cut back to Ghostface #2 and Veronica and Sara. Sara stops; Ghostface #2 jabs her with his gun.)

Ghostface #2: "Move it bitch!"

(Sara turns around.)

Sara: "Fuc_"

(Ghostface #2 punches her in the gut. Sara goes down gasping; Ghostface #2 lifts her over his shoulder and brings her into the Assembly Hall with Veronica. Cut to Scene 76.)








Scene 76

Woodsboro High School (Inside/Assembly Hall)

(Cut to the front row of the Assembly Hall’s seat. The camera scans the seats, first sits Jon who has been re-taped to the chair, then Jen, then Dan, then Sara and finally Veronica. Cut to a further view, all of them are knocked out and all of them have their mouths taped. Cut to the scanning view again as Ghostface #2 pulls off all their tapes, waking them up. Cut to Ghostface #2 as he gets back on the stage, Nikki and Wes point their guns to everyone as Ghostface #2 stands there with a remote in his hand. Cut to Veronica.)

Veronica: "Why Wes? Why do this!"

(Cut to Wes as he laughs.)

Wes: "The question isn’t why Ron! It’s why not? Because I was Amanda’s boyfriend? Because I loved her SOOOOOO much? HA! That slut was getting more action then I’d ever see in my entire life! She was dragging my business, my name and me down with her! She needed to die…"

(Cut to Veronica as she cries and shakes her head. Cut to Nikki as she jumps down and points her gun to Veronica’s head.)

Nikki: "Stop your blubbering bitch! You’re not going to die yet! Our boss wants you alive until the very end….even though I’d just LOVE to rip your fucking head off!!!"

(Cut to Veronica.)

Veronica: "Why! What did I ever do to you Nicole!"

(Nikki presses her gun to the side of Veronica’s head and screams out.)

Nikki: "You see RON! Your bastard big brother killed my A.J.!"

(Flashback quickly to the Library Scene, back to the computer where Janice and Jen looked up files and brought up a deadly D.U.I. crash that killed Jonathan Harris and Alexander Jesse Connors. Cut back to the present to Nikki screaming at Veronica who is crying harder and harder.)

Nikki: "My A.J. didn’t want to go home after that party, but plastered big bro took him anyway! He killed A.J. and now I’m going to kill you!"

(Nikki cocks her gun and stands back as Veronica shuts her eyes and cries. Suddenly the Voice booms out.)

Voice: "Nicole!"

(Nikki looks around and backs away as Veronica looks around. Cut to the rest of the captives as they look around for the source of the voice. Cut to the three killers on the stage as behind the curtain, Ghostface #3 comes out and joins Wes, Nikki and Ghostface #2. Cut to Sara.)

Sara: "Hey! I’ve got a question! How many more ghost people are there? Shall we be expecting five? Ten? The whole fucking town!"

(Cut to Ghostface #3 as he takes out a gun and points it to Sara and cocks it. Cut back to Sara.)

Sara: "No more? OK!"

(The four on stage lower their weapons; cut to Dan.)

Dan: "So what are you all waiting for? Kill us!"

(Cut to Sara as she looks to him.)

Sara: "Are you fucking crazy!"

(Cut to Ghostface #3.)

Ghostface #3: "Silence all of you!"

(Ghostface #3 turns to Ghostface #2.)

Ghostface #3: "Why don’t you show your fans exactly who you are…"

(Ghostface #2 nods and takes off his makes. Cut to infront of Ghostface #2 to reveal Chris as he grins. Cut to Jen.)

Jen: "God….Chris!"

(Cut to Sara as she whispers to Dan.)

Sara: "Isn’t that the guy we came here to rescue?"

Dan: "Shh…"

(Cut back to Jen.)

Jen: "Why, why did you do this!"

(Cut to Chris.)

Chris: "Easy sis! I did it all for you!"

(Cut to Jen as her eyes widen as tears fall from them.)

Jen: "ME!?!?"

(Cut to Chris as he nods.)

Chris: "Yes you! I did it all for you! I even murdered Ryan for you!"

(Jen cries out.)

Jen: "What!!!!!"

(Cut to Chris as he nods again.)

Chris: "Poor sister, you were so in love with that son of a bitch you didn’t even see what he was doing behind your back!"

(Chris presses a button on the remote in his right hand. A projector in the ceiling projects an image of Amanda and Ryan in his Corvette kissing on the curtain behind the killers.)

Chris: "See sis! I had suspected him cheating for sometime now…so last month I followed him around. About a day later I hit the mother load!"

(Chris clicks again; the next slide is Ryan and Amanda having sex in the Corvette.)

Chris: "I love this one! It’s so…WRONG! Don’t you agree Jen?"

(Cut to Jen as she sobs.)

Jen: "No….no it can’t be!"

(Cut back to Chris as he clicks a button and the slide disappears.)

Chris: "It can be and it is! Ryan was fucking Amanda behind your back, behind Wes’ back and behind everyone’s! But be glad we stopped it before this got out….both of you could have been the laughing stocks of the town! HA!"

(Cut to Jen as she lowers her head and cries; cut to Sara as she looks to Veronica. The two begin to cut through their tape with their nails. Cut to Wes as he goes to Ghostface #3.)

Wes: "We don’t have time for this! We need to waste them all!"

Ghostface #3: "Soon….we’ll kill them all…even Veronica. I have no use for her anymore, we’ve fucked up the plan!"

(Cut to Dan.)

Dan: "Excuse me but who the FUCK is this guy!"

(Cut back to Wes and Ghostface #3.)

Wes: "We’re going to kill them all, might as well let them know…"

(Ghostface #3 nods and puts both hands behind his head. Cut to behind Ghostface #3 as he pulls the mask off. You can clearly see everyone is shocked, cut to Veronica.)

Veronica: "You…."

(Cut to the front of Ghostface #3, it is Sidney Prescott.)

Sidney: "But of course Ron! Who else would single you out of dozens of candidates to become me! The next survivor!"

(Cut to Sara.)

Sara: "Why her!"

(Cut back to Sidney as she laughs and pulls out a gun from in back of her.)

Sidney: "Oh, I see I’m still the black sheep of the family, the secret is still a secret eh?"

(Cut to a view from Veronica’s side as the captives all look at her. Cut to Jen.)

Jen: "Family?"

(Cut to Veronica as she nods.)

Veronica: "Sidney is my cousin…"

(Cut to Sidney as she laughs.)

Sidney: "Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Matt tried to hide me away after what happened in 96! But no matter what, the truth kept slapping you guys in the face! HA! Makes me so proud to be apart of this family!"

(Cut to Jon who looks around confused.)

Jon: "Excuse me!"

(Cut to Sidney as she looks at him; cut back to Jon.)

Jon: "But what the hell does this have to do with me?"

(Cut back to Sidney.)

Sidney: "Nothing….now!"

(Sidney fires a shot at Jon; cut to Jon as the bullet hits his chest and he dies. Cut to Sidney.)

Sidney: "There goes our Randy, only Dewey, Gale, Me and Tatum are left…."

(Cut to Jen and Sara as they cry; cut to Sara’s tape as she breaks her left hand free and tries to hide the fact. Cut to Veronica.)

Veronica: "Why do this Sidney!"

(Veronica turns to Wes, Nikki and Chris.)

Veronica: "And why help her!"

(Cut to Sidney.)

Sidney: "Simple cousin! My life was destroyed by surviving three serial killings! All psychos seemed to follow me! Finally, when I thought my life was perfect and my past was forgotten, someone set fire to my house….killing Mark, my husband…I survived with only this!"

(Sidney brushes her hair from the left side of her face, it is covered in burn scars.)

Sidney: "The cops came with the fire department, they caught the guy and put out the house….but I got in my Mustang and drove here! I crashed on Highway 409 where I remained until Wes here found me and took care of me! Later that week Chris came over with the pictures and destroyed Wes, so I decided to pick up the pieces. I told them I’d fund their revenge if they helped me go after you! They agreed and the murder plan was on its way…but we needed one more person…"

(Sidney points to Nikki.)

Sidney: "Wes and Chris knew Nikki hated Veronica, so they lured her to me where I talked her into joining us….and the rest….is history!"

(Cut to Jen.)

Jen: "So you’re the bad guy?"

(Cut to Sidney who raises her gun and fires twice into Jen’s chest. Cut to Jen as the goes limp. Cut to Veronica.)

Veronica: "Jen! No! God, no!"

(Cut to Chris as he looks at Jen; focus on a tear as it falls from his eye. Cut back to normal view as he turns around, grabs Nikki’s gun and points it at Sidney.)

Chris: "What the FUCK Sid! You weren’t supposed to hurt here, remember!!!! Damn you! Damn you to hell!!!!"

(Sidney shows no emotion; cut to Nikki as she backs away in shock. Cut back to Sidney.)

Sidney: "Stand down Chris! Lower the gun and back off god damn it!"

(Cut to Chris as he cocks the gun. Suddenly a gun is pressed against Chris’ head. The camera pulls back to see Wes holding a gun to Chris.)

Wes: "Put the gun down…"

(Cut to Chris’ face as he eyes the gun on him then to Sidney. The camera pulls out and Chris lowers his gun and stands back. Cut to Sidney.)

Sidney: "Good boy…"

(Cut to Sara as she gets her right hand free and goes slowly into her pocket and gets out a nail file. Cut back to Sidney.)

Sidney: "Now, Wes give me your gun…"

(Cut to Wes as he looks strangely to her.)

Wes: "B-but you already have a gun…"

(Cut to Sidney as she sighs.)

Sidney: "Yes but I asked for YOUR gun!"

(Cut back to Wes as he looks at her again, cut back to Sidney.)

Sidney: "Now!!!!"

(Cut to Wes as he hands her his gun and she points it at him.)

Sidney: "Thanks!"

(Sidney shoots Wes in the chest once then once again. Cut to Wes as he falls to the ground. Cut to Sara as she bends down and cuts herself free then goes over to Veronica and helps her. Cut to Chris as he raises his gun to Sidney; cut to Sidney as she shoots him in the stomach twice. Cut to Chris as one-bullet flies out of his back and he falls onto the floor next to Wes. Cut to Nikki as she looks to her fallen partners.)

Nikki: "No! No!!!!"

(Nikki cries and turns her head to Sidney. Nikki screams to see the gun at her head.)

Nikki: "No, please! I beg you plea_"

(Cut to Sidney as she fires. Cut to a shot from the ground as Nikki falls to it, her face pointing to the camera as a bullet hole in her forehead leaks blood. Cut to Sara as she and Veronica free Dan and run for it as Sidney bends down and checks Wes for a pulse then Nikki.)

Sidney: "There! Now Wes has killed everyone and even himself…I’ll just kill you people and hand the gun to…"

(Sidney looks back to her captives to see they have escaped. Cut to a view of the front row then back to Sidney.)

Sidney: "Fuck!"

(Sidney jumps off the stage and tosses Wes’ guy to the heap of bodies as she runs with her own to find Veronica, Dan and Sara. Cut to the heap of bodies as Wes’ gun hits Chris and his eyes open. Cut to Scene 77.)










Scene 77

Woodsboro High School (Inside/The Commons)

(Cut to the top of the stairs as Veronica leads Sara and Dan up the stairs and into The Commons.)

Veronica: "All the doors and windows are sealed! We need to get to Mrs. Valador’s Office to open them!"

(Cut to Sara.)

Sara: "Where is that!"

(Cut back to Veronica.)

Veronica: "Downstairs…"

(Cut to a view of all three as they hear Sidney running up the stairs. They take off down The Commons and run for the science rooms. Cut to the top of the staircase as Sidney runs up and stops. Cut to a view form the staircase to see the three entering Jean Smith’s classroom. Cut back to Sidney as she grins and takes off after them. Cut to Scene 78.)









Scene 78

Woodsboro High School (Inside/Ms. Jean Smith’s Room)

(Cut to inside the classroom as Veronica leads everyone to the back door.)

Veronica: "We can use the hallway to get to the library which can take us downstairs! Hurry!"

(Veronica reaches the back door and turns the doorknob. It’s locked.)

Veronica: "Fuck!"

Sara: "What?"

Veronica: "It’s locked!"

(Dan kneels down and takes out a lock-picking tool and begins picking the lock.)

Sara: "Dude I love you! Now hurry up or I’ll kill you!"

(Cut to outside the room as Sidney reaches the door and turns the knob, that door is now locked.)

Sidney: "Shit!"

(Sidney slams herself onto the door to get it to open. Then she looks at the gun then to the doorknob and laughs.)

Sidney: "Duh Sidney!"

(Sidney backs away and fires twice at the knob and it breaks off. Sidney opens the door and gets in. She looks to the three at the end of the room and raises her gun but then looks to the burners and the hoses that connect to the gas pipe. Cut to Sidney’s face as she grins. She goes over to the burners and takes out a knife and cuts the hoses. She does this to about six of them then goes over to the pipe and turns it on and begins cutting more of the hoses. Cut to the three as Dan picks the lock. Sara sniffs.)

Sara: "You smell that?"

(Veronica sniffs.)

Veronica: "Ya…smells like…. GAS! LOOK!!!!"

(She points to Sidney and the two girls scream. Cut to Dan.)

Dan: "Shut up! I’m almost done!"

Veronica: "Hurry!"

(Suddenly Sara sees the main pipe and runs to it. Veronica turns around to see Sara running for the pipe as Sidney walks back to the doorway.)

Veronica: "No! Sara don’t!"

(Cut to Sara as she turns off the gas and looks up; cut to Sidney as she stands outside of the room. Cut to Dan as he opens the door and grabs Veronica and runs out. Cut back to Sidney as she fires her gun. The gun blast ignites the room as Sara screams. Cut to outside Sidney’s part of the room as she flies back from the blast. Cut to Scene 79.)







Scene 79

Woodsboro High School (Inside/Hallway)

(Cut to the hallway Dan and Veronica entered as they fall to the ground from the blast. Cut to Veronica as she looks into the inferno of a room and cries. Dan gets her to her feet and makes her run.)

Dan: "She’s gone! Come on let’s get out of here!"

(Veronica gets up and runs down the hall with Dan. They get down the long hallway to the doors to the library. Cut to Dan.)

Dan: "Where does this lead again?"

(Dan opens the doors to the library; cut to Veronica as she screams. Cut to Scene 80.)










Scene 80

Woodsboro High School (Inside/Library)

(Cut to Sidney as she fires and shoots the top of Dan’s head off and he goes down. Cut to Sidney.)

Sidney: "To your death…"

(Sidney fires at Veronica but the gun clicks; it’s out of bullets. Cut to Veronica as she punches Sidney. Sidney stumbles backwards then sings a fist at Veronica. Veronica ducks then punches Sidney in the gut then uppercuts her. Sidney falls to the ground next to a bookcase and gasps for air as she gets out her knife again. Cut to above Sidney as a huge shadow looms over her. She looks up and screams. Cut to the huge metal bookcase as it falls. Cut to Sidney as she gets to her feet but the books knock her back down and the large metal bookcase slams onto her. Cut to behind the fallen bookcase as Veronica stands there with hate in her eyes. Veronica walks away; cut to Sidney’s hand as it clutches the knife outside of the bookcase. Suddenly Sidney looses the grip and the knife falls to the floor. Cut to Scene 81.)







Scene 81

Woodsboro High School (Inside)

(Veronica exits Mrs. Valador’s Office and the steel panels rise. Veronica goes over to where Kurt lays, his eyes still open. Veronica cries; cut to Kurt’s eyes as she closes them with her hand. Cut to Veronica as she gets up and walks to the doors. Cut to Scene 82.)








Scene 82

Woodsboro High School (Inside/Mrs. Valador’s Office)

(Cut to the control panel for the steel panels; cut to Mrs. Valador’s desk as Chris gets up and spits out blood. He walks over to the panel but collapses, focus on his hand holding the lever to close the panels. His weight pulls it down. Cut to Scene 83.)








Scene 83

Woodsboro High School (Inside)

(As Veronica steps into the doorway the steel panel slams onto her and crushes her. Cut to a view of her smashed body from the outside as the camera pulls back. Cut to Scene 84.)








Scene 84

Woodsboro High School (Front)

(Cut to morning as paramedics take away the body bags and load them into the ambulances. Cut to Officer Harvey as he gets on scene. He walks over to Sargent Patterson who was away on vacation.)

Harvey: "What happened?"

(Cut to Patterson.)

Patterson: "That’s what I’d like to know…"

(Cut to two paramedics as they yell pulling a stretcher.)

Paramedic #1: "We’ve got a live one here!"

(Cut to Patterson and Harvey as they run to Paramedic #1 and 2. They come up to the side; the camera doesn’t show who it is.)

Patterson: "Is she ok?"

Paramedic #1: "She’ll be fine…"

(Harvey goes with the Paramedics as they load the girl. Cut to a view of Harvey from inside the ambulance.)

Harvey: "You’ll be ok miss…"

(The Paramedics close the doors, Paramedic #1 gets into the driver’s seat and turns on the engine as Paramedic #2 tends to the girl. Cut to a view of Paramedic #2.)

Paramedic #2: "Your really lucky girl!"

(Cut to the girl, it’s Sidney.)

Sidney: "I sure don’t feel like it…."

(Cut to outside the ambulance as it pulls away with its sirens blaring. Fade to black as Ghostface cuts across the screen. Credits roll.)