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Update: March 29, 2012 - I am in the process of rebuilding my breeding flock. I should have babies for sale over the next several months so check back then and check back often! :)

My single female lovie, Button, got an honorable mention on the ALBS site!!!

Scroll down for links to my adoption application and lovebird fact sheet!!

Lovebird/Baby Info

*All my lovies are hand raised in my home by myself.
*They are well-socialized and will make wonderful loving pets.
*I start socializing the babies when they are two weeks old and when they are ready to go home they are very friendly.
*Mine love to perch on my shoulder, climb in my hair, just generally be around me and my friends and family - their human flock.
*I will not sell the babies before they are weaned, regardless of the buyer's experience with hand feeding.
*If you live close enough to make a couple home visits before taking your baby home permanently, please feel free to contact me about that as well.
*You must fill out an adoption application and sign the adoption agreement before taking a lovebird home.
*Lovebirds are generally ready to go to their new home around 2 months after they hatch.
*Please have a look around and contact me with any questions.


*A small note - I do list on craig's list that these birds are for adoption. You are not allowed to list birds "for sale" under the pets category. However, an under $100 adoption fee is just as reasonable as a "for sale" fee, which is why I don't distinguish between the two.
*I don't make a fortune off of breeding lovebirds. I do it because it's a hobby I enjoy and I love animals. I point this fact out for those who think breeders are just out to make money and that they charge too much, etc. A lot of work and time and food goes into these birds and I'm barely breaking even when I sell them.
*That $ covers food and cages for my birds. That's it. If I make a profit off a clutch, it's more like $10. People searching for birds from me should be aware of that fact. There is a reason for fees. It also ensures that the birds go to good homes and not people simply looking to get a pet for the cheapest price possible.
*Contact me for pricing. It will vary by mutation.
*Prices do generally start at about $75.
*I will accept cash, check or money order. Checks must clear first, after which you can pick up your baby.
*I will need a deposit of $20 once you have picked out your baby.


*I do not generally ship. If I am very comfortable with you, I will consider it, but I must be sure one of my babies is going to the best home possible. Please keep in mind, too, that shipping can be expensive.
*If you live in the area you must be able to come to my home so that I can meet you in person. It would also be helpful if you brought any children with you who you are thinking of sharing this responsibility with. Just because a lovebird is small does not mean it is necessarily easy to care for. I will only sell to families/people who are prepared for this responsibility.

"A bit about me and my birds"

*My breeding pairs right now are named TK who is an Australian cinnamon (male) and Peachy Keen who is a dutch blue(female). My second pair is an orange faced (female) named Button and a cobalt dutch blue (male) named Justarius.

Contrary to popular belief, lovebirds do NOT have to be kept in pairs. My single lovebird is very attached to me as her playmate, but she also knows how to amuse herself in his cage. You are not doing these birds a disservice if you cannot take two. But please DO look into and do research on lovebirds, as hopefully you would on any animals you are looking to purchase.
Just ignore the bits about using gloves and only keeping paired lovies

I will post updates periodically. Please contact me by email at to inquire about any of my birds. Thank you.

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Adoption Application
Fact Sheet


A far away shot of the two babies so far
First time perching
Jade baby
blue and jade
New Mom and Dad
Daddy TK421

Any non-baby pet pics

My Quaker Gunther
Amelie and Button
My single lovie Button