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If you would like to join, email me at, include your name, email address, webpage address (if you have one), and why you like Davey. And I will add you to the list of members:) And while you're at it.... join the mailing list! Once you've joined the fan club, please feel free to take the banner below and put it up on your webpage.

Davey Fan Club Members

Name Email Webpage Reasons for Liking Davey
1. Katie Davey Fan Club He's awesome, sweet, nice, adorable, amazing, wonderful, cute, and... well, the muttonchops are great!
2. Marybeth My Favorite 9er Cos his muttonchops rock my arse.
3. Christina N/A The muttonchops are a force to reckon with, all hail Davey!
4. Holly N/A Katie's obsession rubbed off on me too much.
5. Nancy Sparkle Slide I like Davey because he seems like a super cool guy & I love his muttonchops now cos of Katie :*) I also like him a lot because he tours with the greatest band in the world, he's an awesome guitar player, & I love the things he does when he's playing when he bends back and stuff.
6. Erika My Kick Ass Webpage Katie's scary obsession rubbed off on me, he has awesome muttonchops, and is hot.
7. Lindsay Big Nostril Children One word....MUTTONCHOPS.
8. Yael Yael's Stupid Page I like Davey cuz without him, Art would have to play more and sing less.
9. Court N/A He's a great guitarist and singer, fits right in with Everclear, has the coolest muttonchops and hair anyone could ever have, he's super duper nice and absolutely hilarious!
10. Melissa Sick and Tired of the Laughing World I like his chin. He has the coolest looking chin I've ever seen. Okay, so his chin is normal.. and I really wanted to be unique and say something more than, 'HIS MUTTON CHOPS ROCK!' He is such a sweet guy though. I was always like, 'Who is that rad guy standing next to my man Art?' and I had no idea until I met Katie, but when I found out his name and how he's such an amazing guy, it was impossible for me not to love him. So thank you Katie for getting me interested in one of the greatest guys to ever stand on this earth (right besides Art.. literally!) ... and besides, Davey has a tush to die for! KEEP THE MCOH PRIDE ALIVE!
11. Alexandra Wood The Brian Lehfeldt Fan Club His nipples are hard, his nipples are sweaty, and when I see Dave, I wanna throw confetti.
12. Jac Blades boob sticks Cause he's hot and he seems really nice and I love Sweaty Nipples!!!!!:)
13. Catie N/A Because he is in the best band ever and his muttonchops are so cool!
14. Ian N/A Davey is soo cool because of the sideburns he used to have and he's a great guitar player.
15. Catherine *~Holler, Holler. I'm A Baller Baller~* Davey is an angel!
16. Jen N/A He's cool, he's funny, he talks to us, he has that tongue ring and told us the secret of hanging weights from it, and does impressions of the barge show and eating the bugs.
17. Lauren N/A I love Davey cuz he's mad at the guitar and he kicks ass.
18. Trev Trahan Trev's Dumb Page He can play the guitar and the bass, and he's in Everclear need I say more?
19. Zach N/A I like Davey because he's a kick-A guitarist and cause Kate does too. And anything Kate loves can't be TOO bad!
20. Alex Alex's Page I like Davey because he's a great guitar player. The Santa Monica solo rocks! And he looked at me during the Austin concert. Yeah, he kinda pointed at me, cuz he noticed that my level of rockin' was way better than anyone else around me....yeah.
21. Gwen N/A I like Davey because he's unique and fun. Nobody else has as much fun with sweaty nipples as him.. hehe..
22. Amanda N/A He has a guitar
And kick ass hair.
He's gone really far
And he's oh so rare.
So put your hands in the air
And make 'em all wavy
Coz we all love Davey :)
23. Kristin N/A I like Davey cause he's beautiful and is good to his fans and interested in them and he wears tight black pants for gods sakes!
24. Kevin N/A I like Davey because he's part of Everclear, he seems to play really well, and because I would be scared of Katie if I didn't like him... :)
25. Laura N/A I like Davey because he's a great guitarist, he's with the greatest band, he's got the greatest muttonchops, a great AND cute wave, and I have a great puppy named after him. Davey's just great :*) Rock on.
26. Melissa N/A There once was this guy named Davey
He totally mesmorized Katie
He played guitar like a freak
His muttonchops are so chic
Everclear is his band name-ie
(What? it had to rhyme!)
27. Nick Inglis-Feagins N/A I like Davey because: he's just Funky Assed Dave and I think anyone that can play that well is good by me!
29. Mike N/A He's a good guitarist and he's got cool hair.
30. Violet My Music Obsessed Webpage He tours w/ Everclear.... and Everclear is my fave band! I was right in front of him at the last, er only, Everclear concert I went to... he's cool! Oh yeah, and can't forget about those mutton chops... gotta love those!
31. Christal ClumsyAfterglow I've met him twice, he's SO nice Check me out with him and the band at
32. Julia Mosemann N/A Not only is Davey a wonderful singer, extremely talented guitarist, and an all-around good-looking guy, but his mutton-chops rock my world! :)
33. Christen CLoSiNG IN! I like Davey cos he's an awesome guy
34. Nancy EVERCLEAR so much for the afterglow Cuz his muttonchops make Luke Perry look like C-R-A-P!
35. Katie N/A Well any friend of Everclear is a friend of mine. Plus if he's eye candy, why not eat it? Wait...did that make sense?
36. Trippy N/A Um...Katie paid me. :P ;)
37.Brianna N/A Why do I like Davey? Well, first I have a question for you...WHY NOT?!?! He rocks! There's not much more to it then that! And of course, he's part of the world's greatest band! And not to mention the Mutton Chops! Oh, and one more thing, I think he provided an absolutely amazing body for the A.M.Radio video!!
38. Karena N/A He has the cutest little butt...
39. K.Kay N/A I looove Davey because, 1) He is extremely hot and 2) He is associated with Everclear, therefore I have to love him!
40. Anns N/A Davey is the nicest and sexiest guy in the world..I will never forget first seeing him as Craig's bass was infatuation at first sight..
41. Amanda N/A, why I like Davey? ::still knows nothing about Davey:: I find him entertaining after the story of the Crazy Butt Lady :P
42. Jana Disco Still Sucks How can you not like Davey? He is the sweetest guy ever! And he just rocks! And he is very loyal to his fans :)
43. Danielle N/A He's hot. I just got back from seeing Matchbox 20. I haven't liked Everclear since I was in HS what was that like 4 years ago now... anyway. They rock live and since I had 3rd row seats I got to sit right in front of Davey who winked, smiled and waved at me the entire time, then gave me a pick. I had no idea there was such a fan base for him. I should have know he's such a cutie.
44. Sofia Sofia's Beacon Website Cause he wears cool shirts, has nice muttonchops, and makes funny faces. And he can play the guitar well :)
45. Alix "the Great" Love When You Love I love Davey because his stage presence is awesome, and he's such a ladie's man. Plus he's too damn cute. And who can forget those muttonchops?
46. Becky N/A Cause he's not scary and he is the sweetest guy! (and he's cute too). Plus I used to own a Sweaty Nipples shirt!
47. Anneke N/A He's a really sweet guy that knows how to rock!. And he can hang a 10lbs weight from his tongue!! That takes talent!
48. Jordan N/A I like Davey because he gave me his towel. At the Lifehouse, Everclear, and Matchbox 20 concert on April 22, 01 he threw me and my friends a couple of his guitar picks, (one accidently hit my friend and he said sorry) and when he was done performing he threw me his towel that he was using to dry off!!! I was so extremely happy, I tried to get him to sign it but the security wouldn't let me go back stage or send the towel backstage = (. Right now I have the towel hanging up in my room. I would LOVE to be able to get him to sign the towel!!!
49. Jess N/A I luv Davey cuz he's so cute and ever since I saw him walkin down the street before the EC concert I went to, I've loved him so, but I was too shy to talk to him (kinda like you Katie, oh and by the way, I love the plays)
50. Megan N/A I like Davey because I went to the Everclear, MB20, Lifehouse concert and I was in the front row and he kept smiling at me and I thought he was really sweet and then he blew me a kiss and then I thought he was really hot and then he started throwing his picks at me and when I missed them he laughed at me so I thought he was funny and then after Everclear was finished he came back out and came down onto the speaker and leaned down and gave me a hug and one of his picks and introduced himself and I did too then he winked at me and walked back stage. So all in all I think he is hot and sweet and funny and cool so thats why I like him.
51. Kate N/A Davey seems like a real cool guy who adds more fun to EC concerts! He's a great musician, he's funny, and he's so nice!!!
52. Mikki N/A I love Davey because he's such a sweet guy. He's really cool to all the fans, even tho sometimes we scare him a little. haha He's also a really awesome guitar player. He's just a down to earth awesome guy and he's so cute!
53. Meg N/A I'm from Philly and I saw Everclear on the matchbox twenty tour and that was the first time I saw Davey. I am now officially obsessed and am dying to meet him!!! I was in the pit all moshing and stuff, and I looked up and there he was...rockin on and drinkin his beer. I fell freakin in love with him right then and there and I didn't take my eyes off of him for a minute!!! And he was looking at me a lot, probably because I was completely insane (but who isn't when they're in the same room as Davey?!)...yea. So I love Davey and would marry him any day. :)
54. Shea N/A I went to the Everclear concert in Asbury Park, NJ. Soo I was in the front row directly in front of Davey so I just looked at him the entire time and he kept winking and smiling at me, then threw like 10 guitar picks at me....Then I got pulled up onstage and I was dancing right next to him the entire time, as they were letting everyone else down he went over and hugged me and asked if I was having a good time and he also asked if I got the guitar picks he threw down. ...It's not over yet lol....After the concert, I asked news guys if I could have their backstage passes and they actually said yes!! I got backstage and unfortunately Art told me that only the band who wrote the lyrics where back there. I was so bummed I am like Davey obsessive now when I found out he was married I was like gonna cry lol. Ohh well.......
55. Amber Pyle Songs From An American Band He's just such an awesome person. There aren't many people in my opinion that can pull off the muttonchops look but he definately does it abmirably.
56. Lucy N/A I like Davey because He has Sexy mutton chops and he's a hottie, He was really nice when I met him and he Plays the guitar really good! :-D
57. Lucy Because he has the coolest chops EVER and a fun sounding last name.
58. Katie Davey is just ultimately hot and has muttonchops! That is all that needs to be said but I will also add my children will have muttonchops!
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