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Davey Loprinzi Bio

David Anthony Loprinzi, II was born on April 18, 1967 in Portland, OR. He grew up in Portland and has lived there for his whole life. Davey started playing guitar in high school and joined the band Sweaty Nipples in 1987. He played bass for the Portland band alongside former Everclear touring percussionist Brian Lehfeldt and, later on, former Everclear touring percussionist Mike "Basil" Ternyik. Sweaty Nipples released many CDs and EPs entitled: Straight Outta Portland, What's Your Funktion, Chickensnake, Demon Juice, Bug Harvest, and Thrill Crazed Space Kids Blasting the Flesh Off Humans and eventually broke up in 1997. He got involved with Everclear after Art had seen some Sweaty Nipples shows. Davey started out in Everclear as Craig's bass tech. After the release of "So Much For the Afterglow" in 1997, Everclear hired guitarist Steven Birch to play with them when they toured. On the UK So Much For the Afterglow tour, Everclear's bass player, Craig Montoya, was exhausted physically and mentally and decided to go home. While Craig was resting, Davey filled in on bass for him for the remainder of the UK tour. Steven Birch left Everclear in 1998 and after his departure, Davey took over as touring guitarist for the band, starting with the Sno Core Tour in February of 1999. After joining the band as touring guitarist, he also played bass on Art Alexakis' solo album, but, unfortunately, the solo album was re-worked to become an Everclear record. The only released song that Davey played on with Art is "Overwhelming", which can be found on the "Permanent Midnight" Soundtrack. Davey left Everclear and will not be with them when they tour again for the release of their new album. He's going to stay at home in Portland with his son, Case.

Davey has recently been playing in a new band, Storm and the Balls, in the Portland area. Please go here to learn more about Davey's new music.

Go here to see Davey information that I couldn't work into the bio.

Thank you to Jean for most of the personal information on Davey found in the bio. You helped a bunch and I'm very grateful that you were willing to answer some of my questions! Thanks to anyone who has given me Davey-related information, even if it didn't make it into the bio. If you see anything that is incorrect or have any additional information that you think I might be interested in, please email me!

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