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WELCOME !! TO my page dedicated to Moira Kelly (CHAPLIN) whom I think is one of the most under-rated actresses of our time.

Hi: My name is Ron and I hope that enough people will visit my page and realize what a truly versatile actress Moira is.

First question: Who is Moira Kelly?

Born on the 6th of March, 1968 Baby Girl Moira was destined for a role as an appealing actress who could play many different parts and duly enhance the role with her facial expressions as well as her emotions. This my friends is what really sets Moira above many other actresses,

I have selected the movie "THE CUTTING EDGE" released in 1992 when she was 24 yrs old. This particular edition was made available on Home Video 1999 from MGM UA but first a little background on "The Cutting Edge"

The Cutting Edge follows the story of a world class figure skater ( KATE MOSLEY) who is at the proverbial end of her career unless she can find a partner that will put up with her fiery temper tantrums and her (at times) acid tongue. Enter DOUG DORSEY played by D.B.SWEENEY(MEMPHIS BELLE). Doug is a recently benched ice hockey player; who after suffering peripheral vision loss due to ill tempered opponents (excessively slamming him against the boards)in a prior hockey game, finds out that his hockey career as a possible professional is through but Kate Mosley's (MOIRA) coach thinks that Doug just could be what Kate needs in a partner to grab a chance at Olympic Gold.

Kate is a spoiled little rich lady whose dad is a well off tycoon and owns a mansion with private ice rink. Doug is a hard core, crude (sometimes downright crass) hockey player who worked for what he had (get the picture?) and when these two meet; the clash of two personalities make for an entertaining, witty,story that will make you laugh and cry, frown and groan. It's a real tear jerker at the end.

In this photograph, Kate (Moira) sees her prospective partner for the second time. The first time Doug (Sweeney) rolled her over at the '88 Olympics when he was trying to make it to the ice for what would be his final hockey game.

In a sneering, what are you? type voice Kate says "Oh, You're that Hockey Player!" Kate looks at her coach and accuses him of playing a crude alcohol induced joke and orders Doug off of the ice and out of her building. Doug, of course is determined to make a go of this prospactive partnership.

Now the fun really starts.

Kate intends to torture this hockey player until he finally gives up. Remember that Kate wants things her way and no other. If you have seen this movie then you know what a miserable wretch she plays and if you haven't seen it...Rent or buy it. She will definitely be the person you'll just love to hate and that is what versatility is all about.

Doug challenges Kate to play a round of hockey with him in his own crass way and Kate replies "ANYTIME" The Ice Queen just made her first mistake. After Doug skates rings around her and by taking the puck from her stick, makes her look a total fool...Kate; gets really angry. In her temper tantrum she slams the puck on a beeline course to Doug's face.

Notice the facial expressions that MOIRA produce in this next photo. You don't need to hear her yelling in spoiled brat anger to get her point.

As I said " The versatility of this young lady is incredible.

Doug is brought to the hospital for treatment of his injury and here is the firs peek that you get of Kate experiencing fear and confusion. As they sit in the waiting room at the hospital, Kate tries to convince herself that she doesn't care for this roguish hockey player but the doubt definitely shows in these pictures. In the second photo she expresses concern for someone else for the first time in her life. Notice the serious expression echoed in her facial features.

As the months progress in working together; Christmas comes around. Kate has just come out of the shower and there is a knock on her door. In barges Doug, leaving Kate barely time to wrap a towel around herself.After a few harsh words and eventual understanding, Doug gives Kate a Christmas present which is a Hockey shirt worn by a professional player at his best played and most famous game. What do you give a rich girl who has everything but your most prized possession. The Ice Queen is melting as showed by this dynamic smile.



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