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Citroën DS cars are quite rare in Slovenia. Low budget restoration projects are almost impossible to find; the majority of cars have been restored. There are some excellent webpages about development plus technical and production data on these cars available (like CITROËNET by J.Marsh - for example). Here are described only the facts about my car. See the comments at the bottom of the page.
Many of the photos are available in full screen size JPEG format by clicking on them.
Chassis worked on. DS 23 carburettor engine. Load size 185 kbytes. Uroš and his father - both well known musicians. Load size 179 kbytes. Rust clearly evident. Load size 209 kbytes. Awaiting for restoration. What a mess! Load size 181 kbytes. Interior. Load size 184 kbytes. My No.2  D Special car.
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1. My black body/white roof No.1 car - 1974 D SPECIAL with 5 speed gearbox and 2347 ccm engine - soon to be restored.
2. Before I have bought the car, Uroą and his father had replaced the seized engine with more powerful unit from DS 23 and fitting single Solex carb., but I've got the dual barrel carb. as a spare.
3. Uroą and his father - both well known musicians; the first in POP (he's currently the member of the pop group CALIFORNIA), the other in the OBERKRAINER music.
4. and 5. With the roof off - notice the rusted frame above windshield...
6. A lot of work to be done...
7. 'The safety foam' steering wheel has bubbled...
8. Find more about my No.2 car 1970 D SPECIAL painted just the same - as bought - by clicking on the small picture.

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