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My No.1  DS car.
 My No.2  DS car.
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Citroën DS and ID cars are quite rare in Slovenia. Single cars show up for sale maybe once or twice a year. The majority of Citroën fans in the world are not familiar with the fact they were also manufactured (assembled) here at Tomos factory (the facility was renamed Cimos in 1973) in Koper port in slovenian part of the Adriatic sea - together with AMIs, 2CVs, DYANE and GSs; they were meant to be - and were - executives' cars being too expensive for most of the ordinary people (the country had socialistic - communist goverment untill 1991). I will try to obtain some slovenian (ex-yugoslavian) production figures; John Reynolds states the number of 750 yugoslavian made (many of them in Break ambulance version) in his excellent book THE ORIGINAL CITROEN DS, but I believe the number was higher... So, even IDs - although being the bottom of the DS line - are considered real gems (if You can find them here) amongst Citroën DS enthusiasts, although a few people have imported them from abroad recently.

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