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MANGO Wave files download

Download "Mango fan Django live" Palm Spring Jump, wave sample sample Palm Spings Jump 593k

Download "Mango fan Django live" J'attendrai, wave sample sample J'attendrai 993k

Download "Mango fan Django live" Shame and scandal, wave sample sample Shame & scandal 1130k

*Recorded live at the Smokebrush Theater in Colorado Springs, May 1999. These are just segments of songs.

MANGO MP3 download

1 Django's Waltz 1737k 2:23m
2 Minor Swing 2062k 2:49m
3 Palm Spings Jump 2500k 3.22m
4 Jive Jive Jive 2440k 2:40m
5 Hutma The Humming Poodle 3437k 3:40m
6 Margarita 3200k 3:15m
7 Virtual Tourist 3936k 4:11m

From the demo CD "Virtual Tourist"

**If you get an eror message when you download a MP3 file, switch to the Mango fan Django server on the Lycos network. Click here.Lycos MP3 Site **

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