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Important notice: The following posters have been optimized as medium grade jpeg files to lower their download time. However, they are each 8.5 x 11 inch posters and, depending on your modem speed, may require a couple of minutes per poster to download. Also, poster #1 is a horizontal (or landscape) layout, and poster #2 is a vertical (or portrait) layout. Please adjust your printer accordingly.

Mango fan Django poster #1 (163 KB jpg)

Mango fan Django poster #2 (264 KB jpg)

Mango fan Django press release (jpg)

Mango fan Django newspaper listing (txt)


Welcome to the Mango fan Django Press Pack Page. This is for folks who have an upcoming Mango fan Django engagement. Here you will find everything you need to supplement publicity for a Mango gig. Promo CDs will be supplied by snail-mail.