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Reverend Bizarre

Do you know what's the problem with most metal bands these days? They're not heavy. Some might be extreme, but still not heavy.

Therefor within last years Reverend Bizarre have become one of my favourite bands. They play traditional doom, and by far they're H-E-A-V-I-E-S-T band I know.

And in a way quite photogenic:
Pictures from the shows
Feeniks, Turku 8. 9. 2001
Friends of Hell in S-Osis, Turku 12. 10. 2001
You Shall Suffer!-tour/ DBTL 2003 in Old School, Turku 7. 6. 2003
Imperiumin pikkujoulut/Little Xmas-party of Imperiumi, Turku 29.11. 2003
TVO, Turku 19.12. 2003
*warning: if the band is heavy, so are the pictures and may take a while to load

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