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HI- and welcome to Law's Hockey Autograph page. This page is just in the beginning stages. This page will be dedicated to hockey autographs and collectors.

New: I WENT TO THE 2000 NHL ALL-STAR game in Toronto

Also-Please note that parts of this site are being re-constructed. I have been lazy and I need to make a new page but don't have a lot of time.

My Collection-

Here is a list of all of the items in my collection. It is not yet complete though. To view my list and some pictures of my autographs click here

NEW!- Just got two nice items signed by Keith Tkachuk!


My Latest Successes via Mail:

Rob DiMaio

To read some of my successes click here

If you are looking for team adresses you can find them on You can also visit Nickes Hockey Autograph page for NHLadresses as well as CHL adresses and Swedish Pro-Hockey adresses-Nicke's Hockey Autograph Page.

In person-

My Latest in person successes:-Mike Richter, Jeremy Roenick, Mark Recchi, Teppo Numminen, Nicklas Lidstrom, Rob Blake, Paul Karyia, Al McInnis, Tony Amonte, Olaf Kolzig-Feb. 5/6 2000

This year I have received a lot of autographs in person compared to past years. This section is in the process of being re-done but check out some of my stories below. To read some of my successes and some easy ways to obtain 'graphs in person click here

My Personal Autograph Stories-

New Story Added Febuary 9th, 2000

Over the years I have had the chance to accumulate some stories here and there. To read some of my stories click here.


When I get autographs often I will accumulate more than 1 from a player. Here are some 'graphs that I have for trade.Autographs For Trade and 'graphs purchased.


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-Paul's Hockey Autograph Mania-Good site from a sharks fan.

-Mark's Hockey Autograph page-another good site.

-Nicke's Hockey Autograph page-the best site on the www for Hockey Autos. If you want to find out more on getting graphs through the mail this is the place to go. This kid lives in Sweden.

-Kuch's House of Hockey Autographs-almost there w/ Nick. Has some great info on getting 'graphs in person.

-Signature Plus!-good site from a neighbor up north.

-Jon's Autograph Successes.

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