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My Favorite Hockey Teams

Hey all. My name is Kim. I'm 18 (HELL YA I'M LEGAL!!) and I am now a SOPHMORE in college :) at California University of PA. I'm on the club team here! I also play on the Labatt Blues Womens team in Cleveland. I work at Pet Supplies Plus. Hey I like the weather, so if ya ever need your forecast, let me know. To check out more about my fav sport go to the "hockey" link! I listen to music like 24/7. My favortie TV show is Party of Five and Friends. Favorite play: Crucible My favorite actors are Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, Chris Rock, Scott Wolf, and Jenifer Aniston. My favorite movies are Scream, Top Gun, Days of Thunder, American Pie/2, Gone in 60 Seconds, and there are alot of other good movies. Pets: I have a dog, nine birds, hermit crabs, fourty some rats, fish and any poor little critter that needs a home I'll take in. Some day in the future I'd like to get a horse. Preferably a black horse, so if ne one would like to get me one... (I wanted to be raised on a farm!) Besides playing hockey i like to rollerblade, bike ride, go to open skates, listen to music, be OUTSIDE, garden, and chill with my buds. I now also quad ride too. My favorite stores are Hot Topic, Spencers, Pacific Sunwear, Target, Don Simmons, Peranis, Kaufmans, American Eagle isn't bad, ect. Some other stuff: I like airplanes, motorcycles, wolves, penguins, and horses. my Fav holiday is Halloween. Dragons r cool. I like winter. and I don't like tornadoes!


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