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Neil's Hard Work

"Too Good To be True" (Tv-1988)
"Purple People Eaters" (movie-1988) Billy Johnson
"Clara's Heart" (movie-1988) David Heart
"Home Fires Burning" (Tv-1989) Lonnie Tibbetts
"Cold Sassy Tree" (Tv-1989) Will Teed
"Doogie Hoswer M.D." (Tv series 1989-1993)Douglas Hoswer
"Strangers In The Family" (Tv-1991) Steve Thompson
"Capitol Critters" (Tv series-1991) voice of Max
"A Family Torn Apart" (Tv-1993) Brain Hannigan
"Sudden Fury" (Tv-1993)
"SnowBound: The Jim and Jennifer Stopla Story" (Tv-1994) Jim Stopla
"Not Our Son" (Tv-1994) Paul Keller
"My Antonia" (Tv-1995)
"The Man In The Attic" (Tv-1995)
"Legacy of Sin: the William Coit Story" (Tv-1995) William Coit
"RENT" (Broadway Musical in L.A. 1997-1998 Jan.) Mark Cohen
"Starship Troopers" (movie-1997) Carl Jenkins
"The Propostion" (movie-1998) Roger Martin
"The Christmas Wish" (Tv-1998) Will Martin *weird, last character had the same last name..*
"Joan of Arc" (Tv-1999) King Charles the 7 of France
~*NEW*~ "Stark Raving Mad" (Tv series 1999- ) Henry NcNeely *\