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My Buddies...

This lil page is about my buddies, my pals, mis amigos, etc., etc. I'm sure they'd all shoot me if I didn't mention them somewhere. They're quite anal. Hehehehe...anyway.

Umm...there's Joanelle, whom I lovingly refer to as Jo-Blo. :P (She's going to love this...) She's Filipino. I only put that there because she has this thing about being Filipino. (Kinda racist, don't you think, Jo? Even if you call it pride...) And I'm just kidding Jo! I love you!!!!! She's such a great pal. She's always there to listen if I ever have a problem and God knows I have many problems. Oh! And I forgot to mention that she's the most beautiful girl in the entire world. (By the way...she told me to say that...)

Then there's Tara. She's such a cool person. We're quite alike, but not. It's neat. She's also very beautiful, despite what she thinks. We have so much fun doing bad things.

Hehehehe...umm...then there's Anna-Banana. :) She's so cute and innocent, you just wanna squeeze her tight and never let her go! (She hates hugs.) Hehehe...she's always there to tell me what's right and what's wrong, but never judges me by any of my stupid actions-and let me tell you, they are quite stupid. And for that, I adore her.

Hmm...there's Melissa. She's also a beauty. But behind all her looks is quite a brain. I envy her for her intelligence more than for her looks.

There's Christine. She's Columbian. She's also got this thing about being "Columbian." I think she hangs out with Jo too much. know I'm just kidding, right guys? I love you!! (I have to remind them of that because they are all quite sensitive, but then, so am I...)

Hmm...I'm supposed to talk about Sean Koo. He wanted me to devote an entire section to him. However, I did want people to visit my page, so I'm not going to do that. understand don't you, Sean Koo?? Sean Koo is just the funniest guy alive. He's such a trip. He never fails to make me laugh or smile. (By the way, he is "Sean Koo." Not "Sean" or "Koo" but "Sean Koo." Don't question it.) OH! I'm also supposed to say that Sean Koo is a stud. :) (Was that okay, Sean Koo??)

Then there's Jackson Davis. My lover. Oops! I wasn't supposed to say that was I? O well... :) He is such a great guy. He's so supportive and protective. He's unbelievable. I love him.

And my emperor: Jonathan. He is in Japan right now, so you can imagine how much I miss him. :) And there's nothing going on between us. We both swear to it. It's hard to explain why I think he's so great. He's just an awesome person and so...Jonathan. How could you not adore him??

Hmm...who else?? Mego! Mego's the neatest person! She used to live in California and I adore L.A. She's so sweet and she's been through a lot. But she's still standing! She's living proof that you can't give up.

Umm...Hessy!!! Her real name is Jessica, but Jo made this song about her and it had to do with a horse, so now we all call her Hessy. (The song was pretty damn funny too.) Hessy's a big ol' sweetheart. She gives such good, sound advice, and I can always turn to her when I need to.

Umm...I could probably go on, but I think I should stop, seeing as I've just bored the shit out of you, haven't I? Well, I'm planning on adding something about everyone else I know because I adore them all and I'm so glad that they're there for me. And I feel like they should receive some sort of recognition for putting up with me. But like I said, I should stop here. So I will.

But please go and read some of the stuff I've written. I need the criticism...Thanks! And, as always, BE HONEST!!! (Hey guys, you know I love you, right???? If I've said anything mean that you don't like, tell me. And I shall remove it right away!!)

HERE'S AN UPDATE: ok. well, Sean Koo got into Cornell. Isn't that awesome?!?!? :-) yay! Jonathan is going to Georgetown and so is Sarah, i believe! :) yay!! Tara, Jo, Ann, and Melissa are going to UF...Christine is going to USF. Hessy is holding out for Harvey Mudd...they have to send her the fin. aid stuff first. Fred, lil asian guy on the right is going to USC. Mego is going to Miami I believe. and...well, I've decided to go to Mount Holyoke College, way up in Massachusetts.'s going to be quite cold. but i think i'll live. hopefully. :)

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