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R. G. Rustics
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the costs for your "rustic" items?

A. Cost is determined by the amount of work & materials involved. Please e-mail or call for a precise quote on anything you have in mind. I will always be happy to hear from you.

Q. How is payment made?

A. Payment is made with a check in half the amount of the order. The balance plus shipping can be paid upon receiving the item.

Q. How much are the shipping costs?

A. Shipping charges would be determined by the weight & "shipping zone" of the U.S.Postal Service. Rarely more than $10.00. A closer estimate could be given if I know your zip code.

Q. How long will it take to receive an item?

A. Usually between 2-4 weeks.

Q. What materials do you use?

A. Each "rustic" item is made entirely of birch bark & birch twigs. They are individually hand made & being all natural they lend a wonderful rustic charm sure to receive many compliments. They have been referred to as "Primitive Adirondack Folk Art".

Q. How do you obtain your materials?

A. Everything is recycled from logging areas & beaver fallings.

Q. Can the "rustic" items be displayed out in the weather?

A. Yes, each is treated with polyurethane for protection. However as with most natural materials, if it is to be exposed to the elements & direct sunlight, it is suggested they be sprayed once a year.

Thanks for your interest in my "rustics". Please e-mail me for a quote of what you have in mind, I will always be happy to hear from you. R.G.Godin

R. G. Godin
186 MountainRd.
Erving, MA 01344
(413) 422-2456

Where each piece is a unique hand-crafted work of rustic art.
And there is no production work in my shop.

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