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I Promise You
What is this I promise you?
The skies shall be bright and clear for you.
That is what I promise you... (Chippewa)
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I have created this page of Native American links for
resources and graphics for all the Native Americans who
must struggle and fight to be equal in this world everyday.
They are people who are of the earth and
I respect that whole heartedly.
Will we be proud or ashamed of the way
we were treating others here on earth?
To all Native Americans...
This Page Is Dedicated To You...
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Restless empty hearts stand still.
Listen to the sounds of silence
as the wind softly kisses your skin.
Reach out eyes closed, to touch another just
like you. They too need one to trust to share
themselves, not wanting to be alone...
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We spend our life as a tale that is told
only memories can we truly hold.
If our stories don't survive what can
we be, a mere fragment of history?
Through unity we can conquer all for
united we stand and divided we fall.
United we'll make a common voice
the will to survive is Our choice.
Only then will our voice be heard
louder than a whisper, more then a word.
To exist we'll struggle, to win we'll strive
whatever happens, we will Survive!
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Remember, in your everyday life if you can make some one happy or make someone feel good about themselves, you are being an incredible person who will never be forgotten and who people will admire, practice showing understanding and patience to all you meet and you will gain a feeling so great inside it can't be described...
With Love, GhostWriter...

Visit "Koda Wolf's" for an awesome site and a
wonderful lady who supplied many of the
links here and to the many others who have helped
by sending me links... Thank You So Much!
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