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I'm a Fan

Here is my section that lets me go on and on about what I like about Burdon's music. There are so many things I want to say about it. I will be adding to this page often--hopefully posting little poetic bits here and there as they come to me. Also, I have to list some of my favorite songs. Hey, it's my webpage and I can if I want!
Here is a quick list of some videos I've seen.

1. The Otis Redding episode of Ready Steady Go. The show features three soul singers, Otis, Eric, and Chris Farlowe. Farlowe was actually a pretty talented guy, but he was just kind of dorky looking and probably didn't appeal to a large audience of teenagers. Eric sang "Hold On, I'm Coming" and did a great job. I wish he released it on an album (he didn't as far as I know anyway). He also joined Otis Redding and Farlowe on "Shake" and they are all on stage dancing with the Ready Steady Go girls.

2. Another episode of Ready Steady Go that the Animals performed before "House of the Rising Sun". They are lip-syncing "Baby Let Me Take You Home". The host pulls Eric aside and asks a few questions and Eric answers in his thick Newcastle accent. The host talks about the groups potential to make it big, of course not able to know what kind of success they'd have in Aug. 1964!

A list some of my favorite songs. I really love these so much. I want to tell people what sections to listen to and why. Hopefully I will get some intelligent comments in here, but for right now, it is just going to be a bunch of random ideas.

1. Worried Life Blues--I love his voice in this song. It is one of his best. Listen to the vocals after the "middle eight". His voice is so beautiful. It is one of those songs that paralyzes you when you listen to it. The "I want you brown eyes" part. Perfection!

2. For Miss Caulker--This song is another one that really gets me.