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Bone Of Song

Leaves And Kings
Beautiful Night
Hotel Song
Paint Your Picture
Angels On Her Shoulders
Morning Is A Long Way Down
Potter's Wheel
Letter From Omaha
Paths Will Cross

Golden Age of Radio:
Come And Find Me
You've Got The Moon
Me & Jiggs
Roll On
Other Side
Lawrence, KS
A Country Song
Song For The Fireflies

Voices From The Attic:
The Pirate Song
Fly Too High

Hello Starling:
Bright Smile
You Don't Make It Easy Babe
Man Burning
Snow Is Gone
Bone Of Song
Baby That's Not All
The Bad Actress

Welcome to my unofficial chord archive, dedicated to everyone who adds a little beauty to the world by making music, whether it's in stadiums or bedrooms.

09.19.03 UPDATE: I am currently working on Hello Starling, so look for the chords posted soon. Thanks to all for your patience. A long-overdue update to the whole site is also in the works.

Enjoy, and please send any corrections and/or your own additions to Thanks to Matt Rowley, Julia Schreitter, Robert Fawcett, Gary Whitehead, Joseph Andriano, Brian Byrne, Ger, Alb and Kieran for their contributions, and everyone who has written me. (I'll be adding your corrections as soon as can.) Thanks also to Mike Hodapp, and to Josh for the songs.

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