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ecdc - # 110702 - "Mr. Alwaysright"

The gang are playing baseball. Arthur thinks he's safe at home plate, but Francine, who's the catcher, thinks he is out. The umpire agrees with Francine.

Arthur asks us if we find it annoying when someone is always right?

As if to demonstrate this, we see that near to where the baseball game is taking place, Binky has commandeered a bleacher so that he can conduct several members of a marching band. Binky stops the practice to lecture the band members on problems with their performing. He then tells them he wants to hear them play with more enthusiasm.

So Francine's always right about sports, and Binky is always right about music.

In the dugout, Buster is eating and analyzing a chocolate bar. He notes the chocolate is dry... the nuts are stale... Buster squeezes the chocolate bar, and comments that he estimates that it was left here sometime around December 15. He then offers it to George. George says "Eww", so Buster eats it himself.

Arthur says that it is fortunate that nobody is ever right about everything.

Just then, he is interrupted by Brain, who happens to be up to bat. Brain says that Arthur's last sentence was poorly constructed. He happens to have a pocket guide to English usage on him, and while the pitcher continues to throw strikes past him, he cites chapter seven which states that "it is best to avoid redundancies whenever possible".

Brain then hits a home run.

* * * Mr. Alwaysright * * *

Arthur and Buster are at Brain's Mom's ice cream shop. Brain is working there and sets down Arthur's small ice cream, and Buster's gigantic sundae. It happens to be a #5 on the menu board.

Buster shows Arthur the straw hat he has bought for his Mom for her birthday. Arthur almost does a spit take at the sight of the hat... he didn't even know it was a hat at first; he thought it was part of Buster's food collection.

The hat is also bad enough to make a baby cry.

Buster gets worried; he thought the hat looked ok in the hat store!

Arthur suggests that Buster could always exchange it for a different one.

Buster asks Arthur if he could come along and help him out tomorrow when he takes the hat back so he can get a different one. Buster says the choices at the store are overwhelming.

Arthur says he can't, since he is helping to clean the garage tomorrow.

Brain says that he can help Buster out.

* * *

Buster and Brain are looking at hats at the hat store, "Frills".

Buster makes a couple of bad suggestions, including a mortar board, and Brain says they aren't good choices. Buster then picks up a beret. Brain points out there is a hole in it. Buster says that perhaps something is supposed to go in the hole? Brain says no, it is just a moth hole.

Brain then recommends a Tyrolean hat.

But Buster has already found the perfect hat, an orange Rastafarian one with stripes. (a short burst of Reggae music starts playing.) Buster thinks it looks "pretty snazzy". Brain says he dosen't think so. Brain thinks his recommendation of a Tyrolean hat, which is a green felt hat with a feather (like what Robin Hood would wear) is a better choice. Brain says that Buster's selection has too much orange in it.

Buster thinks Brain is wrong, even when Brain says that his choice matches Buster's Mom's eyes. Buster has to think for a minute, and realizes that Brain is right about the eye colour. But Buster still thinks his Mom will love the hat he chose, since he knows what his Mom likes.

* * *

When Buster's Mom opens the hatbox to see her birthday present, it is immediately obvious to us, even if it isn't to Buster, that she does not like the hat. Even though she tries to pretend that she does, saying that it is "bold" and "wonderful". She gives Buster a kiss, and says that the hat will be "great for a party". She then puts it back in the box.

Buster asks why she isn't putting it on, and she says that she does't want it to get dirty.

* * *

A week goes by, and at school, Buster is talking to Arthur about the hat. In a whole week, his Mom hasn't worn the hat once! Brain was right!

Yeah, mutters Buster, even about things that aren't his business...

The fact that Brain is always right doesn't particularly trouble Arthur, but it bugs Buster. Buster says that for once, he would like to see Brain be wrong about something. He gets a grim look on his face that means that we are going to see this play out.

Arthur says that he's sure Brain has been wrong on stuff plenty of times.

While this discussion has been going on, Mr. Ratburn has been returning papers. He notes that Alan got an "A". This would seem to confirm that Buster is correct.

Buster rubs his hands together and mutters that one day, Brain will slip up, and he'll be there when he does.

Buster gets his paper back. He got a "C".

* * *

Buster wanders into the ice cream shop and Brain's at the counter. Brain asks Buster if he'll have a #5 as usual.

No, says Buster, and gives Brain a complex sundae order very quickly in order to try and trip Brain up. Buster orders:

...and Buster says he is in a rush.

Brain puts it together without any fuss, and serves it up. Brain is even able to price this non-standard item quickly, saying it will be $3.75. Buster checks his notes... and finds that Brain got the order totally correct! Buster doesn't even bother to start eating the sundae, he just throws some money on the counter and walks towards the door.

As if to rub salt into the wound, Brain notes that Buster overpaid him! Buster gave him $3.95, not $3.75!

* * *

Now we're in the library. A biker is reading a book at a table.

But the real action is once again Buster trying to trip up Brain. Buster keeps running up to Brain asking him to name the capitals of European cities. Brain gives answers quickly, and Buster has to run back to confirm them, and Brain is right every time.

Buster finally thinks Brain gives him a wrong answer, but Brain is able to justify his answer, noting that Buster is using an out-of-date atlas. He then tells Buster where he can find a newer atlas version.

Brain wants to know why he is being quizzed.

* * *

At night, Buster phones Brain's house, pretending to be representing a prize giveaway, saying that Brain will win a prize if he can say what the square root of 1764 is.

Brain recognizes Buster's voice and demands to know why Buster is phoning him at 9:30 at night.

Buster quickly hangs up -- he didn't think Brain would recognize him. Then the phone rings -- it's Brain! Brain gives Buster the answer to his question -- the square root of 1764 is 42.

* * *

Later that week, Buster daydreams. Will Brain continue being right forever?

He imagines him and Buster as elderly men at at the "Shady Pines" retirement home. The two of them are arguing over something Brain had said; Buster thinks Brain finally made a mistake because it hasn't rained yet. Brain says that all he said was that it was his opinion that it looked like rain today. Opinion isn't the same as fact.

A chorus line of dancing girls comes out to sing and Brain takes part in a musical number with them, swinging an umbrella.

These answers, he's makin',
They're never mistaken,
He's Mr. Alwaysright!

Buster: I'll get you yet, Mr. Alwaysright!

Buster continues to bug Brain, trying to get him to answer a brainteaser about trains leaving cities at various times and meeting up. Brain cuts Buster off midway, saying he won't answer the question.

Buster thinks that Brain's afraid of getting it wrong. But Brain says no, he's just sick of Buster pestering him. Is Buster mad because he made a bad choice over the hat for his Mom?! Arthur told Brain that she didn't like it...

Buster has to admit that Brain's right again!

* * *

In class, Brain answers a question wrong, saying that Eiffel was famous for the Pyramids in Egypt. Mr. Ratburn seems shocked to hear Brain make a mistake -- Ratburn's eyes bog out. Mr. Ratburn says that's not even close, and asks if Brain is feeling ok.

The rest of the class start muttering to themselves -- this is shocking.

Buster does a little dance of victory, and Mr. Ratburn asks if Buster knows the answer to another question. Of course, Buster doesn't.

* * *

After class, Buster confronts Brain at his locker, wanting to know if Brain gave the wrong answer on purpose?

Brain asks what he will say if Brain says "yes".

Buster breaks down and says that he's sorry for being such a pest. He was mad because he wasn't right about the hat -- he still is.

Just then, Muffy walks past wearing one of the berets that they'd seen in the hat store. Buster asks where she got it from.

Muffy says that she got it at the "Clothing Exchange". Buzz, the owner, has a whole box of them.

* * *

At the "Clothing Exchange", it turns out that Buster was right! Buzz tells them how the hats, called "Beetle Berets" were supposed to have a bug-shaped pin attached to them, but they were discontinued because the pin kept falling off. Buzz says that a thicker thread holds the pin in just fine.

So Buster was right about the hole in the hat. There was a pin that was supposed to go in the hole -- and Brain was wrong to think it was a mothhole.

Buster says he'll buy one of these hats for his Mom.

* * *

At the ice cream store, Buster is there with his Mom; Buster is having her show off her new hat. He says that when he returned the other hat, he was able to buy a pair of gloves with the money. Buster's Mom looks happy with her revised birthday present.

Brain gives Buster's Mom a (tiny plain) ice cream in a bowl and says that this one is on the house since it's her birthday, and then gives Buster his sundae, another large one. Brain wishes Buster's Mom a happy birthday.

Buster says there's a mistake with his order; this is a #5, but Buster had ordered a #3 !

Brain was wrong again!?!?!? This time, Brain really is surprised.

Brain: My mistake!

Ha, no, Buster was just fooling! He just wanted to hear Brain say that.

Brain smiles.


Final Comments

Gee Brain, don't go overboard with those free treats on people's birthday.

I know Buster's feeling, but I didn't particularly enjoy the episode. Meh.

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