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ECDC #90202 - ''George Blows His Top''

Episode #902

  • "Francine's Big Top Trouble"
  • "George Blows His Top"

Synopsis by:

  • Dave

Comments by:

  • Dave


D.W. and Arthur's Mom are in the yard. Mom's lying on a lounger in her sun outfit and D.W.'s playing in some mud with a bucket and spade. Arthur asks Mom if he can go see the movie "Wacky Zack, the Zombie King".

Mom says no, because it's a PG-13 movie. Arthur says that Binky's Mom took him to see it. The answer is still no.

DaveArthur's parents are real sticklers for movie ratings. They wouldn't let Arthur see a James Hound movie back in #20401 - "Arthur Makes a Movie" either.

Arthur turns to us:

Arthur: "Don't you hate hearing the word no all the time?"

Binky asks Mr. Ratburn if the class can be taught outside seeing how it is Arbor Day. Mr. Ratburn says "no" and closes the blind -- so Binky can't be distracted by the outside, perhaps.

Buster and his Mom are in the kitchen. Buster is about to stick his finger in a cake when his Mom says "no". Buster then spots a container of frosting and is about to stick his finger in that when his Mom says "no". Buster leaves the room -- on the way out he grabs a cookie off a plate -- his Mom notices, says "no" and Buster puts the cookie back.

Muffy's in her Dad's office. We see her getting upset because her Dad's said no to her request for a hippo, citing the lack of room as the reason.

Arthur says that sometimes it seems like "no" is all he ever hears.

But he doesn't hear D.W. shout "no" as he walks off -- and he ends up putting a foot in her bucket and falling on his face in the mud. D.W. grumbles that she'll have to prepare a new batch of mud.

Arthur says he wishes he had heard that "no"!

George Blows His Top

In the playground at school, Francine, George, Buster, and Binky are having a contest to see who can jump off the swing while they're swinging and jump the furthest. Arthur is marking their distances in the dirt with a stick.

Binky goes, and beats Francine's distance, but Buster is still in the lead with the furthest jump. Next is George, but before he goes, Buster gives him some advice. George swings and jumps, and ends up tied with Buster.

Good job George! Then the bell rings and the five of them head back to class.

* * *

In class, Mr. Ratburn announces that since they've been doing so well as a class in multiplication, they'll have a pop quiz.

Buster asks George if he can borrow an extra pencil since he doesn't have one. George gives him his pencil. George then checks his desk and finds he doesn't have an extra pencil. Needing something to write with, he is forced to write the quiz with a piece of wax crayon.

Having wasted time loaning a pencil to Buster, George doesn't have time to finish his test and scrables to finish as Mr. Ratburn says time is up.

When Mr. Ratburn collects George's paper he says he can't read it since it's in crayon. He tells George that he should have asked for a pencil if he needed one. Mr. Ratburn tells George he can retake the test after school.

Buster thanks George for the pencil loan and tells George he "owes him one". George is displeased.

* * *

In the cafeteria line, George takes the last slice of Boston Creme Pie. Buster shows up and starts whining that that pie's his favorite and that he missed it last week too... He beams a big smile at George.

George: I don't suppose you want...

Buster says "no really, I couldn't..." but nevertheless, he Buster ends up with George's pie, and George has to settle for the alternate dessert of peaches in syrup. George deosn't like peaches in syrup.

DaveBack in #20202 - "Arthur's Lucky Pencil", when the cafeteria ran out of pie, the lucky pencil made more pie appear for Buster.

* * *

George retakes the test after class and goes to his locker. When he opens it up, he finds that instead of his letterman jacket, there's a baggy hoodie hanging in there instead.

It seems Buster waited around after class. He's wearing George's jacket. Buster thought they could trade for a while.

Buster thinks he looks cool. George agrees. George's jacket makes everyone look good, and that's why he likes it. George on the other hand, doesn't look good in Buster's hoodie. It looks like a potato sack.

Buster says that George can help himself to the candy in the pockets -- George puts his hand into a pocket as Buster walks off -- only to find a sticky lollipop covered in hairs.

* * *

George, wearing the ugly hoodie, is walking along the sidewalk with Arthur. Arthur is rambling on about the "Wacky Zack" movie, which Binky told him about. George is obviously in no mood to listen to Arthur from the look on his face.

George imagines turning into the Incredbile Hulk and setting fire to the remains of Buster's hoodie with fire breath.

They come to a street corner and Arthur, not noticing the mood George is in, asks if has the time.

George loses it.

George: Arrgh -- WHAT IS IT WITH YOU PEOPLE?! Get your own watch!

Arthur wasn't expecting that response, and mumbles that it doesn't matter...

George realizes he was acting out, and apologizes to Arthur.

* * *

George isn't actually angry with Arthur -- at The Sugar Bowl, he and Arthur have something to eat and George explains how he's ended up making several trades with Buster that he really didn't want to make.

Arthur asks why George agreed to the trades, and goes on to say that George can't keep doing this -- what if Buster wants George's shoes next?

George visualizes not having shoes on. (We see his sock have a hole in them)

George wants to say no, but what if he loses his nerve when he's talking to Buster?

Arthur suggests George practice with someone.

* * *

George, in his room, practices with his ventriloquist's dummy, Wally. But first, Wally says to play Buster, he needs ears -- so George outfits Wally with socks for ears.

George wants Wally to try and convince him to give up the juice box George has.

Wally plays off George's sympathies and easily gets George to give him the juice box. Then when Wally sees that it contains pineapple juice, he flings it across the room into the garbage, since he doesn't like that kind of juice.

Wally gloats and asks George what he'd like him to take from him next?

George says he'll go practice on his own.

* * *

George sits on his porch with a tape recorder and microphone. He speaks into the microphone saying how he sometimes feels like Buster's taking advantage of him and how it makes him feel kind of mad.

He plays the tpae back and thinks he sounds whiny.

Buster pulls up on his bicycle. George tries to hide the tape recorder behind him, but Buster sees it, and asks if he can see it. George hands it to Buster and Buster starts singing his "Baxter Day" song into the mike.

Buster asks if he can borrow it sometime.

George: (angrily) BUSTER! (crestfallen) ...sure.

Buster seems surprised that George is letting him take it -- he figured he wasn't going to be loaned the equipment now... but he loads it into his backpack.


Why does Buster need to borrow George's tape recorder? He has one just like it himself -- he uses it to play his ad in #80301 - "Arthur's Snow Biz".

Yes, I know... if he hadn't have borrowed the tape recorder, we wouldn't resolve the borrowing issue. But I'm spoiling things... Let's carry on.

Buster says that Muffy has the video game Virtual Goose version 29.2 and asks if George wants to come along and play. Virtual Goose was first seen in #60101 - "Sue Ellen Gets Her Goose Cooked".

George says no.

Buster doesn't notice George is sad. Buster beams a big smile and rides off.

* * *

Back in his room, George imagines he'll eventually give Buster everything he has.

We see Buster waving to George from the cab of a mover's truck. The truck is loaded up with everything George has, including his bed. A duck-person mover is just finishing loading the van. We see one of the movers give George the bill for doing the moving.

Buster even ends up with Wally! We see Buster cleaning Mr. Vecino's leaf-filled gutters using Wally, who he tosses in the trash when the job is done.

Later on, we see Buster and Arthur walking out of the ice cream shop with ice cream cones. Arthur asks if Buster knows where Wally is. Buster wipes his face with the sleeve of George's jacket and says Wally'll turn up. But we see Wally being loaded into a garbage truck by Francine's Dad.

George stops imagining as he hears from below Buster at the door asking George's Mom if George is at home.

George and Wally look out the window to see Buster down there, and the two of them duck down hoping Buster hasn't seen them. They think about climbing out the window to escape but decide that's a bad idea.

George and Wally see Buster has his backpack and figure he's here to take Wally away. George blocks the door with a chair pushed up against the handle.

Buster knocks on the door -- he wants to talk. George lets him in, and hands Wally to Buster, saying "try not to lose him".

Buster isn't here for Wally. Buster came to give George his stuff back!

* * *

Buster unpacks George's stuff.

Buster plays the tape on the tape recorder for George. We hear Buster apologizing for borrowing all George's stuff, saying that he didn't know how it would make George feel bad. If he'd have known, he wouldn't have done it. Then he says on the tape that George is a good friend.

Then we hear:

Funky Rabbit!
Funky Rabbit!
Funky Rabbit!
Yeah, I'm a Funnnnnkeeeee rab-bit!

Oops, Buster thought he'd recorded over that bit.

George realizes that Buster must have heard what George had recorded on the tape.

Buster says he had. No hard feelings though. The two shake hands, and Buster asks George for a favor. But it's not another loan of something! Buster says that in future, George should tell him if something is bothering him -- it will save a lot of time.

George asks if Buster still wants to go to Muffy's to play Virtual Goose.

Buster does. George says he'll meet him downstairs. Buster leaves, and George puts Wally in the closet. As he does so, Wally comments that Buster isn't such a bad guy, and wants to know if he can borrow the stuff Buster returned, like the pencil, which Wally wants to use to clean his ears out with.

George isn't going to make any trades right now though. He closes the door on the closet.



When I first saw this episode, I thought "Not another WALLY episode", and then "Not another GEORGE episode". They could have done this episode basically with any pair of characters -- a few seasons ago, this would have been a Buster & Arthur story. But George gets saddled with all the didactic episodes these days.

I feel like I really learned something important after having sat through this story.

In the end, it was just luck that solved George's problem. He didn't have to change anything about himself at all, really.

Maybe it was just me, but it seemed almost like they were trying to slip too many references into this one.

Did you notice the duck person helping with loading stuff into the van? Duck people are pretty infrequent on Arthur -- there were some in #11001 - "Arthur's Birthday".

Lollipop with hair on it: see also #10802 - "Arthur Bounces Back", #50502 - "You Are Arthur"