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Double Tibble Trouble

Episode #311

"Double Tibble Trouble" / "Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival"

Synopsis by Dave.
Comments by: Dave and Billy.


This one starts with D.W. getting ready for something. It looks like something dangerous, judging by the equipment D.W.'s going to have with her. She puts on her bike helmet, her knee pads, and has a supply of extra clothes and bandages ready.

Meanwhile, her friend Emily is also getting prepared. She picks up one of her dolls and tells it that she'd like to take it with her, but that "it's too dangerous where I'm going..."

Emily's Mom and D.W.'s Mom tell the girls to have fun.

D.W., Emily (as if acknowledging an order): Right.

* * *

When D.W. and Emily go to play with the Tibbles, they have to wear lots of protective equipment just because the Tibble twins are so hyperactive.

...In the very beginning, D.W. and Emily are going over the Tibble's, and they're all geared up. When the door opens, you see a shot of them with their hair blown back, and their goggles on. This is an allusion to the movie "Fat man and Little Boy", when they detonate the first test bomb. The actors are wearing similar garb as D.W. and Emily. The camera is facing the actors, and you see the bomb flash in their goggles, and then you see their hair fly back, and the wind pushing them back. I guess the idea is that two Tibbles are equivalent to an atomic bomb :)

The Tibbles only like loud and dangerous games and activities. When D.W. and Emily suggest a quiet game of "Tower of Cows", the Tibbles turn it into a screaming contest.

Another of the Tibble's games is "biplane". ('biplane''s twice as good as 'plane plane') The Tibbles piggyback and pretend to be a biplane by holding out their arms. Then they run around "flying" before making deliberate crash landings into D.W. and Emily, who are gasoline tanks. The Tibbles get annoyed when D.W. and Emily don't join in by making explosion sounds.

Playing with the Tibbles is really stressful, and not much fun.

D.W. and Emily talk about the Tibble's behavior. The girls note that Timmy seems to be the motivating force behind the Tibble's bad behavior. On his own, Tommy's ok, but when they're together, Timmy starts acting badly, which causes Tommy to act up as well.

D.W.'s still thinking of this when she's going to bed. She sees a red light in the sky, and thinking it's a "big red star", she makes a wish.

D.W.: If only Tommy was the only Tibble.

Then she finds out the "big red star" was only a low-flying helicopter. D.W. knows you can't wish on helicopters, so she figures she's stuck with the Tibbles the way they are.

* * *

The next day in preschool, Tommy's not looking very happy. He tells Miss Morgan that Timmy's sick, and can't come to preschool today.

D.W. tells Emily about the wish she made on the helicopter. Could it have come true? Emily says she made the same wish in regards to the Tibbles with a wishbone at dinner last night.

* * *

Whether a result of a wishbone wish, a wish on a helicopter, or just conicidence, Timmy is indeed sick. Tommy comes in from school to see his sick brother, who's up in bed. Timmy's feeling woozy, but Tommy wants to play.

Timmy: Urrgh.

* * *

Emily and D.W. come over to play with Tommy. As they figured, on his own, Tommy's quite quiet. It appears that Tommy's missing having his twin brother around -- he doesn't look happy.

Emily and D.W. try to cheer him up with a game of "Tower of Cows" in the yard. Now they can play it properly.

Grandma Tibble brings out some snacks for the kids, and goes back into the house. The snacks are packaged chocolate cupcakes (like the Hostess® type, two to a package) Emily and D.W. share a package. Tommy takes one out of another package, and looks at the one remaining in the wrapper.

Sadly, Tommy comments that one of the cupcakes should be Timmy's.

Timmy's asleep up in his room though.

Timmy takes the cupcake out of the wrapper, and hurls it skyward.

It hits the window of Timmy's room, and slides down, and falls to the ground. Inside, Timmy wakes up after hearing the sound of the cupcake hitting the window, and half-asleep, he sees the splattered mess of the cupcake oozing down his window. He looks surprised.

Outside, Tommy's sad that his attempt to share the cupcakes with his brother doesn't seem to have worked.

Tommy: I thought the window was open.

* * *

D.W. and Emily notice how listless and sad Tommy is becoming without Timmy.

They decide to cheer him up by going with him to the "Elwood City Street Fair". (This was the big street fair where Baby Kate and Pal spent their time worrying about balloons in #11202 - "Arthur's Lost Dog".)

It doesn't work though. Tommy isn't having fun.

When Tommy goes over to a hall of mirrors, D.W. and Emily have a great idea. Tommy's sad since his brother isn't around to enjoy the fair with him. So what if THEY were to take on the role of the missing Timmy? They agree that this is what they'll do, and lick and stick their thumbs together to make it a deal.

D.W. goes over to the mirror next to Tommy, and she says she bets she has a bigger mouth than Tommy. They then get into a contest to see who can make the funnier face in the distorting mirrors.

That does the trick. Tommy perks up a lot.

* * *

So D.W. and Emily become Tommy's "foster-Tibble", doing all the stupid stuff that Timmy would do, were he able to.

They play "biplane".
D.W. (after a particularly grueling "flight"): Thank you for flying D.W.A., everybody off the plane...
They have Tommy over at their homes, and they do all the dumb stuff they'd do at the Tibbles, like screaming contests.
This gets on Arthur's nerves, but he's got his own worries. He's told he has to practice for an upcoming piano recital by Mom, as "you remember what happened last time"... (We all do: #20801 - "Arthur vs. the Piano".)

* * *

All of this "Tibbling" takes its toll on the girls. They start to lose their voices from screaming for such long periods. D.W. gets in trouble for yelling at the dinner table. (She forgot she wasn't with Tommy!)

They think about quitting. They want to help Tommy, but it's too hard. D.W. says she feels like she's been running for "1000 billion hours".

They make a pact to quit together.

As they walk to the Tibbles house to tell Tommy the bad news, they figure that quitting IS the only reasonable course of action.

Emily: Then why do I feel so rotten?

D.W. feels the same way. She doesn't want to disappoint Tommy, but they have to be rational. They can't do it. They're simply not Tibbles.

D.W.: It's like they're a completely different animal!

Even though Emily says she feels "lower than a bug under a brig", they ring the doorbell to tell Tommy the bad news.

Only it isn't Tommy who answers the door, it's Timmy.

Timmy says that D.W. and Emily are "the best friends ever" for playing with Tommy while he was sick. Timmy says he felt really ill (he even dreamed cupcakes attacked his room) and he's glad that the girls played with Tommy. If they didn't, Tommy would probably have done nothing but cry all day.

Tommy said that while Timmy was ill, the girls played all their favorite games, like

...but now, Tommy's sick. He caught whatever Timmy had.

Timmy has a big smile on his face... the obvious question is "Can you play with me the way you played with my brother?"

D.W. (to Emily): I'll take the first shift...

Emily: Thanks.

Timmy: Who wants to be a biplane!?

D.W. (in a resigned, long-suffering voice): Me, me...



I found the quotes about "Tibbling" and working shifts funny. :)

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