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D.W. Thinks Big

Episode #125

"D.W. Thinks Big" / "Arthur Cleans Up"

Synopsis by Dave. Comments by Dave, Rob, HFein and Sarah.

As you'll be able to see from all of the comments from this episode, discussing episodes in a forum like this can help viewers pick up stuff they don't get. Viewers like me for example. :)


We're at Arthur's house. The "Wedding March" is being played on the piano.

Duhn Duhn Dah Duhn...

Arthur's in his good suit and he's practicing carrying a ring on a cushion in the living room.

Arthur: Hi. I can't talk for long. Aunt Lucy's getting married today.

Arthur's the ring bearer for the wedding and he's practicing, since it's important he do it right.

Arthur explains how his family's been planning for the big day all week. In Arthur's family, it would appear that D.W.'s the most excited of all... during the week she put conducted a ceremony and married the toaster and the blender...

The whole family is in town and Aunt Jessica and Uncle Richard are staying at the Read's before the wedding.

Arthur: The big day is almost here, but with it comes...

Cousin Cora.

We see Cousin Cora arriving at the Read house along with her parents. Cousin Cora has curly hair, sort of like Prunella's, and is your typical spoiled brat, and starts acting as such almost from the minute we first see her.

She waltzes into D.W.'s room.

Cora: It's beautiful.

(D.W. decorated her room for the wedding with streamers) Cora thinks it's been decorated specifically for her.

Cora starts waffling about how she kind of deserves this...

Cora: After all, I am the flower girl for the wedding.

D.W.: Humph...

Looks like D.W. isn't particularly pleased with Cora's announcement. Also, it looks like Cora's appropriated D.W.'s room for herself.

Cora: Uh oh, D.W.. Where are you going to sleep?

* * * D.W. Thinks Big * * *

D.W. and Cora are sharing a room. D.W.'s having to sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag; Cora gets D.W.'s bed. D.W.'s not miffed though, she's still being friendly... she'd like to know if Cora would like to play dolls with her. D.W. has her soft Madame Curie doll out. Would Cora like to play? Cora looks up from what she's doing; unpacking her suitcase on D.W.'s bed. Cora doesn't have time for baby toys.

Cora asks D.W. a couple of questions:

No, admits D.W., Madame Curie doesn't... but she's an inventor!

Cora thinks that's babyish too.

Cora: I don't have any time to play.

(Make a note, Cora's ideal doll would be a bikini clad, tanning doll that wets itself.)

Cora's getting annoyed with D.W. and her childish diversions.

Cora: the flower girl I have a lot to do.

Cora's busy schedule includes unpacking her suitcase and making a big show out of each individual "grown-up" thing she's got for the big occasion. She makes a big deal out of showing each thing, for D.W.'s benefit, it would appear. Or perhaps it's just to make D.W. jealous.

D.W. tries to counter by showing something grown up that she has. D.W. shows Cora her purse -- it has 31 pennies in it. Cora ignores D.W. and goes on unpacking.

Very impressive...

D.W.: Huh.

Cora: ...and see what Aunt Lucy gave me!

A slightly tacky gold heart shaped pendant on a white string necklace with a gold clasp. Cora makes a big deal over how precious it thing is...

Cora: It's real gold.

Kinda cheap-o gold, since the clasp busts on the spot as D.W.'s handling it. Cora starts wailing. Then she blames D.W. for breaking it. Which is patently not true!

Cora: Now look what you made me do.

Cora goes downstairs sniveling. She whines at her Mom, who's talking with D.W.'s mom at the dinner table.

Cora: Look what she did Mommy.

D.W.'s rubuked, and told she mustn't play rough with Cora's things. I think Mom knows D.W.'s in the clear this time, but she's keeping quiet about it, since Cora's family are guests; it would be impolite.) D.W. says she didn't do it, which is totally correct.

Cora: Yes you did, you ruined it!

* * *

Cora's mood changes to one of being mopey that night at bedtime. Her attitude towards the decor in D.W.'s room's changed too... Aunt Jessica comes in that night to tuck her darling daughter into bed.

Cora: Can I sleep with you. The awful colors hurt my eyes.

Precious Cora isn't moved out, but her Mom comments that it's important that Cora try to get a good night's sleep.

Cora's Mom: You need your sleep. You have a very important job in the wedding tomorrow.

Cora (getting comfortable under the covers): That's right, I do.

D.W.'s having to sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag. Mom tucks her in as well. D.W. has a request before she goes off to sleep.

D.W.: Mom, can I have deodorant?

Mom: Heh heh heh... In the morning, honey.

* * *

D.W. wakes up early the next morning. Today's the day of the wedding. D.W. knows this, and wants everyone else to know it too. She bounds out of her room.

D.W.: The wedding! Wedding Day! Wedding Day! It's Wedding Day!

Mom and Dad have been turfed out of their room so that Jessica and Richard can sleep in their bed. After having had to sleep on the couch in the living room all night, they get an early unwanted wake up call when D.W. bounds downstairs to tell them that it's wedding day...

* * *

Everyone in D.W.'s family are dressed up in their good clothes. Mom, D.W., and Arthur are in the living room. Arthur wants to practice his ring bearer duties: Walking slowly, head raised slightly, carrying the ring...

Mom takes off her ring, and hands it to Arthur so he can practice walking along with it on a small pillow.

Mom: Here you go, but be careful. You can practice with this.

D.W.: Why can't I carry the ring?

D.W.'s told gently that the ringbearer is traditionally a boy... and Arthur points out that besides, D.W.'s too little.

Mom plays the wedding march on the piano (Who knew she could play the piano? Then again, it isn't too hard to pound out the wedding march...) as Arthur walks up and down in the living room carrying the ring on the pillow. His job's really important, and it's crucial (to him) that he does it perfectly.

D.W.: Don't I get to do anything?

Mom: You'll get your chance when you're older...

Mom hopes to make D.W. feel better with this comment, but D.W. is annoyed with the fact that everyone has a useful contribution to the wedding preparations except her.

D.W.: There must be something I can do...

* * *

In the kitchen, Dad's hard at work, trying to finish some of the catering for the wedding while at the same time, doing his tie. dads doing his tie, making food.

Dad doesn't really notice as D.W. rides past on her tricycle.

He does notice however when D.W. tries to stand on the seat of her tricycle in order to reach up to put the bride and groom ornament on top of the wedding cake. D.W.'s balancing pretty precariously...

D.W. says she was just trying to help.

Dad doesn't need D.W.'s help.

* * *

D.W. tries to help Aunt Jessica and Uncle Richard upstairs, but it isn't appreciated.

Aunt Jessica is doing her makeup.

D.W.: Your nose looks a little shiny, Aunt Jessica.

D.W. wants to help. She's messes with Aunt Jessica's makeup stuff.

D.W.: Oops.

Aunt Jessica sends D.W. out into the hallway.

D.W.: I was just trying to help.

* * *

D.W. goes into the bathroom. Uncle Richard's shaving.

D.W.: You need some more shaving cream.

D.W. takes the shaving cream can and accidentally sprays Uncle Richard's pants with shaving cream.

D.W.'s sent out of the bathroom, and the door is shut on her.

D.W.: I was just trying to...

Nobody wants D.W.'s help. She feels like a fifth wheel.

* * *

A delivery van pulls up to the house, and D.W.'s Mom receives a large long box with "Flowers 'R' Us" marked on it from the aardvark delivery man.

D.W.'s Mom starts to unpack the contents of the box, which contains flowers for all of the wedding party. Cousin Cora, as the flower girl, gets a special crown made of flowers. Cora's called in to receive her crown and she starts cooing over it, saying how beautiful it is.

Cora's not the only one who gets flowers, Arthur gets a flower to wear in his lapel. D.W. asks Mom if there's anything in the box for her.

D.W.: What do I get?

Mom's sorry, but only members of the wedding party get flowers. Cora walks around the living room with her crown and her Mom fawns over her.

Jessica: Doesn't she look wonderful?

Cora strikes a "aren't I wonderful" pose.

Cora continues to emphasize the fact that she has a very important job in the wedding.

* * *

D.W. and her family are heading to the wedding in Dad's catering delivery van with all of the food. Arthur's riding shotgun with Dad, and D.W. and Mom are in the back. D.W.'s still slightly jealous about not getting a part to play in the wedding, but she's not throwing a tantrum or anything. In fact, she's behaving very well, all things considered.

D.W.: Maybe Cora will get sick.

In the front seat, Arthur's worrying about his important job...

* * *

The Read's pull up to the church in the van, and park behind a black limousine. There are already a lot of guests milling around, mostly friends by the look of things, but there are relatives around too -- Uncle Dave's here. D.W. did some extensive henhouse renovations for him in #11502 - "Grandpa Dave's Old Country Farm" .)

Grandpa Dave is inside the church. A young rabbit kid walks up to him. Dave waves to him, and the kid runs off.

D.W. walks up to Grandpa Dave. Grandpa Dave's pleased to see D.W..

Grandpa Dave: Well holy moly, how's my little sweet pea?

D.W.'s pleased that at last someone's making a fuss over her -- Cora's been stealing the show the last couple of days... Oh look, here she is.

Cora: I'm here, I'm here everybody.

Grandpa Dave says that Cora looks as "cute as a button", and leaves D.W. where she is in favor of going to see the wedding party's photos being taken. D.W.'s left on her own again! Even Grandpa Dave got sucked in by Cora's charm...

* * *

The photographer is the same terrible rabbit one that took the crumby photos in #10102 - "Francine's Bad Hair Day", and who took the Woogle-based class photo in Arthur's dream in #30701 - "Arthur Rides the Bandwagon".

Aunt Lucy's in her wedding gown, and the photographer tells her to smile so he can take some photos. She smiles, and he takes some. Thinking the photos are done, Lucy stops smiling, and looks slightly sad. The photographer takes another photo. Realizing this, Lucy smiles again, and another photo is taken. Then she makes a bit of a confused face, and another photo is taken...

Everytime I see this bit, I think it's hilariously funny.

Then the photographer prepares to take a group photo of the entire wedding party. He looks through the viewfinder.

Suddenly filling the viewfinder is a frowning D.W.!

Photographer: Are you lost little girl?

D.W.: I'm not little, and I'm not lost.

D.W.'s escorted out of the room so the rest of the photos can be taken. As she exits the room, D.W. has one last comment.

D.W.: Aunt Lucy, next time you get married, can I help?

There's laughter as D.W. leaves...

* * *

The wedding procession starts. The church is packed, and the wedding march is being played, this time on a big pipe organ. D.W. is sitting in the pews with Mom and Dad. D.W. says that when she gets married, she's going to ensure that anyone who wants to help out can do so.

Meanwhile, at the back of the church, Cora's busy being a jerk, not doing anything to boost Arthur's confidence. Cora says it's important that Arthur do his job right, otherwise...

Cora:'ll ruin the whole wedding!

Gee, I bet that sure boosted Arthur feel good. Time to get this show on the road. Cora walks down the aisle smiling, hurling flowers into the air from her little basket. One hits a rabbit guy in the eye.

Arthur follows, trying to remember to keep his head up, walking in time to the music, etc. Arthur's talking to himself. Cora notices this and gets angry with him. Arthur's not smiling...

Cora: SMILE!

Cora elbows Arthur, or he trips, or something... anyway, thanks to Cora wrecking Arthur's concentration, Arthur trips, and there's a slow motion shot of the ring flying off the cushion. It goes up into the air in a high parabolic arc. Everyone seated in the church sees the ring flying through the air.

The ring comes back down, and falls into one of the pipes of the organ. It rattles and clunks around inside, and falls into the body of the organ. We see the ring bounce to a stop in a corner deep within the bowels of the organ.

There's gasps and worried mutterings from the gathered wedding guests in the pews. Everyone's seen and heard just happened, including D.W..

D.W.: Wow.

The ring needs to be fished out of the organ somehow, since without it, the wedding is kind of stalled... but who can get it out? Uncle Dave thinks he can do it. He gets up from his seat near the back of the church and walks down the aisle to the front where there's a small crowd gathered around the organ, including Cora and Arthur.

Grandpa Dave: Ok, alright, don't have a conniption!

Dave climbs up on the organ and sticks his arm into the pipe that the ring fell down. He roots around, but can't feel the ring. Then when he tries to free his arm from the pipe, his arm gets stuck.

Grandpa Dave: Isn't that the darnedest thing?

Uncle Dave asks if anybody's got a little bear grease... then he manages to get his arm unstuck. So that's one panic over, but the ring is still lost inside the organ. It's noted that there's an access panel on the side of the organ, a small rectangular door about a foot and a half square. If someone could fit through here, they could crawl around inside and look for the ring.

Arthur's too big.

How about Cora?

Cora has a look inside. Inside there are lots of grey pipes, and most notably, a spider web.

Cora: No way. it's dirty in there.

Cora's Mom: Don't you worry. You don't have to go into that filthy old organ.

D.W. gets up from her seat.

D.W.: How about me? I can do it!

Uncle Dave: Thattagirl, D.W.!

D.W. walks to the front of the church, hands her purse (the one with the 31 pennies in it) to her brother,

D.W.: Please hold this, Arthur.

...and crawls into the depths of the organ. As Jessica said, it is rather a filthy organ. It's cramped, and dirty, and there are quite a few spiderwebs and spiders...

D.W. startles some of them and they scuttle off. D.W. gasps.

D.W. spots the ring in the corner. It sparkles and shines in the dim light. D.W. crawls towards it, and in doing so, her hand presses down on a bellows, which makes a loud ominous note.

Outside, everyone's beginning to worry about D.W. being inside the organ -- they heard the bellows being depressed, and they hear D.W.'s gasps and coughs from inside. But hurrah! D.W. emerges from the organ with the ring in her hand. The wedding is saved! And all thanks to D.W. being the right size to fit in the organ.

Arthur gives up his ring bearer duties to D.W.. Nobody has a problem with this, apart from Cora, who makes a face, but she doesn't say anything. It wouldn't matter if she did anyway.

The wedding proceeds, Aunt Lucy marries a nice aardvark guy, and everyone is very happy.

* * *

The wedding ceremony over, Aunt Lucy and her husband are about to go out to their waiting limousine. Aunt Lucy meets up with D.W..

Aunt Lucy: We couldn't have done it without you.

She gives D.W. a kiss.

* * *

The limousine's about to drive off. D.W.'s family is on one side of the limousine, and the rest of the wedding guests are all gathered on the other side.

D.W. has one last thing to say to the happy couple, headed off on their honeymoon. She shouts it as the limousine heads off.

D.W.: If you lose anything, just call me...



Little Things...

Aardvark Shaving

Uncle Richard getting a shave might seem weird, but it's quite correct -- Aardvark men do shave, or else have beards.

Aunt Lucy.

I think Aunt Lucy must be from Mom's side of the family. She looks a bit like Arthur's Mom, apart from the fact she's blonde.
[IMAGE: Aunt Lucy]

The Read Hotel

How did the Reads end up putting up what seems like all the wedding guests? Isn't there a motor lodge in Elwood City? Since no one other than Grandma Thora seem to even live in town, why was the wedding even held there?

My sister is getting married in 5 days, so I know a lot about house guests. For some reason, people like staying with the family that has the wedding near them! I guess they think they can "help out" with the wedding preparations. That's why people don't stay in motor lodges, hotels, etc. In truth they just make more messes and dishes to be cleaned! The wedding is held near the Reads because (this is a guess) maybe they are the relatives Aunt Lucy likes, or maybe she just wants to be married at a specific church (perhaps the one that Grandpa Dave was married at? Who knows!). Well, that's all that I can think of!

Again, good point. This isn't the last time the last time the Reads play the gracious hosts:

It's not only Arthur's family that's done this. Muffy stayed at Francine's in #12602 - "Poor Muffy"... Maybe the reason that everyone's doing this is because like Muffy's Mom, they all feel that the local hotel, "The Elwood Arms" is a "tacky place".

HFein's right about it being weird that the wedding is being held in Elwood City -- in #20702 - "Night Fright", we learn that Aunt Lucy's house is far enough away that during a rainstorm, Arthur's parents chose to stay the night at her place rather than venture home. So it must be some distance away.

Actually I think that you guys forgot that this is episode #125 - and Aunt Lucy just got married. The Reads were probably visiting her and her husband's new house in #20702 - "Night Fright"; maybe Aunt Lucy lived in the area before...

Cora the Terrible.

Cora's one of the worst mannered characters yet on Arthur. Strange how her family could be so unpleasant; almost the polar opposite to D.W.'s. I'm not the only one who thinks so...

HFein had this to say:

Cousin Cora and her mother are definitely down there among most disliked characters, even if they are one-shots. As houseguests, you shouldn't berate and walk all over your hosts!

Rob's working on writing fan fiction stories featuring the characters from Arthur... He doesn't like Cora either:

I'll use Mimi Bobeck from the Drew Carey show as a model for Cousin Cora...

One last thing... How come Cousin Cora wasn't encountered at the family reunion in #10902 - "Arthur's Cousin Catastrophe"? She's almost as big a thorn in D.W.'s side in this episode as Mo had been to Arthur previously in that episode.

I think the reason is because that family reunion was for the father's side of the family, and Cousin Cora is on Arthur's mother side.

Oh yeah. Now it makes sense, having never had a family reunion, I didn't think of that. Duh! :)

Last but not least...

BTW, this was a good episode - I liked the way they blocked out the kiss at the end of the ceremony... :). Perfect for kids, but its now official that Arthur's family is some sort of Christian right? I dunno, I was hoping that this show wouldn't get into religion, oh well...

I enjoyed this episode too. Phew, that's a lot of comments!

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