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Arthur's Baby

Episode #111

"Arthur's Baby" / "D.W.'s Baby"

Comments by Dave, synopsis by Dave and HFein.
#11102 - "D.W.'s Baby" includes a rehash of the climax of this episode.


It's Baby Kate's first birthday, and the Reads are having a party for her in the garden, with a cupcake with a single candle in it for Baby Kate. Everyone wishes her a happy birthday. Arthur turns to talk to us about babies.

Arthur: Babies do some dopey things.

Arthur cites some examples.

Baby Buster

Buster as a baby is out grocery shopping with his Mom. As Mom pushes the shopping cart down the aisle, Buster grabs things off the shelves and starts sucking them. First Buster grabs an apple. When Mom notices him doing this, she stops it at once.

Bitzi Baxter: Oh goodness, no, stop!

Mom thinks she's solved things, but as soon as the cart moves again, Buster grabs a leafy vegetable. Then when that gets taken away, Buster grabs a cardboard box and starts to suck on that.

Baby Emil

Baby Emil's Mom gets mad at him after she catches him scrawling on the walls with a crayon. What's he done? Pictures?

No, math problems like 6 x 8 = 48, with a backwards 6.

Emil is Mr. Ratburn. :)

Baby Jane and Baby David

Arthur even imagines his parents playing in a sandbox when they were babies.

Baby Mom has the ubiquitous hair... she waggles a finger at us:

Baby Mom: Cwean your woom!

Yeah, Arthur must admit that babies can do some dumb stuff. But Kate's no longer really a baby now that she's one. Arthur says he's going to miss Kate not being a baby anymore.

D.W. disagrees. No he isn't.

They argue.

D.W.: You didn't even like Kate when she was a baby.

D.W. remembers what happened when they first got Kate.

* * * Arthur's Baby * * *

We're in the dining room. Sitting on the table is a nice fresh bunch of grapes.

But not for long. Arthur and D.W. spot the grapes, and each of them start scoffing the grapes as fast as they can. They each try to eat as many as they can as quickly as possible.

All of a sudden they both stop.

duh! duh! duh! (Psycho-esque sound)

Each of them see that there's just one solitary grape left on the stalk.

Each of them try and pounce on it. The grape is launched up into the air. Since Arthur's taller, he figures he'll have the advantage when it comes down, but D.W. leans over and catches it in her mouth first. Arthur's miffed at not getting the last grape, but D.W. figures she's entitled to the grape, since she needs it more than Arthur. According to her, the only reason he's so much bigger than her is that he's:

D.W.: ...full of so much food!

Arthur comes out with a dumb comment.

Arthur: Remove all little sisters, that's my idea of perfect.

Anyway, the grape contest is totally forgotten about when Mom and Dad walk into the room. They look happy. They tell Arthur and D.W. they have a surprise for them.

A surprise?

Mom doesn't react the way she did to this kind of a comment in #40902 - "Buster's Best Behavior" ...probably because she's in such a good mood.

The surprise is that Mom's going to have a baby!

D.W. starts to bounce about doing cartwheels.

D.W.: Baby, baby, baby, yeah, baby, baby, baby, oh baby, baby, baby, baby!

Mom says that the baby's not due for another six months. (Mom doesn't look particularly pregnant.) That will give the family time to get ready for the new member of the Read household.

* * *

All of Arthur's friends help Arthur get ready, by being really nasty and causing him to worry.

In gym class in school, Binky's wrestling Arthur. Binky pins Arthur. As Arthur's trapped, Binky starts talking and laughing at Arthur about the impeding arrival of the new baby. Binky says that babies cry a lot, and that Arthur had better get himself some earplugs.

Arthur imagines. At the dinner table, he asks his parents to pass him the salt, but they can't hear over the sound of the baby's screaming.

A fire engine (Engine #19) goes past outside with its siren blaring, but the sound of the crying is so loud that the firemen put their hands over their ears to drown out the crying... she's worse than the fire engine's siren!

Everyone's out in a pool. Brain's in the water, Buster and Francine are on the ledge by the pool, and Muffy is standing on the diving board. She tells Arthur he's going to have to put up with the smell of dirty diapers. That produces a bit of mirth; Arthur starts imagining how he's going to deal with this.

Arthur imagines Buster helping him out: Buster's taken an old booth, and fastened it to Arthur's face with a length of rope tied around and around, so the boot is really secure. Now Arthur won't have to smell any dirty diapers, since the boot covers his nose.

Ok, except that Arthur's having trouble breathing!

Buster struggles to pull the boot off of Arthur's face. He yanks it off, and goes flying with a crash. Arthur sits on a bed, puffing and panting.

Not all of Arthur's friends see the new baby as trouble for Arthur. Buster suggests to Arthur that perhaps having a baby around the house could be a good thing for Arthur. She could do something useful...

Buster: earn money for you!

Arthur imagines being dressed up as a ringmaster. He presents "The Amazing Baby" to a crowd of people. A baby aardvark stands on the stage and starts juggling two bowling pins and a baby bottle. Then the baby starts drinking out of the bottle while continuing to juggle the two bowling pins in her other hand.

Arthur passes around his top hat and gets lots of money.

Or maybe she could be useful in other ways...

Arthur lies on his bed, while the baby sits at Arthur's desk; there are big stacks of papers -- the baby's been busy. Arthur says that once that's done, she can do his report on Magellan for him.

The baby turns to look at him, wearing glasses, with a "why me" look on her face. :)

In school as they walk down the hall, Buster and Francine continue to talk about what it'll be like to have a baby around. They figure that Arthur will start talking baby talk.

Arthur's playing football. He gets tackled, and falls to the ground. Arthur doesn't get up immediately, and everyone starts to crowd around him, including the coach, Mr. Marco. Mr. Marco asks if Arthur's alright.

Arthur says he's not alright...

Arthur (in a baby talk voice): I've got an ouchie-booboo!
Everyone, including Mr. Marco starts laughing.

Arthur's football teammates make some clever, witty remarks.

Francine (master of the obvious): Arthur talks like a baby!

Binky: ...and he smells like diapers too!

Arthur wakes up. Ahh! Thank goodness. All that embarassing stuff was just a bad dream.

Mom walks into Arthur's room to check on her son. Arthur's sitting up in bed.

Mom (now obviously pregnant...) says to Arthur that she knows why he's having trouble sleeping. He must be excited that the baby is coming soon, and it's keeping him awake.. She tells him she's excited about it too.

Arthur (trying to go back to sleep): Yeah, it's all I think about...

Mom quietly leaves Arthur to go back to sleep.

* * *

Arthur continues to worry. But he figures he's ready for whatever negative impacts the new baby will create.

Buster and Arthur are out flying kites in the park. A mom goes past with a stroller with three babies in it.

Buster: What if your Mom has more than one?

More than one baby?!?! Arthur hadn't thought of that scenario!

Arthur suddenly imagines sitting on a couch with one baby crying. Then another materializes. Then more, and more! Soon Arthur is surrounded by about a dozen screaming babies.

It doesn't bear thinking about.

* * *

One afternoon, Arthur comes in from school, dumps his coat on the floor in the front hall, and goes into the living room. Mom's sitting on the couch, and D.W. has been busy; the floor is littered in dolls and toys all dressed up in diapers. D.W. has a doctor's outfit on. She's been practicing for when the baby arrives, practicing her diapering.

Arthur gasps in horror as he spots his Bionic Bunny action figure decked out in a diaper.

Arthur quickly picks it up and berates D.W. for putting the diaper on Bionic Bunny.

Arthur and D.W.'s attention is drawn to the television. Mom was just watching a tape of what Arthur and D.W. were like when they were babies. Mom says that Arthur was such a cute baby...

D.W. What went wrong?

* * *

Mom's in her room, packing a suitcase.

D.W. wonders what Mom's up to. Mom explains how the baby is due any day now. So she's got to be ready to go to the hospital at any time.

D.W. goes back to her room and returns with something for Mom to take with her to the hospital. It's a framed photograph of a contented looking D.W..

According to D.W., having this photo with her will help Mom "make another perfect kid".

* * *

It's the weekend, and Arthur and D.W. come down the stairs for breakfast. They race each other down the stairs, by sitting down and bumping down step by step on their backsides. D.W. wins the race, but Arthur disagrees. They squabble a little, and head into the kitchen to see what's for breakfast.

Grandma Thora's there! They didn't expect her to be cooking breakfast! She's making blueberry pancakes.

Arthur and D.W. tell her she's in the wrong house. Grandma Thora says that Mom and Dad had to go to the hospital, so while they're away, she'll be looking after them. Then she tells them that they have a new baby sister!

A new baby sister! D.W. starts cartwheeling.

Arthur: Oh brother...

D.W.: Oh sister!

* * *

D.W. and Arthur are in the hospital with Dad, looking into room with a number of infants all in seperate little cots.

Which one is theirs? Dad points out their baby -- her name is Kate!

Kate stares at them through the window. She looks pretty much like the rest of the Reads, with an oval-shaped head.

D.W. says she has Arthur's nose.

Baby Kate starts crying. She has a big mouth.

Arthur says she has D.W.'s mouth.

(she has Dad's hair) :)

* * *

We're back at the Read's house. Mom and Dad are bringing home the baby today. Arthur and D.W. are waiting for them in the living room. D.W.'s been watching for their car through the window. When she sees it arrive, before Mom and Dad get to the door, D.W. jumps off the couch, where she'd been standing, and rushes to the the front door to greet Mom, Dad, and Kate.

Mom and Dad comment that it's nice to be back as they come in.

* * *

Like when Arthur and D.W. were babies, Mom and Dad make a video about Baby Kate. Dad films Mom with Kate in the living room.

Mom asks Arthur if he'd like to hold her.

Baby Kate had been quiet while Mom was holding her, but as soon as Arthur's holding her, she starts crying. Arthur reacts in his usual under-control way... no, actually, he panics.

Arthur: MOM! MOM!

D.W. comments that Baby Kate doesn't cry when she holds her.

* * *

Arthur starts to worry that Baby Kate doesn't like him.

Arthur tiptoes into Baby Kate's room in his pajamas one night. As soon as he enters the room, Baby Kate starts crying.

Arthur rushes out of Baby Kate's room. That would confirm it; Baby Kate doesn't like him.

* * *

In school, Arthur discusses how Baby Kate's been reacting negatively to him. Arthur, Francine, and Buster walk along.

Francine: Whattdaya mean she hates you?

Arthur explains how whenever he's around Baby Kate, she starts crying. So therefore, she must not like him. It's as simple as that.

George walks past.

* * *

We're back at the Read's. Arthur and D.W. (still wearing her nurse's outfit) are just kind of standing around with Mom and Baby Kate in the living room. Mom says that she has to go upstairs to get something. She hands Baby Kate over to Arthur. She'll only be a few minutes, so she leaves Arthur in charge of Kate.

Arthur doesn't want to make Kate cry, since he's sure she hates him. But she looks like she's about to cry any second. What could be wrong with her?

Arthur looks around. He notices Baby Kates' dummy/pacifier/soother is on the ground. Arthur picks it up. Maybe this will keep her happy? Arthur gingerly picks up the soother and is about to stick it in Baby Kate.

Arthur: Here, y-y-you dropped this.

D.W. is shocked. Arthur giving Kate a dirty soother? D.W. grabs it off of him before he gives Baby Kate a mouthful of germs.

D.W.: It has to be sterbilized!

D.W. runs off with it, leaving Arthur with Baby Kate.

Arthur's worried. He just knows Baby Kate's going to cry.

While Arthur holds Baby Kate in the living room, the doorbell rings. D.W. answers the door. It's Buster and Francine, wondering if Arthur can go play with them. D.W. invites them in.

D.W.: Would you like to come in and see my baby?

They sure would! Buster and Francine come in to see Kate. She's a real crowd pleaser -- Buster and Francine like her immediately.

Francine: She looks just like me when I was a baby!

Baby Kate starts crying uncontrolably at this point. Arthur doesn't know what to do, and just stands there holding the screaming Kate. Francine doesn't think that this is particularly good practice.

Francine: Arthur, Aren't you going to help!?

Arthur wants Baby Kate to be quiet, but he has no idea of what's wrong with her. "Nurse" D.W. claims she knows what's wrong. She figures Baby Kate needs a fresh diaper. D.W. goes off to go get one.

Arthur tries to comfort Baby Kate, who instead of getting quieter, is getting louder and louder. He puts her over his shoulder, and starts patting her.

Arthur burps Baby Kate.

She stops crying and starts smiling, and nuzzles Arthur's shoulder. That's what was wrong -- she just had gas. Arthur's a hero.

D.W. rushes in with Mom. Is everything all right?

Buster says that Arthur burped Baby Kate just when "she was about to explode!"

Baby Kate drools on Arthur's cheek.

Buster: Ooh, gross! She's spitting on him!

Francine: She is not, she's kissing him!

So that's that. Baby Kate doesn't hate Arthur, and Arthur likes Baby Kate.

The End.


I've made this comment about a billion times -- I wouldn't like to give birth to a reindeer baby sporting a full rack of antlers... I'd imagine that would be uncomfortable to say the least. :)

Francine's comment about Baby Kate looking the way she did when she was a baby is interesting. For one thing, note that Arthur and Francine's heads are very different in shape. :)

Francine and Catherine can't guess a surprise either in #31302 - "Francine and the Feline". In short, it's a waste of time trying to get Arthur or his friends to guess at things. :)

Note that Brain's having fun in the pool in this episode -- kind of flies in the face of the events in #21301 - "Water and the Brain"...

Arthur's gang are often very mean to him in a couple of Season One episodes, often extremely so -- see #12401 - "Arthur's Tooth".

A little bit of the ol' bodily function humour in this one. Dirty diapers. Ho ho ho. See also:

I too noticed that in the fantasy sequence of Arthur's parents as kids, Mom has the same chin-length curly bob. It's interesting how most of the females in the series have human-like hairstyles and accessories (enough with the two barettes already, Francine!), except for Fern who just has a bow on top of a few stray strands. The boys, if not completely bald like Arthur, just have a few strands on top. Mr. Frensky has a fringe in back and Mr. Crosswire has a full head- but then he could easily afford a toupee. Strangely, when D.W. imagines a teenaged Arthur stuffing his face in #12402 - "D.W. Gets Lost", he has a handful of unruly tresses up there.

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