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D.W. the Copycat

Episode #105

"Arthur's Pet Business" / "D.W. the Copycat"

Summary by Ben. Comments by: Ben, Dave and HFein

Arthur: Mom! D.W.'s drawing in my book! Mom, stop her!

(Arthur takes the book from D.W.)

D.W.: But they forgot to put the colours in.

Arthur: It's supposed to be like that.

Sometimes D.W.'s antics can be just too much for Arthur - if she was different, then perhaps it wouldn't be so bad: If only D.W. was more like the Brain (then she could help him with his homework), or if she had super powers, like Bionic Bunny. Or even perhaps if she was a donkey -- at least then, she'd be able to pull Arthur around in a cart...

Today, Arthur is at a loose end, as none of his friends can come out and play. "Why don't you go play with D.W.?" his Mom suggests, Arthur is less than enthusiastic - "Only if she promises not to be annoying".

Unfortunately, D.W. succeeds in being annoying, and despite her protests, Arthur comes to the conclusion that it's not worth playing with her as she is only interested in "baby" stuff.

To compound the issue, Arthur wants to watch the special, award-winning, back-to-back episode of Bionic Bunny (the one where he has to defeat the giant, cave-dwelling Bunnysaurus). However, D.W. has other plans, today Mary Moo-Cow is demonstrating the colour "green". An argument ensues, and the two call on Mom to sort it out...

Mom: Who was there first?
(D.W. smugly raises her hand, and Arthur can only growl with displeasure)

The two sit in silence, D.W. has got her way as usual, but she is unhappy with Arthur's annoyance.

D.W.: You don't like doing anything with me anymore, do you?

Arthur: Because you like boring things! Why can't you like interesting things, more like me?

D.W.: (thinks) Then would you want to play with me?

Arthur: Sure.

Over the following days D.W. starts to become more and more like Arthur:

Her brother soon catches on, and things come to a head...

Arthur: I wish you'd cut it out, D.W.! You just look weird!

He becomes even more concerned when his friends start to alienate him, for fear of "Arthur Jr." tagging along. He consults his Mom and Dad, who recommend he tries to sort things out with D.W. herself.

D.W.: You mean I should do things I like?

Arthur: Yes, exactly!

D.W.: Instead of the "interesting" things you like?

Arthur: Okay, okay... I'm sorry I said everything you like is boring.

D.W.: Finally I can change these clothes (pause) and Mom said I can watch Mary Moo-Cow for as many days as you watch Bionic Bunny!

Arthur: (vexed, to Pal) Why do I get the feeling I've been tricked?


Arthur has learned to accept D.W. the way she is, and their brother/sister relationship has probably become stronger as a result. And from this experience, Arthur would probably rather D.W. was as little like himself as possible!

& some interesting facts, points, etc...

Arthur should watch what he says. His big mouth keeps coming back to haunt him... check out what happens in the next episode #10601 - "Locked in the Library"...

It seems like everybody wants to look like Arthur. The Brain dresses up like him for in the opener of #30302 - "Sue Ellen and the Brainasaurous". And for a list of all the other times that Arthur and his friends have decided to impersonate each other, check out the Trendspotting Page.

D.W. does another Arthur impersonation in Season 4, at the beginning of #40601 - "D.W. Tale Spins", and she pinches his glasses to do it then...

No one seemed to notice a pop-culture reference when Arthur is forced to play baseball with D.W. When she lets her Sneeze n' Wet doll 'come to bat', Arthur says with outraged indignation, "There are no babies in baseball!" This is a paraphrase of Tom Hanks' famous declaration in A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN, "There's no crying in baseball!"

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