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The Trustees and officers met at the Casoni Museum this afternoon to discuss the renovations and additions to the building.

Rick Poirier, Assistant Scout Executive was present and suggested that the CSAA use the back two rooms for further expansion. These rooms are very nicely done over and are ready to be used anytime. The staff has used them in the past as had the Training Committee. With the new renovations being done to the Dining Hall next year, the Council is willing to let us have the two rooms. We can also use the cement block building in back of the museum for storage also. These additions will solve the problem of storage of collections and adding to the displays at the same time.

The CSAA will work with the Capital Campaign to fix the roof the porch and the siding of the building. We also want to have the front door of the museum open out towards the road facing the Dining Hall. Thanks to the Casoni Family we do have some funds to help complete this project.

Peter Glass has worked hard on the plans and has spent considerable time visiting other area museums and contacting others for ideas on what they have and do. He is looking for interested "museumites" to help with the progress. He also needs and will train individuals to open the museum in the summer and on weekends.

Just a word of thanks: The Trustees last year added a new category to our membership list. This was the Lifetime Membership in my name for $500.00. We already have five scouters/staff who have joined. They are Dave Casoni, Peter Glass, Paul Ricca, Tom Holmes and Gary Hyman. I appreciate their support and friendship! A plaque with their names will be hung in the museum.

The Council Capital Campaign is over #1,500,000.00 now with a $250,000.000 gift for the Nature Trail. I hope we can get the CSAA to contribute $100,000.00 over the next year or so to reach the $3,000,000.00 goal.

The new Welcome Center is now being constructed across from the parking lot by Bill Gilbert who was on the staff many years ago. It will be dedicated in April. The septic system will begun in May and finished in time for camp opening. You won't recognize the camp two years from now with the up-grades and additions, and this includes our museum.

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