Jeff Mallet

Morning salutations of a bellís tintinnabulations greets me joyously from slumber
   I awake refreshed and vow my best to meet the day with all that it encumbers

Soaking in the moor, I peer out the door and look upon thy abundant graces
    And Iím compelled once more, as I have been before, to willingly embrace it

As I walk thy roads and through thy pine groves, I see the fauna merrily scamper
    But I see most importantly a youthful reflection of when I was a camper

Despite change, thy appearance remains and Iím filled, thrilled with childish joys
    Memories enchant me and my mind grants me passage back as a blissful young boy

Squanto, my childhood reawaken

I have always ridden and never driven thy obscured forest roads until today
    Shall I be lost, I fear, for it has been years since I have passed through this way

I ponder, ďAm I too late too cross through thy stone gates, so far from my home?Ē
    But you beseeched me to openly entreat thee and I no longer felt alone

In the warm embrace of each smiling face a family was forged then
    I knew right away that from that day we were no longer staff, but friends

Squanto, our fellowships neíer forsaken

The end of the year grows ever so near yet I see no frets nor frowning
    Parting words are said, but no tears are shed for thou art always around me

Memories may be forgotten and new friendships begotten but my heart will never leave thee
    No person nor place could every replace the impact you make, believe me

And I know that is was always shown in thy staffís attitude toward thee
    But on behalf of thy family of staff I express our loving gratitude for thee

Squanto, thy eternal spirit unshaken


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