A view of the Squanto experience and spirit in a poem...by Dan Baker

You come towards camp, down that last hill
So many dreams, you want to fulfill
You pass through the gate
And your mind it can't wait
To see what the week has in store

You wait with your troop of friends
Now, for a short time, your outside world connection ends
You get your health checked and take your swim test
All the while, your heart is hard beating in your chest
And as you take your tour
You learn a little more
And your dreams begin to soar

Later that night, in comfortable attire
You head down to the Sunday campfire
And towards the end of the night
In the dim fire light
The staff sings, "Squanto will shine tonight"
As you learn the song
And try to sing along
A warm feeling inside you begins

The week goes on with classes and fun
A special theme night and an Apache Relay Run
The memorial service helps you learn and realize
The OA ceremony amazes and opens your eyes
As the week goes on
You and this camp make a bond
Out in this nature's hide-away
Where you love to be and want to stay
As Friday rolls near
You begin to fear
You might have to leave before...

You think all day Friday...
Have I learned all I could learn?
Have I played all I could play?
For these answers you yearn
Will you return again someday?
Then at the night's campfire
With a heart full of desire
You sing every tune fine
And all of your inside burns with a feeling
As you again sing "Squanto will shine"
And without you knowing
Your spirit is going
All over the camp, from way down low to way up high
And even to Squanto and his Spirit up in the sky

On Saturday morning
Your heart and mind still exploring
Just before you go
You read a sign with words like so...
            Take only your memories, Leave only your spirit
And as you leave through the gate
You look back...but wait!
With a spirit and love so true
Is the spirit of Squanto
And this day he smiles at you

You turn back around
And head homeward bound
And inside you still a warm feeling burns
But no longer for answers do you yearn
Because now you know
Your spirit is with Squanto
And all of your dreams have come true


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