August 7, 2004

Trustees in attendance: William Bassett, Emily Baird, Elliott Glass, and David Casoni

I. CSAA President Arnold Briggs submitted the Treasurer's Report, which was unanimously approved.
    - For the year 2003, cash outflows slightly exceeded cash inflows
    - Funds were used to purchase hats for the camp staff and to distribute the annual newsletter
    - For the third consecutive year, $1,000 was donated to the Old Colony Council to be applied
    to the construction of an advanced COPE course
    - Additional disbursements went toward 4 Christophers Scholarships, 2 Shawn Donnelly Awards,
    and 1 Casoni Scholarship
II. Camp Director Elliott Glass updated attendees on the situation at Camp Squanto.
    - Attendence continues to be high, with as many as 500 Scouts and Scouters passing through camp each week;
    The staff is over 80 strong, with many returning members
    - Camp Squanto has taken on Junior Leader Training responsibilities for Old Colony Council;
    additionally, training is provided for CITs during the first week of camp
    - The theme for 2004 is the Wild West;
    overall, the program continues to be popular and has changed little since last year
    - The rifle range and COPE course have been expanded due to high demand;
    COPE is so popular that additional staff will need to be added in the coming years
    - Old Colony Council has retained Fund Consultants to work on its capital campaign;
    Among the major projects that need to be funded are the installation of a new septic tank under the Parade Field,
    a new roof for the Dining Hall, and a Welcome Center to replace the aging Campmaster's Cabin
    - Camp Squanto was selected to host the Northeast Region's National Camping School in 2004;
    Emily Baird was on the National Camping School Program Staff and Gary Hyman was on the COPE Staff;
    A long-time National Camping School aquatics instructor referred to Squanto's waterfront as
    "the best aquatics area in a Northeast Region scout camp";
    The Northeast Region was so impressed by the camp that they want to continue holding
    National Camping Schools at Squanto for years to come
    - Alumni and friends are always welcome to visit camp for a walk, meal, etc.
III. CSAA Trustee Gary Hyman was unanimously re-elected to his Trustee position for a 5-year term.
    - David Casoni will be up for re-election next year
IV. Jeff Mallett's winning 2003 Spirit of Squanto essay was made available to attendees by Arnie Briggs.
V. Paul Chapin, Curator of the Casoni Museum, reported on recent developments.
    - Fr. John Bacon and the rest of the museum staff make sure that the Casoni Museum is open at least once a week
    - Tom Holmes and Paul Chapin have begun the process of cataloging the memorabilia in the
    Casoni Museum for the first time since 1992
    - Short-term expansion of the museum will not be possible because Old Colony Council added
    two classrooms to the adjacent area;
    - Limited space continues to be a concern
VI. In the absence of CSAA Membership Chairman Gus Swanson, John Mileris described the membership opportunities available.
    - Bronze memberships are available for $10, Silver and Gold memberships (voting memberships)
    are available for $25 and $50, respectively;
    A special neckerchief for Gold memberships is available for 2005 only
    - Funds from the sale of memberships continued to be the CSAA's primary source
    of revenue for the second consecutive year;
    Congratulations to Gus for all his hard work!
VII. CSAA President Arnie Briggs noted that the Makepeace Company is interested in selling its land around Fawn Pond.
    - Old Colony Council is interested acquiring the remaining land;
    at this time a land swap is the most likely possibility
VIII. CSAA President Arnie Briggs ennumerated the accomplishments of the CSAA since its inception and asked attendees to consider the future of the organization as an entity separate from Old Colony Council.
    - Three options exist: 1) Continue as a separate entity, 2) Dissolve, and
    3) Join the Old Colony Council in a way that is mutually beneficial
    - Old Colony Council Executive Board and CSAA members Don Constantineau and Bob Gorman
    noted that the CSAA and council have mutual interests and should consider sharing resources
    - CSAA Trustee and Assistant Camp Director Emily Baird noted the CSAA could function
    in a manner similar to the Order of the Arrow, serving the camp as a unique entity but organizationally
    falling under the the umbrella of Old Colony Council
    - The Trustees will adopt an exploratory approach, forming a committee to make recommendations
    on the CSAA's future as an organization
IX. Thanks were extended to Mike Warner for leading the effort to purchase a memorial plaque for Al "Woody" Woodman. Paul Chapin will set the plaque in the Memorial Area.

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