December 31, 2001

Trustees in attendance: Arnold Briggs, William, Bassett, Emily Pelton, and Elliott Glass
Others in attendance: Gus Swanson and John Mileris

I. Camp Director Elliott Glass updated the Trustees on the situation at Camp Squanto.
    - Artie Sharpe will develop a Camp Squanto website that will be linked with the OCC and CSAA websites
    - The Camp Squanto Staff Reunion was held on 12/27 and 35 applicants were interviewed;
      virtually all 2001 staff members will be returning in 2002; 5 staff positions have been added since 2001
    - Two staff positions that need to be filled are Cook & Provo SM
    - Venture Crew 25 was recently reformed with Steve Ginty serving as President and Roland Cloutier as Adviser;
      the crew participated in a work weekend and fun trip and is currently planning a ski trip
    - The floor in the kitchen was recently coated and finished by Tony Bonadies’ uncle
    - A new camp site was cleared by the waterfront (across from the chapel) but won’t be ready until September;
      the rear of this site’s latrine will be used as a bathhouse for the waterfront
    - A 7th week of camp will be offered in 2002, but it will not be a typical program week;
      Ashanti & Eagle Week will run along with 2 additional programs yet to be determined
II. CSAA President Arnold Briggs expressed interest in having the Alumni Association complete a project for Camp Squanto. Camp Director Elliott Glass provided 5 suggestions.
    - Construction of 3 new latrines (for Penobscot, Blackfoot, and the new site)
    - Construction of larger tent platforms for the new larger (internal frame) tents
    - Construction of low elements (COPE) in the old Putt-Putt Area; Gary Hyman is serving as an adviser
    - Purchase of a shed to replace the old archery trailer
    - Construction of additional lean-tos in Staff Village (low priority)
III. CSAA President Arnold Briggs suggested a “Capture the Spirit of Squanto” photo contest. Assistant Camp Director Emily Pelton supported the idea and made several suggestions.
    - Weekly prizes (cash or plaque) can be awarded
    - A grand prize can be awarded at the Annual Meeting
    - Weekly prizes should be awarded on Saturdays so that parents will learn about the CSAA
IV. The need for a history of Camp Squanto from 1975 to the present was discussed.
    - A good historian is needed
    - A message board will be set up on the CSAA website so that Squanto campers past and present can contribute memories, pictures, and reflections
    - If a quality history is produced, it can be bound and sold as a pamphlet
V. Vice President of Membership, Gus Swanson, proposed a tiered membership structure for the Alumni Association.
    - $10 buys a 1 year nonvoting membership in the CSAA, a basic patch, and a basic membership card
    - $25 buys a 1 year voting membership in the CSAA, a basic patch, a silver border patch, and a silver membership card
    - $50 and above buys a 1 year voting membership in the CSAA, a basic patch, a silver border patch, a gold border patch, and a gold membership card
    - Letters detailing the new membership system may be sent to those currently on the CSAA’s mailing list
    - Patches should be dated as an incentive to renew membership every year (although the cost of dating gold patches may outweigh the benefits)
VI. William Hubschwerlin is working in conjunction with CSAA Vice President Paul Chapin to develop a special patch and pin for the Casoni Museum.
VII. The next Trustee Meeting will be held 1:00 April 28 @ the Casoni Museum.

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