Ad Hoc Committee for the Development of the Skiddy Casoni Reception Center Needs Your Help!

The CSAA is working with Old Colony Council to build a reception center in honor of Skiddy Casoni. This new building will serve several purposes, one of which will be the housing of the Casoni Museum. Richard Douillette, a long-time Camp Squanto Staff Member is heading-up the steering committee. Other Alumni involved in the project include Paul Chapin, Gus Swanson, Bill Bassett, and Skiddy Casoni himself.

Of all the work done by the CSAA, this project is the most pivotal, because it offers young Scouts an opportunity to look back with pride on the legacy of their camp. It is also a monument to the dedication of those people who served Camp Squanto and Camp Child so generously in years past. This project, however, is a long-term one, and it will require the help of everyone who is willing to offer it. The Alumni Association welcomes all past and present staff members and campers of both Camp Squanto and the recently-sold Camp Child. If you or someone you know is interested in joining the CSAA or helping-out with the Skiddy Casoni Reception Center, please submit your name to John Mileris at (781) 986-6155 or The CSAA looks forward to working with you!

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