Summer 2006

President: Arnold Briggs
Vice President: Paul Chapin
Secretary: John Mileris
Membership: Gus Swanson
Activities: Kevin Guarino
Bill Bassett
Elliott Glass
Emily Pelton
Dave Casoni
Gary Hyman




1:00 - Barbecue

1:30 - Casoni Museum Ceremony and Displays - Honoring Jennie Casoni, who passed away in April of 2006

2:00 - Annual Meeting

AAAAA1. Trustee election

AAAAA2. Reading of "Spirit of Squanto" 2005 winning essay AAAAA A

AAAAA3. Reports of current activities

AAAAA4. Annual fundraising auction. We still need items such as gift certificates, patches, services, etc.

Web Sites:

New Camp Director for 2006

Welcome to Rick Poirier who will take over for Elliott Glass this summer. Rick has extensive experience in summer camp operations and we wish him well!

Austin Glass will be the Assistant Camp Director. A tremendous amount of returning staff will make this summer another success for Camp Squanto. Check out the Squanto web-site for the names of staff.

Save the Date

Our Activities Director, Kevin Gaurino, will once again be hosting our annual dinner at The Lodge Restaurant in Hanson, on April 27, 2007. We had a great time this year with a lot of laughs and great memories. Check our web-site for further up-dates. He will also be our Chef at the barbecue at the Annual Meeting. Hot dogs and hamburgers are on the menu. You do not need to sign up before the meeting.

CSAA Donations

Every year the Alumni Association gives money to camp to help with the operations. This year so far we have donated a digital camera (thanks to Shawn Donnelly – alumnus) and 5 GeoCaching units for camp use. Last year we forwarded $1500.00 towards the purchase of kayaks and $350.00 for staff training. For many years we donated thousands of dollars toward helping set up the Cope Course, and hundreds to help with staff training.

We also rent and maintain the Casoni Musuem which is run by Paul Chapin and Tom Holmes.

The Ed Christopher and Skiddie Casoni Scholarship Funds give monetary awards to staff personnel at the end of summer camp.

Michael Ruderman, a former staff man, hosted a pizza party for the staff last year.

Bill Hubschwelin donates his time and effort in designing our patches.

As you can see the CSAA is active year round and its sole purpose is to help Camp Squanto and the Old Colony Council. If you wish to help out in anyway please contact any officer or trustee on page 1.

Fund Raising

We rely on three activities to fund our operations:

1. Our annual fund raising event at our Annual Meeting. This would include the auctioning of patches, neckerchiefs and other scouting items. Dave Casoni always brings in the catch (lobsters) and others bring in gift certificates or donate services.

2. Our membership drive. Gus Swanson’s letter on page 2 outlines the details. The membership form is on our web-site if you wish to join.

3. Generous donations from interested staff, leaders and scouts.

Casoni Museum

The Casoni Museum’s first year was in 1991. Since that time many donations have made it one of the best scout museums in Massachusetts. It is maintained by the CSAA and thanks to the generosity of the Casoni family and friends, we are planning to renovate and possibly expand in the near future. If you are interested in helping us with the project please contact Paul Chapin (Curator), or Kevin Gaurino (Activities Director).


Greetings from sunny and HOT Gilbert, AZ. (110 degrees at 4:55p.m.) A bit of a heat wave for a few days. Cool and comfortable in our home. Do outside activities early-early in the morning or late evening. Being at Camp Squanto in the rain today sounds good.

I would like to thank each of you on behalf of the Camp Squanto Alumni Association for becoming a membership member this year, whether a Gold, Silver or Bronze member. Every dollar will be directed to Camp Squanto needs. It is almost that time of the year when the camp will be in full swing for the summer. Time has a way of moving very fast. We have a total of 85 dues paying members this year as I write this. Gold members totaled 62 as compared to 45 in 2005. A lot of younger scouters have joined the association. I could feel their enthusiasm as they signed up for memberships at the annual meeting last August.

As most of you know, we have a very nice Aqua Ghosted large back patch for sale. They are numbered from 1 to 100. We have sold and I have mailed off 25 of them so far. Some of you have already purchased one of these colorful patches. If you can promote them to some of your scouting friends, the CSAA would appreciate it. The cost is $11.00 including shipping. Thank you. We will put them in the Trading Post also.

I am looking forward to coming back East and to visit Camp Squanto this summer. It was great visiting with all my scouting friends (and new ones) last August at the CSAA annual meeting and look forward to being there again this year. My wife and family understand my spending a few hours away from them doing what I really enjoy doing. I hope I can continue being involved with the membership program and CSAA for some time to come. Would like to thank Elliott Glass, the past Camp Director these past five years for his help in promoting our Association and putting our patches in the Trading Post to sell.

Once again, thank you all for your support in making the CSAA a very strong and helpful part of the Camp Squanto adventure for scouts and scouters. Take care and stay well. Yours in scouting and life, Gus

Gus Swanson
4050 E. Narrowleaf Drive
Gilbert, AZ 85297
480 699-2753

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