Summer 2003

President: Arnold Briggs
Vice President: Paul Chapin
Secretary: John Mileris
Bill Bassett
Elliott Glass
Emily Pelton





AAAAA1. One trustee position election

AAAAA2. Reading of "Spirit of Squanto" 2002 winning essay

AAAAA3. Reports on current activities

AAAAA4. Annual fundraising auction. We still need items such as gift certificates, patches, services, etc.

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Greeting Friends of Squanto,

As you are reading this we are well into the swing of things this summer at Camp Squanto. I couldn’t be happier with how things have come together this year. Our staff is returning many veterans including Emily Pelton, Austin Glass, Steve Goveia, Bill Webb, Ray Burton, Jen Burton, Gary Hyman and Fr. John Bacon. Our staff this year is 75 strong and we are expecting as many as 2000 scouts this summer.

Our camp ranger, Roland Cloutier, has had a very busy off-season. This year we are opening with the new Agawam campsite. This site is located opposite the chapel on your way to the waterfront. This site latrine is located on the road and has one side that will also service scouts using the waterfront. We are now two-thirds through our project to outfit all of our campsites with a larger wide-wall tent. These new tents now sit on a steel internal frame. No more posts and cradles! Our rifle range has been expanded from eight to twelve shooting stations to get more scouts shooting time. We have relocated our C.O.P.E. area to above the sports field (old putt-putt, action archery, or OA call-out depending on your age.). This is a large financial undertaking for the council and the project is about halfway completed. The camp staff is very thankful for the Alumni Association’s donation of $2,000.00 in this area. Lastly, just completed for the start of camp is the replacement of the kitchen walk-in refrigerator and freezer. You should find most of Camp Squanto to look the same as it has for years, though there is always more to do and equipment/facilities that need updating or replacement.

Our program theme this year is a Lumberjack theme that will feature a lumberjack carnival. Nothing like wearing flannel shirts and jeans on a hot summer night. Our other big events revolve around the Apache relay, OA call-out ceremony, and the Sunday and Friday campfires. Please stop in for a visit this summer.... it could be a great excape for you to share your stories, look for your plaque in the dining hall, and visit the Casoni Scouting Museum. Don‘t forget to check out our camp website at

Elliot J. Glass
Camp Director


The Squanto Alumni Association would like to thank all the past and present scouts and scouters who renewed their memberships or who became new members during the 2002-2003 years. We had a total of 74 sign up for the three levels of memberships. Twenty-nine GOLD, Twenty-eight SILVER and Seventeen BRONZE. Membership checks came in from many different states, including: VA, ME, IA, NJ, CT,PA HI and of course MA. As you can see we have a lot of support from many different places in the 50 states.

We look forward to our current members renewing their memberships for 2004 and invite other Squanto Alumni to become new members also. Our graphic artist friend and scouter Bill Hubschwerlin has changed the background and date for next years (2004) patches. Note: Extra membership patches left over from 2002-03 will be destroyed as will those in the future years.

Please become a part of this very special alumni membership group next year and enjoy owning these very special patches that go with a membership of your choice. Membership cards and new patches for 2004 will be available at our annual meeting August 2, 2003. Help Camp Squanto become all we want it to be!

Gus Swanson, Jr.
V.P. Membership

SAVE THIS DATE: Saturday, August 7, 2004 ---Special Anniversary Celebration at Camp Squanto. 35 years as Old Colony Council and Tisquantum Lodge OA. Joint activities with the Squanto Alumni Association. Stay tuned for more information on our websites.

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