Winter 1994


Letter from the President's Desk

Dear friends,

This has been a momentous year for the Camp Squanto Alumni Association. Among our achievements is the large increase in membership, the continued growth of our Endowment fund, the sponsorship of Post 25 and, soon to come, the first election of a Trustee, marking the beginning of the second phase of the CSAA.

As most of you realize, the number of people who have attended Camp Squanto each year is quite large, well over 3000 during the year-round operations. Now when we consider that number over the last 25 years ... it really is amazing the number of lives touched by this Camp. Our mailing and membership lists began with 100 people 3 years ago, today it is almost 700. Most of these members are still active in Scouting and the Camp, but others are not able to do so. We hope that this CSAA allows these folks to keep abreast of what is happening in Camp Squanto and when they are able to return we hope that not everything will be a surprise.

Post 25 has had an amazing beginning. It is active, well administered and has a large membership. When the CSAA was approached with the idea of sponsoring an Explorer Post the Trustees thought what a nice idea it would be to help a few young folks. Now with over 30 members we all stand back amazed at the ability and dedication of the Officers and Advisors of the Post and we are justifiably proud of them all as well.

As of this year there will be an election to the Board of Trustees at the Annual meeting. This year the open seat is non specific, in other words there are no requirements that the Trustee must have before being able to be nominated and elected, the other four seats each fit a series of criteria for the specific seat. The Trustees meet monthly and stand a five year term. It is an exceptional experience but does demand some time on the part of the individual, if you are interested please read the article on page 2 or write to the address above.

Please note that the Annual Auction will take place this year after the Annual Meeting in August. We already have several items ready including some more collector patch sets. If you have items you would like to donate please let us know, the more items the more interesting the Auction will be. It was a lot of fun last year and I hope to see you there.

Please take a moment to read the various announcements and articles in this edition of the Alumni News so that you can be up to speed on the activities and events of the Camp Squanto Alumni Association. You might also learn something about old staff or camping friends. I look forward to seeing most of you at camp throughout the summer and at the annual meeting in August.

Your Friend,
Thomas J. O'Brien

President Auction Planned for 1994

Our last Auction proved to be our best fund raiser to date and we are hoping that this years will be even better. We are presently searching for Scouting Collectables for this years' Auction in August. At this time we have secured some fine collections of Squanto patches, a hand painted figure of Lord Baden Powell and promises of more items in the near future.

The fine donations last year went beyond what any of us expected and we are hoping that others out there will help repeat that performance. Please look around the house for items that you feel you can part with and help us to help Camp Squanto through the sale of those items.


Last year through he generosity of one of our members, Brendan Connolly, we had available the first fully embroidered CSAA patch. The response to this was so overwhelming that we felt we must continue the tradition of making these available to our membership.

Starting this summer we will have these patches available for sale through the Camp Squanto Trading Post or direct through the CSAA. As we get closer to the 1994 CSAA patches release there will be further information available. When they are released be the first on your block to own a sure fire collectors item.

Position Available

In accordance with the Camp Squanto Alumni Associations By-laws this year marks the first election of a new Trustee to the Board of Trustees.

Any member of the CSAA is eligible to be nominated for this position as this is an open seat on the Board.

If you are interested in applying or nominating someone for this important position please send your inquiries to:

Camp Squanto Alumni Association
P.O.Box 573
Marshfield Hills, MA. 02051

Election of this position will be by the voting members of the CSAA on August 6th, 1994 at the Annual Meeting.

CSAA Shirts for Sale

For several years it has been suggested that the CSAA produce T-Shirts for sale at the Camp Squanto Trading Post and through the CSAA directly. Starting this summer we hope to have these shirts ready for your purchasing.

The T-Shirts bear the official CSAA logo in white on a green background and are quite destinctive. We are sure that you will be proud to wear one to the Annual Meeting and around the camp we all love so much.

Something to Toot About

This year marks the second year that the Camp Squanto Alumni Association will be producing and donating the Camp Maps to Camp Squanto. Last year we donated 10,000 maps to the Camp and this year we expect the same.

It is quite a nice thing to visit Squanto and know where you're going that first day, its even nicer to know that your generosity has made it possible this year.

Annual Meeting

As you saw above the next Annual Meeting of the Camp Squanto Alumni Association will be August 6th at Camp. This years' meeting has a number of differences from previous years. Chief among these changes is the election of a Trustee.

However the most important part of the meeting is getting together. We need your input and help, the Association has come a long way thanks to you. We want your ideas as to how to make the CSAA an even more special and inviting group.

Upcoming Events

Annual Meeting August 6, 1994
Annual Auction August 6, 1994

The Social Calendar

Continuing our update from last issue here are some more folks who have been spotted since the summer.

Winnie Hosford and her husband Bill made it to the Annual Meeting.
Paul Burns has been a regular at Camp, helping out where needed.
Mike Burns made an appearance at the Annual Meeting this year.
Tom Holmes has been busy lately. His employer has been shipping him off to England on a regular basis.
Gary Hyman has graduated college and is now employed by the Plymouth Public Schools.
Fr. Jim Flavin is now located in St. Colemans Brockton.
Fr. Kevin Sepe is now at St. Michael's in Randolph.

Once again our membership has increased!

Craig Michael Warner
Son of Michael & Janet Warner

News from the Explorer Post

The members and officers of Post 25 have been very busy in the past few months and it looks like they are going to continue that way. In November the Posts First Annual Thanksgiving Dinner was held at Camp Squanto; in December a Formal Dance and in January they assisted at the Klondike Derby.

The Post is also ready with some upcoming events. They will be preparing and serving dinner at the Scoutmaster's Dinner at Camp on March 30th. They are also planning a weekend camping trip in April.


Looking through twenty or so years of names of those who attended Camp Squanto is not an enviable job. Our membership committee needs a helping hand in this task and has asked us to see if any of you out there know of the whereabouts of the following people. Also, if you know of anyone who wants to be on our mailing list, let us know.

Michael Fogel ...............John Burris
Sean Maloney ...............Ray Andruck
Brad Prescott ...............Don Banzi
Paul Rooney .................Bob Bossa
Ken Bryant ...................Dennis Sullivan
Jim Wilson ....................Frank Casella
Dave Poudrier ...............Steve Cote
Tim Groom ...................Mark Hebb
Neil McCabe ...............George Nigro

Thank you

Another year has gone by and we feel that the past year has been a great one. Thanks to you, our members, we have accomplished a great many things. Also, through your generosity we are finding it possible to continue to expand our assistance to Camp Squanto. Each year the trustees of the Camp Squanto Alumni Association enjoy recognizing those of you who donated to the various projects and general funds here in your newsletter. Listed below are those of you who have donated to the Association in the past year.

Richard & Lourdeen Casoni
Skiddy Casoni .............Jeff Goldman
Joe Piche .....................Ray Vallancourt
Ed Thibeault ................Tom O'Brien
Hebert Neilson ............Chris Corkery
Arnold & Marcia Briggs
Paul O'Neil ..................Linda Cousley
Lenny Howes ..............Howard Robinson
Lois Rogers .................Ron Frederickson
Lillian Burrill .................Robert Downey
Bill Bassett ...................Howard Martin
Joe Salvetti ..................Ken Elder
Dave Randall ...............Irene Richard
Dave Casoni ...............Earle Bestick

Once again, Thank You!


The Association doesn't just need warm bodies, it needs cold hard cash. As we get older and more sure of ourselves, we will be running more events and opportunities to get together, but in the meantime, we are always willing to accept contributions. Any amount you can spare will be appreciated and put to good use, as well as being tax deductible.

Business Space Available

There is still advertising space available in the Alumni News. All proceeds from advertising space will go towards the printing and mailing expenses of this newsletter. Please support those who advertise in the Alumni News, remember that these are the businesses of fellow Association members.


We welcome original submissions for articles. Articles should pertain to Camp Squanto or the Camp Squanto Alumni Association in general. Articles should be typed.

If you have questions or would like more information about the newsletter, please call Mike Warner, Newsletter Editor.

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