June 1993

Letter from the President's Desk

Dear friends,

This past year has been an exceedingly busy and productive year for the Camp Squanto Alumni Association. As most of you know, we contributed $1,250 to build one adirondack in the new staff village and we recently finished our fund-raising effort for the kitchen project at camp. During the two months of the fund-raising drive, we raised $1,000 which enabled Brian Bishop and his tireless crew to complete the kitchen renovations in time for the camping season. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the many members who contributed to this fund-raising effort. In particular, we would like to offer a special salutation to Chris Corkery whose generous donation played an integral part in our success.

Now that we have finished our fund-raising efforts for the kitchen project, we are focusing our attention on the annual meeting scheduled for Saturday, August 7th at Camp Squanto. We are particularly excited about this year's meeting because, in addition to the usual business of the Association, we will be holding our 1st Annual Alumni Association Auction. We expect that the auction will be quite an event because we have elicited the assistance of a world renowned comedian and auctioneer. Our special guest is none other than Camp Squanto's own David Casoni who is prepared to fast talk his way into your hearts and wallets that afternoon. Dave has assembled quite a collection of items for the auction, all of which are listed in this Newsletter. If you are unable to attend the annual meeting, but are interested in one or more of the items on our auction list, we are entertaining written bids provided they are submitted before July 30, 1993. Instructions for submitting a written bid are also found in the Newsletter.

Please take a moment to read the various announcements and articles in this edition of the Alumni News so that you can be up to speed on the activities and events of the Camp Squanto Alumni Association. You might also learn something about old staff or camping friends. I look forward to seeing most of you at camp throughout the summer and at the annual meeting in August. Have a great summer and camping season.

Very truly yours,
Thomas J. O'Brien

3rd Annual Meeting Coming

On August 7th, the 3rd Annual Meeting of the Camp Squanto Alumni Association will take place at Camp Squanto. The Meeting will begin at 2:30 PM at Basset Hall and will include annual reports, a discussion of present and future plans and voting upon several motions.

Each year we have had an increase in the number of people who attend and we would like to see the number rise even more. As we did last year there will be refreshments for all, several doorprizes and the pleasure of each others company.
Please attend this year and say hello to some old friends and make some new ones as well.

Auction Planned

Immediately after the Annual Meeting on August 7th at Camp Squanto, the first annual CSAA Auction will commence. This year we have had several generous donations made with the intentions of helping the CSAA raise capital.

Dave Casoni will be the chairman and auctioneer with assistance from his father Skiddie and Bill Basset. Together they have assembled the following items open for bids:

Lot # Item Opening bid
1 Signed print by Randy Julius $35
2 Set of framed Squanto patches  
3 Set of framed Squanto patches.  
4 Set of framed Squanto neckerchiefs  
5 Set of framed Squanto neckerchiefs  
6 Gift Certificate to "Marcellos" $25
7 Gift Certificate to "Christos" $25
8 Hand-tooled leather tripod seat $50
9 Hand-carved walking stick $100
10 Hand-tooled belt (your size) $40
11 Lot of 6 fresh lobster $25
12 Lot of 6 fresh lobster $25

Come on down, bid and have some laughs with us. If you can't make it you can mail a bid on any or all of the above items, please state the item and lot number you are bidding for and include a phone number that you can be reached at. Mail bids must be received prior to Saturday July 31st.If your bid wins you will be contacted and you must arrange pick up of the items purchased.

Upcoming Events

Annual Meeting August 7, 1993
Village Dedication August 7, 1993
CSAA Auction August 7, 1993

Squanto Returns to Camp

Its that time of year again! Squanto the Indian will once again be returning to Camp Squanto to bring the ashes of the past to inspire the future.

Most of us have seen the arrival of Squanto as he and his fellow indians canoe across Faun Pond and remember the silence as he wished well to all. However, for those of us who have not had the treat of seeing this exceptional ceremony, it will take place on Sunday July 5th at Camp. Please arrive before 7:30 PM so as to have plenty of time to see it all.

What have we done?

Several people have asked "So, what does this alumni thing do anyway?". Well if you read this Newsletter you have a good idea we are trying to help with the maintenance and upgrading of Camp Squanto. This sounds great but we felt it was time for a little better accounting of ourselves and the money we have raised. This has been a very busy year for us and this list defines ours outlays a little.

Doors for Casoni Museum $ 300.00
Kitchen Renovations $1000.00
New Adirondack $1250.00
Camp Maps $ 150.00
Explorer Post $ 25.00
Newsletter mailings $ 750.00
Total Expenditures $3475.00

There are also several fees and other minor bills that the Association accrues yearly that are not included in the above figures. Considering the economy we have had a very successful year thanks to many of you, for those of you "waiting to see if we really are going to do something useful", don't you think we have proven it?

Silver Deer Awards

The Silver Deer Award is a Camp sponsored presentation made to those people who have given of themselves to the Camp and the scouts far in excess of the norm. The award was first given to Al "Woody" Woodman in 1985 as thanks for his many years of service to the Camp. Woody thought so much of the idea of a special Camp Squanto award that he and several others have made presentations on a yearly basis ever since.

The CSAA would like to extend our congratulations and thanks to the following recipients for all their work.

Al "Woody" Woodman Howard Martin Skiddie Casoni
Louis Flint Al Jefferson Armand Guilmette
Howard Metcalf Ray Burton Jack Julius
Paul Chapin Rick Emord Don Brown
Bill Keefe Bill Webb Brad Stoddard
Bill Murphy Otis Shaw Rick Sinuc
Ken Elder Bill Bassett Dick Eldridge
  Dave Casoni  

Over the years these people have shown themselves to be deserving of recognition for the parts they play in making Camp Squanto a better place, the Silver Deer is a sincere attempt at saying thank you.

CSAA Sponsors an Explorer Post

In early March the CSAA was approached and asked if we would be interested in sponsoring an Explorer Post at Camp Squanto. After a short discussion the Trustees decided that this would be an excellent way for our group to help the present and future generations of Camp Squanto Alumni.

Arnold Briggs has been elected as the Committee Chairman, Tom O'Brien as the Institutional Representative and Kevin Guarino will be the Advisor. Anyone interested in helping or joining should contact Kevin at Camp Squanto.

Kitchen Project Summary

The Fund Drive for the renovation of the Kitchen at Camp was successful in raising $1000 towards the refurbishments. The Trustees would like to thank all those who donated towards this project and would like to invite you down to camp to see what your generosity has done for Squanto.

CSAA Opens Memorial Trust

One of the objectives of our organization is to help direct capital towards enduring Camp projects. Last year at the Annual Meeting we heard from Joanne Carpenter, daughter of former Camp Director Ed Christophers, as she stated her desires to erect a living memorial to her father. After several meetings and much thought on her part, Joanne asked the Camp Squanto Alumni Association to administrate an account to maintain the Ed Christophers Staff Village.

The Memorial Fund is set up to allow for the regular maintenance and upkeep of the Village as well as several other continuing projects started in Ed Christophers name. The interest earned on this account will be used in the best possible way to help the staff and campers at Camp Squanto and the Trustees of the Camp Squanto Alumni Association again want to thank Joanne Carpenter for the trust she has in our group.

Christophers Village Dedication

On August 7th the official Dedication ceremonies of the Ed Christophers Village will take place. All are welcome to attend and join in the festivities at Camp. It is our pleasure to part in the ceremonies as we have contributed the funds to erect one of the adirondacks. The CSAA President and trustees will be present to congratulate the generosity of the Christophers Family and spend an enjoyable day at Camp. Please join us that day and take pride in what our Association has helped to accomplish.

Camp Maps Donated

This year marks the first year that the Camp Squanto Alumni Association will be printing and donating the Camp maps to Camp Squanto. It is well remembered that the Little Commissioners and Woody greet everyone as they enter Camp on Sundays. It is also remembered that they presented you with a copy of the "Camp Squanto Map".

This year the Association reflected on the cost of producing and printing this oh so necessary item and decided that here was another way we could help. The Camp Squanto Alumni Association has elected to donate the 10,000 maps to the Camp each year hence and will update the Map annually. Please come on down to Camp and see where all those funny line go.

In Memorium

We are saddened by the passing of a former Camp Commissioner and Adult Leader from Troop 1 Hanover.

Mr. George Smith

Our thoughts and condolences are with the Family and friends of Mr. Smith. He was a true Friend of Camp Squanto.


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