Fall 1992

Letter from the President's Desk

Dear Friends,

I was pleased to see so many of you at our annual meeting in August and was appreciative of all the compliments, comments and suggestions we received from our members. One of the more popular topics discussed was the idea that the Camp Squanto Alumni Association should adopt a significant project, with a set financial budget and deadline, which would immediately benefit the camp. It was the general consensus that the members of the Camp Squanto Alumni Association would rally around such a concept with enthusiasm and financial support.

Shortly after the annual meeting, the Board of Trustees met with Joe Piche and Brian Bishop to identify a camp project that was within the budgetary constraints of the Camp Squanto Alumni Association. Joe and Brian discussed their plans for a new staff village next to the parade field and their need for five adirondack style buildings to house the staff. They mentioned that each building would cost $1,500, bringing the total cost of the project to $7,500. The Board is convinced that this is an excellent opportunity for the Camp Squanto Alumni Association to make its mark on camp. Therefore, we are raising money to complete this project.

Unfortunately, like any project of this nature, time is of the essence. The Board would like to have all the monies raised by the end of February so we can guarantee the project will be completed on time. Clearly, we need your help immediately.

I see this as a fantastic opportunity for the Camp Squanto Alumni Association to improve Camp Squanto and would appreciate any contribution you could make to help us reach our goal. Please send contributions to the address on the front of this newsletter with a notation indicating that the donation is for the new staff village.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you with any greetings or suggestions. I wish all of you a very safe and happy holiday season.

Very Truly Yours,
Thomas J. O'Brien

Annual Meeting at Camp Squanto

The second annual meeting of the Camp Squanto Alumni Association was held on Saturday, August 1, 1992 at Camp Squanto. Since the weather was accommodating, the meeting was held on the new Dining Hall Veranda recently built by former staffman Billy Gilbert, Brian Bishop and crew.

The President called the meeting to order at 2:00 PM and began with the introduction of Board members and recognition of our contributors. The Treasurer reported that our funds have doubled again this year and past and future project possibilities were discussed. A motion was unanimously passed to appropriate $400 to replace the old doors on the Casoni Museum.

After the Financial details there were two exceptional presentations made to the members. The first was given by Curator, Paul Chapin who gave an excellent report on the cataloging and displaying of the thousands of items in our museum. The second was by Joanne Carpenter, the daughter of past Camp Squanto Camp Director Ed Christophers. Joanne presented the Association with a picture of her father, which will be proudly displayed in the Museum.

A very important discussion of the pending sale of Camp Squanto capitol assets then followed. In particular the sale of the cranberry bog and the outstanding Council Debt were the topics and many useful suggestions were discussed regarding the CSAA's future role in protecting Camp assets.

The meeting was closed with the drawing for door prizes. Lois Wilde won a pair of Red Sox tickets while Ken Elder and Tim Clish both won Camp Squanto T-Shirts. 45 people attended the meeting and we are hoping to see even more of you next year.

Staff Village Project Started.

The Camp Squanto Alumni Association has decided that it is time for a major undertaking. This year, we would like to subsidize the construction of a permanent Staff Village located next to the Parade Field. There will be five Adirondack style buildings erected along with the normal campsite features. The staff needs dry comfortable places to live in during the summer. We feel that this would be a good time for the CSAA to really make an impact on Camp Squanto. (Remember the old Scouting proverb, "A happy Staff is a happy Camp").

Each Adirondack will cost $1,500. We are hoping to raise the entire $7,500 by the end of February so that the project will be completed by the beginning of the Camp season. The sooner we raise the money the quicker Brian will have the buildings up. We are making this appeal to you to help our Camp and any amount that you can send will be appreciated. We are hoping to have a finished Village by next summer and to dedicate the " Camp Squanto Alumni Association Staff Village" at our next Annual Meeting.

Decals are still available.

The CSAA is still selling decals. This is the first official fund-raiser and we have had good results. These potential collectors' items are 3" and sell for $1.00 each. They are available through the mail by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Camp Squanto Alumni Association
P.O. Box 573
Marshfield Hills, MA 02051

WANTED: For Our Mailing List

Each issue we print the names of some old friends hoping that those of you out there know where they live. We feel that it is important to find these folks and add them to our mailing list. If you have any addresses for any of these people or someone who wants to be added to the list, please let us know.

In Memorium

We are saddened by the passing of a past Camp Director and lifelong Scouter.

Mr. Edward Christophers

Our thoughts and condolences are with his family and friends. Mr. Christophers was a good Friend of Camp Squanto.

The Social Calendar

We have been informed of the arrival of some future Camp Squanto campers.

Julia Morrisey
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Morrisey

Frank D. Gilcreast III
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gilcreast.

Going to the Chapel.

Thomas Bricknell weds Karen Smith
November 7th 1992

Congratulations to all of you from all of us. If you have any occasion to celebrate please let us know we all like to hear from each other.


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Upcoming Events

Village Project Winter 1992

Annual Meeting August 7, 1992

Camp Squanto Summer Recap

The summer is over and it was another great year at Camp. Headed by Camp Director Paul Burns (yes, Mike's brother) the Camp once again received the National A Rating. Camp attendance for the summer was 1250 Scouts. Weeks 2 and 5 had 296 scouts each, that's an all time high for Camp Squanto.

The Staff was greatly increased this year by the addition of the new Leading Scout Program. Woody and Brad Stoddard are still keeping the Camp in shape, and were joined by George Morrisey (Paul's Father) this year. The Programs at Camp were varied and well attended. From the return of SongFests to the ever-popular Apache Relay there was never any excuse to sit in a tent. There have been many changes to the Scout Program and the Camp has done a fantastic job of keeping up with the needs of all Scouts.

Mealtimes have undergone a big change as well. All three meals are served cafeteria style, giving everyone a choice of what to eat and where to eat it. Meals can be taken on the Veranda, under the trees of the Pine Grove or inside the Dining Hall. By the way, with a peak week of over 450 people, the Camp is fed in under an hour.

It was quite refreshing to walk around the Camp and see it alive again. It is nice to see that the great Squanto tradition continues. Thanks to Joe Piche, Brian Bishop and hundreds of others the dream lives on and others are having "The Times at Camp Squanto". Squanto Shines On!

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Let us know how we might make this a more interesting and useful Newsletter to you. Remember the CSAA is what you make of it.

Thank You

We would like to acknowledge the generosity of some of our recent

contributors. These people have donated to the Camp Squanto Alumni Association since January 1992 and it is only right that we thank them, since they are helping to make things like this Newsletter possible.

Bill Bassett   Arnold Briggs
Dave Casoni   Skiddy & Jenny Casoni
Linda Cousley (Tr 41 Abington)   Jack & Alice David
Ken Elder   Tom Finney
Walter Eykel   Ronald Frederickson
Winnie Hosford   Rick Kendall
Connie & Joel O'Brien   Howard & Patricia Martin
David Randall   June Richard
John Smith   John Shroeder (Tr 2232)
William Stoddard   Ed Thibeault

Thanks to each of you for your generous support please know that it is greatly appreciated.

If you have the opportunity to help please do, any amount you can spare will be put to good use.

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