Kennel Description


Whether you have a large or small dog, we have the facility to keep your pet comfortable, safe, and entertained while you are away. We have five cabins set under large pine trees that afford a lot of shade during the summer months.

Each cabin has only 6-8 individual indoor/outdoor pens. Each spacious outdoor area is 16 feet long by 6 foot high chain link fence. It is completely covered so that even in inclement weather, your pet will have a dry area to play or potty.

That is attached to the building where there is a doggie door that we operate. In other words, at 7 am, we go out and open the door between the out door area and the inside sleeping quarters where his bed and food is. During the day he has access to both areas. At night he sleeps inside.

Our home is on the premises and the kennel is located in our backyard which is entirely enclosed by a security fence.

We raised, trained, and showed our chows for over 20 years. Linda worked in an animal hospital for 2 years and is also a certified obedience instructor. We have been at this location for about 20 years. Feel free to call any of the veterinarians in this area for a reference.

Email: coronet1@comcast.net