Welcome to our Photo Gallery!
We will be adding to our collection so check back often to see
if your pal would stay still long enough to have a picture taken!

One of My Water Gardens
A Tranquil Spot to Relax

The Play Yard
Here is the Play Yard with the front door open, not in use at the moment. See the red object? That's the toy box (fire hydrant). We have ropes and squeekies, tennis balls, etc. See the chair on the left? (That's Mine!)The play yard is wooded to the left of the chair, so there's lots to sniff too.

View From the Play Yard
Here's what it looks like walking back from the play Yard.

A Little R&R For Buddy
"After a 'ruff' day of activities, I like to recline on the veranda and watch the sun set."

Annabel Flaunts Herself For Attention
"I know I'm Cute and I'm not afraid to show it!... Come on... give me some kisses, Sugar!"

Callie Enjoys Time For a Friendly Chat
"So, what are you doin' later, big fella?

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