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Cadet Captian Matthew L. Fabisch


Cadet Captain Matthew L. Fabisch is the Cadet Commander of the Brockton Composite Squadron. As Cadet Commander he serves as the senior uniformed cadet in the squadron responsible for training and orginization of all the other cadets in the unit. As Vice Chair of the Cadet Advisory Council C/CAPT Fabisch is also responsible for assisting the chair in providing an effective fourum for cadets of the wing to insititute program improvements and suggestions, and working with the wing cadet programs staff to make sure these ideas are implemented. Cadet Fabisch also serves as Cadet Drug Demand Reduction Officer for the squadron.

Cadet Fabisch was born in boston on 18 June 1983. He is currently attending classes at Massasoit Community College. He joined Civil Air Patrol in 1997.


2002 High School Compleation, Brockton High School
2002 (projected)Associates Degree in Business Administration, Massasoit Community College, Brockton, MA


August 1998, Cadet Corps, MAWG Encampment
? - ? Flight Sgt., Brockton Composite Squadron
February 1999 - August 1999, Cadet Corps, MAWG GSAR (Formerly "ranger")Academy
February 2000 - July 2000, HHD Staff, MAWG GSAR (Formerly "ranger")Academy
July 2000, Flight Commander, MAWG Encampment
? - ? First Sgt., Brockton Composite Squadron
1 February 2001 - 6 September 2001, Cadet Executive Officer, Brockton Composite Squadron
6 September 2001 - Present, Cadet Commander, Brockton Composite Squadron
20 April 2002 - Present, Vice Chair, Massachusetts Wing Cadet Advisory Council


General Billy Mitchell Award
Ameilia Earhart Award
Group 2 Cadet of Distiction 2000


Cadet Basic ?
Cadet Airman ?
Cadet Airman First Class ?
Cadet Sergeant ?
Cadet Staff Sergeant ?
Cadet Technical Sergeant ?
Cadet Master Sergeant ?
Cadet Senior Master Sergeant ?
Cadet Chief Master Sergeant ?
Cadet Second Lieutenant Feb 1, 2001
Cadet First Lieutenant Sep 6, 2001
Cadet Captain Apr 4, 2002