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Brockton Squadron Emergency Services

Above: Cadets Prepare for a Search & Rescue Mission

Ground Search And Rescue Program

Currently there are three certified MAWG GSAR grduates active in our cadet program. The GSAR program trains Cadets and Seniors to a high level of proficiency in Emergency Services. The intense curriculum and high pressure enviornment in which it is taught produce high quality CAP members who can act switftly and competently when they are called out on a mission. The GSAR School curriculum teaches, Electronic Direction Finding, CAP Communications, Survival Training, First Aid, Navigation, and more. The course lasts for four weekends, and attendance is no guarantee of graduation. Upon successfull graduaction, one is authorized to wear the prestigious MAWG GSAR Patch on the right sleeve of the BDU uniform, signifying excellence in emergency services.

Above: Young Cadets are instructed in electronic direction finding

Field Gear

It is essential that all ground team members carry the appropriate field gear, this is the suggested MAWG GSAR field gear list.