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Brockton Composite Squadron

Brockton Composite Squadron

Cadet Programs

Brockton Composite Squadron Color Guard, made up of Senior rifle Bearer Paul Costa, Junior Flag Bearer Reed Hayes, Commander/Senior Flag Bearer Scott Owen, and Junior Rilfe Bearer Kyle Taylor

Cadet Programs Memory Work

Civil Air Patrol Memory Work
Air Force Memory work
United States of America Memory work
All cadets must have memorized all CAP information in this section. All phase 2 cadets must have memorized United States of America Memory work. Air Force Memory work is not required but will display to your superiours a high level of motivation.

Cadet Programs General Knowledge

United States Air Force Protocol- "Til Wheels are up!". Produced by USAF Material Command, Wright-Patterson Protocol Office.
United States Air Force Fact Sheets, Info on USAF air craft, orginizations, and other selected topics

Brockton Squadron basic course graduation! Congradulations to all of you for earning your first stripe.

Recent Promotions

Our congratulations go out to the following cadets who have recently earned promotions.