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Cadet Senior Master Sergeant Brian Kalnicki


Cadet Senior Master Sergeant Brian Kalnicki is the Cadet Deputy Commander of the Brockton Composite Squadron. As Cadet Deputy Commander he serves directly below the commander and fills in for him in his absence. He assists the commander in training and orginization of all the other cadets in the unit.

Cadet Brian Kalnicki is also a member of the MAANG where he has attained the grade of Private First Class. He joined Civil Air Patrol in 1999.


2001 High School Compleation, Brockton High School


? - 1 June 2001 First Sgt., Brockton Composite Squadron
1 June 2001 - 1 November 2001, Leave for Army Basic and AIT
3 September 2002 - Present, Cadet Deputy Commander, Brockton Composite Squadron


Cadet Airman Basic ?
Cadet Airman ?
Cadet Airman First Class ?
Cadet Senior Airman ?
Cadet Staff Sergeant ?
Cadet Technical Sergeant ?
Cadet Master Sergeant ?
Cadet Senior Master Sergeant 20 Dec 2001