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Technical Flight Officer Mark A. Bennet


Technical Flight Officer Mark A. Bennet is the Deputy Commander for Cadets of the Brockton Composite Squadron. As Deputy Commander for Cadets he serves as the Senior Member directly in charge of the Cadet program in the squadron. TFO Bennet Works directly under the Squadron Commander. As Deputy Commander for Cadets TFO Bennet is ultimatly responsible for the goings on of the cadet program.

Mark Bennet joined Civil Air Patrol in 1994 as a Cadet. While serving as a cadet Mark Attained the grade of Cadet Lieutenant Colonel and served in numerous squadron staff and leadership positions including First Sgt. and Cadet Commander. In addition to Squadron possitions Cadet Bennet also served in a number of wing level positions including Flight, Squadron, and Encampment Cadet Commander at Massachusetts Wing Encampments, and serving as the commander of the former "Ranger school" (now Massachusetts Ground Search And Rescue Academy.) In 2001 Cadet Bennet turned senior member in order to be of greater service to his squadron and assumed the duties of Deputy Commander for Cadets. Mark Bennet is currently attending classes at Bridgewater state College Where he is a member of the local Army ROTC detachment. He is also a member of the Army National Guard in MA where he has attained the grade of Sgt.


1999 High School Compleation, Brockton High School
1999 Cadet Officer School, Maxwell AFB, Ala.


? - ? First Sgt., Brockton Composite Squadron
? - ? Cadet Commander, Brockton Composite Squadron
Feb 1999 - 6 September 2001 Cadet Commander, MAWG (formerly ranger) GSAR School
? - ? Commandant of Cadets, Brockton Composite Squadron
July 2000 Cadet Commander MAWG Encampment
? - 6 September 2001 Associate Deputy Commander for Cadets, Brockton Composite Squadron
6 September 2001 - Present, Deputy Commander for Cadets, Brockton Composite Squadron


Cadet Basic ?
Cadet Airman ?
Cadet Airman First Class ?
Cadet Sergeant ?
Cadet Staff Sergeant ?
Cadet Technical Sergeant ?
Cadet Master Sergeant ?
Cadet Senior Master Sergeant ?
Cadet Flight Officer ?
Cadet Second Lieutenant ?
Cadet First Lieutenant ?
Cadet Captian ?
Cadet Major ?
Cadet Lieutenant Colonel ?
Technical Flight Officer Sep 6, 2001