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Brockton Squadron Aerospace Education

Above: Air Force jets participate in manuvers

Aerospace Education Program

One of the congressionaly chartered missions of Civil Air Patrol is to provide the public with information and resources related to aerospace education. This is accomplished through a number of different means. Young Cadets are offered a series of flights called Orientation flights free of charge in order to get them aquanted with the inside of an airplane cockpit. Once this training has been compleated additional flight training may be persued by the cadets.

Above: A Civil Air Patrol planes perform missions for America

Space Day

This year Civil Air Patrol will be a participant in the annual space day. for more information on space day please visit

Phonetic Alphabet

In order to be proficient in radio comminications, cadets should commit the phonetic alphabet to memory. This is the alphabet that all pilots use in communication with one another.

A - Alpha

B - Bravo

C - Charlie

D - Delta

E - Echo

F - Foxtrot

G - Golf

H - Hotel

I - India

J - Juliet

K- Kilo

L- Lima

M- Mike

N- November

O- Oscar

P- Papa

Q - Quebec

R - Romeo

S - Sierra

T - Tango

U - Uniform

V Victor

W - Whiskey

X X-Ray

Y - Yankee

Z - Zulu