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Why a Nagah?

Nagah- the Nagah are were-serpents, they are the judge, jury and executioners of Gaia, they are bound by nothing but there duties to gaia, in this they have a hard time learning gifts from outside the "wani" or dragon princes, most usually reptilian spirits. the nagah are beautiful, as well as arrogant, this stems from the fact that many bete view them as dead, unless in the beast courts of the Hengeyokai (eastern shifters), but even then they are known as rare, they are neither dead or as rare as they want people to beleive but they are very secretive, and the spirits do NOT talk about them much...


Balaram- A typical human form (Gnosis 1, WP 4)
Ahi- a metis breed, but unlike Garou, and other shifters, the metis of the Nagah, do not have disfigurements, and can carry children full term.(gnosis 3, WP 4)
Vasuki- cobra, or other venomous snake (Gnosis 5, WP 4)


the nagah do not have a renown system per se so they meet a group nagah in the great Ananta known as the Sesha, this group consist of three nagah, a homid, a metis, and a vusaki breed, they deam whether a Nagah is worthy to gain rank and learn new gifts...


Balaram- Indestinguishable from normal humans, though very few have much body fat
Silkaram- Almost human in appearance, but air is replaced with small scales, the face flattens and the eyes become more snake like, the teeth fuse together except for two fangs which retract like a cobras in this form they gain a venom dangerous to mortals and even undead, though a vampire can spend blood on for each health level (Str+2, Sta +2, App -2, Man -3, diff 7, bite+1, venom, Claw+1)
Azhi Dahaka- The combat form differs from Nagah to Nagah, but all have a massive hood like a cobra, many scar themselves to be more noticable in this form, they can unhinge there jaws, and have gills, they are fully amphibious in this form, the Nagahs mass increases but is due to a 16 to 20 foot tail for the lower half of body, there arms become snaklike as the grow vertabret instead of normal bones in there arms allowing them to grapple more easily (Str+3, Dex+2, Sta+3, App -1, Man -3, Diff 6, Bite +2, Venom, Claws +2, Constriction, Incite Delerium)
Kali Dahaka- Resembles a King CObra with two differances, one they maintain a slender set of arms, and 2 a king cobra is ALOT smaller, with a primal-urge roll diff 7 they can get rid of arms, also has gills and can breath under water (Str +2, Dex+2, Sta +2, App/Mani 0, Diff7, Bite +1, Venom, Claw +1, Constriction)
Vasuki-Indestiguishable from a normal cobra, rattler, cottonmouth...(Str -1, Dex +2, Sta +1, App/Mani 0, Diff 6, Bite +2, Venom)


The Nagah have four auspices, but unlike Garou, they all have the same function..
Kali- born in winter they gain 4 rage to begin
Kamakshi- born in spring they gain 3 rage to begin
Kartikeya-born in summer they gain 4 rage to begin
Kamsa- born in fall they gain 3 rage to begin


The Nagah cannot traverse the umbra on there own, but they can create Ananta, much like "den-realms" of the bastet, but these realms can be undone at any time, but all Ananta are under water, if the Nagah has the Ananta "within" him, he can side step at will...


Snake Skin (Rank One)                   Eyes of the Dragon Kings (Rank one)
Scent of running water (Rank one)       Slayers Eyes (Rank One)

Sense of the Prey (Rank Two) Night Whispers (Rank Two) Veil of the Wani (Rank Two)

Blessings of the Kali (Rank Three) River Mothers Blessing (Rank Three) Sheild of the Dragon (Rank Three)

Breath of Sweet Amrita (Rank Four) Darting Fangs (Rank Four) Gaze of the Serpent (Rank Four)

Breath of the Dragon Lords(Rank Five) Call of the Flood (Rank Five) Destroyers Blessing (Rank Five)

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