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From left to right: Bassist, Robert Sledge Pianist/Singer, Ben Folds, Drummer, Darren Jessee



The guys grew up within one hour of each other in the Chapel Hill, North Carolina area and didn't meet until the formation of the group in 1994. In an age where rock music is dominated by distorted guitar, BFF has no guitars at all, preferring a baby grand piano. Dubbed "punk rock for sissies," by Folds this music combines heartfelt melodies and powerful harmonies to produce a a sound unqiue to BFF. Folds plays a fierce piano while providing the lead vocals. Bassist Robert Sledge's fuzz bass technique is so good he can handle guitar like melodies with ease. Darren Jessee's nickname "The Drum Machine," speaks for itself. Folds writes most of the songs. Other band members and outside sources (notably Anna Goodman) contribute songs occasionally.

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Ben Folds Five Breakup

Some saw it coming, other sensed it but denied the possibility, but in reality Ben Folds Five called it quits on October 31, 2000. The end to one of the greatest bands is here. Was it too soon? Or had they exhausted their potential? We shall never know. How would Emilia Bright have fared as a single? The guys do move one however, each seeking new musical oppurtunities. Beneath is a copy of the official statement.
After six great years as a band, touring and making records, Ben Folds Five is calling it quits. Alan Wolmark, the band's manager, says that the split is amicable and that the decision was made because all three members felt the band had run its musical course and wanted to pursue other musical interests. As Ben Folds confirms "The band is splitting on good terms. We are very proud of our three albums, our little hit and our audience. Now it is time to bow out with dignity rather than to make that final 'cash-in' record and tour which, of course, is very tempting." Ben Folds has written, recorded and produced the song, "Lonely Christmas Eve," for the film "How The Grinch Stole Christmas," opening later this month and for the soundtrack CD out next week. In addition, "Wandering", another new song written, recorded and produced by Ben Folds, will be in the forthcoming independent film "100 Girls." Folds, who lives in Australia with his wife and twins, is currently in the studio recording a new album with producer Ben Grosse for release on Epic Records in the spring. Darren Jessee is assembling a band and has been playing his own new material on the New York club circuit for the past year. Robert Sledge is currently putting together a new group and producing bands in his Chapel Hill, North Carolina studio. Sledge has also been touring with ex-Squirrel Nut Zippers Tom Maxwell and his band The Minor Drag. Ben Folds Five and their crew would like to thank all their loyal fans who have made them feel comfortable and welcome throughout the world where they have been fortunate enough to visit and entertain.
I will post new tour dates of each mans own project when they are announced. New albums will also be announced, but the discographyh must stay solely BFF. Thanks for 6 great years!

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